Sunday, September 28, 2014

Always watch your back in a cemetery

Can't be too careful...

Dave Stewart’s ‘Zombie Broadway’ Graphic Novel Heads to Big Screen

Eurythmics member and record producer Dave Stewart will begin production on a film adaptation of his Virgin Comics graphic novel Zombie Broadway, Deadline reports.
Described as a “horror musical,” Zombie Broadway lives up to the promise of its eye-catching title: usical theater actors fight off waves of the undead with the power of song. The 2008 graphic novel was created by Stewart along with David Harris and co-writer Christine Schenley.
The film has already found a screenwriter and director in Cole Haddon (NBC’s Dracula) and acclaimed music video director Jonas Akerlund, respectively.
“I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of film married with a story and music,” Stewart said. “Jonas [Akerlund] has shot loads of music videos, but one of the first ones that caught my attention was ‘Smack My Bitch Up.’ I was not let down when I met him, not only with his wild imagination but his ability to execute his ideas under massive duress of time and budget.”
The Butler producers Pam Williams and David Jacobson are set to produce. The film’s music will come courtesy of Dave Stewart and Michael Bradford; Stewart will also executive produce.
Zombie Broadway is expected to begin filming in 2015.

Kickstarter Project: Zombie Boy Comics Volume 1: Some Kind of Horrible

Zombie Boy Comics: Some Kind of Horrible 
collects the first 200 Zombie Boy comic strips by award-winning cartoonist Mark Stokes.
Zombie Boy Comics follows the afterlife and times of "living challenged" Morgan McCorkindale, a.k.a. Zombie Boy, and his pals Duncan, Beatrice, Claustria, Boog and Solstice. It posts three times a week at The strip has been posting online since August, 2010. The purpose of this Kickstarter is to collect the first 200 Zombie Boy comic strips into a softcover book for the first time ever!
Zombie Boy Comics Volume 1: Some Kind of Horrible 
will be a 9.5 x 6" 124 page full-color softcover collection of the first 200 Zombie Boy strips, plus exclusive never-before-seen material!
KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVES include a custom bookmark, a custom postcard, a custom made vinyl Zombie Boy sticker, an ORIGINAL ZOMBIE BOY COMIC BOOK, original sketches and illustrations, ORIGINAL ZOMBIE BOY COMIC STRIP ART and GUEST APPEARANCES IN A ZOMBIE BOY COMIC STRIP, with optional animated versions!
Zombie Boy Vinyl Sticker 5" x 5"
Zombie Boy Vinyl Sticker 5" x 5"
An example of an animated Zombie Boy comic strip.
An example of an animated Zombie Boy comic strip.

Risks and challengesr

I've successfully published three comic books and have done pre-production on numerous print projects over the years. All the interior book art is completed, so it is mostly going to be prepping this work for print. Risks could occur either in printing delays or in the custom art involved with the Rewards. Should any delay occur at any point, you will be promptly informed.

For questions or to make a pledge, click here!

The Walking Dead spin-off we wanna see!

Rock Zombie Is Bringing Hard Rock And Side-Scrolling Combat Action To The Wii U

EnjoyUp Games has announced that it will be publishing Quaternion Studio's Rock Zombie on the Wii U eShop.
Billed as a tribute to classic arcade combat titles like Final Fight and Golden Axe, Rock Zombie features three playable characters — all members of a female rock group — who have to brawl their way through hordes of the undead. It would appear that it also has driving sections which include a car and motorobike.
Here's the full and gory press release:
What would happen if a concert of a female rock band was invaded by a horde of zombies? The answer to that question can be found in this videogame which combines both, classic gameplay from the Arcade Golden Age with modern 3D graphics.
20 levels filled with addictive action where you will fight all kinds of enemies, ride motorbikes, drive cars and much more.
  • A terrifying story told through 300 comic strips inserted between the action sections of the game.
  • Three awesome characters to choose from: Zoe, Sasha, and Crystal.
  • A wide range of weapons, costumes and concept art, and loads of unlockable collectible material at the Zombie Museum.
  • An OST that combines Hard Rock, Nu Metal and Alt Rock that will immerse you into a really dark and rainy urban atmosphere.
EnjoyUp Games aim at releasing Rock Zombie in time for Halloween in North America.

The Virtual Stage to Present On Death's Door: Plague of the Zombie Syndrome - Oct. 7 to Nov. 2, 2014

The Virtual Stage presents Andy Thompson's all-new immersive and harrowing theatrical adventure with On Death's Door: Plague of the Zombie Syndrome - Oct. 7 to Nov. 2, 2014 at a top-secret location in Vancouver. The production marks the third year of the company's smash-hit Zombie Syndrome series, which has previously seen teams of audience members work together to save the world and elude the undead in downtown Vancouver and on Granville Island.

Last year, winning teams captured the crooked Sgt. William Sullivan and found the only cure for the deadly virus. Unfortunately, despite the groups' success in their mission, the Centre for Disease Control has discovered the Zombie Syndrome virus is somehow being laced in a highly potent street drug known as "Death's Door." Officials from the Department of National Defence, desperate for reinforcements, are once again calling audience members to duty. In this brand new interactive, smartphone-enabled, and clue-breaking adventure, thrill-seeking audiences must infiltrate and take down the shady criminal network behind Death's Door, stem the pandemic, and save the world.

"We are really excited to situate this new piece, On Death's Door: Plague of the Zombie Syndrome, within an urban jungle," says Andy Thompson, The Virtual Stage's award-winning Artistic Director and creator of The Zombie Syndrome. "This third installment of our annual event follows a completely new story line: The military is now working with the Centre for Disease Control to hunt down a mysterious and dangerous villain. Everything that was 'cool' about the last two years' shows returns in this original adventure - from smartphone challenges to alternate endings to a unique role for each audience member."

Last year's production of The Zombie Syndrome: On Death Island enjoyed sold out shows, and was nominated for a 'Critics' Choice Innovation' Jessie Award. The 2012 inaugural production of The Zombie Syndrome also garnered that award nomination, as well as a 'Significant Artistic Achievement' Jessie Award nomination for 'Logistical and Technical Innovation.'

The exact starting point of On Death's Door: Plague of the Zombie Syndrome will remain undisclosed until the day before the mission, when audiences will be contacted with instructions for a top-secret rendezvous point somewhere in Vancouver. Once the audience has gathered, they are assigned various roles as a team of specialists and embark on an exciting high-stakes adventure to preserve the human race.

"The unique Zombie Syndrome experience continues to evolve, taking into account information gathered from previous years," adds Thompson. "On Death's Door: Plague of the Zombie Syndrome is an all-new story, so it can be thoroughly enjoyed by newcomers and returning audiences alike. The sites in the circuit this year are fun, dynamic, theatrical, and spooky."

This highly interactive theatrical scavenger-hunt features technical elements requiring audiences to use smartphones (only one per group required) to navigate through the show and crack clues in their epic quest.

Participants are encouraged to wear walking shoes, dress for the weather, and be prepared to move. As the stars of the show, the audience travels from site-to-site, gathers clues from sudden allies, and faces challenges they must overcome in order to proceed to the next scene. While racing against the clock, teams must maintain constant vigilance - as they never know what's coming next or lurking around the corner on this exhilarating zombie tour!

Additional information about the production, and what to expect, can be found at The Virtual Stage's FAQ.

Shows run Tuesdays through Sundays with performances starting at 6:30pm, 7pm, 7:30pm, 8pm, and 8:30pm. Tickets start at $12.50 (plus tax and service charges) for?"Two-for-One Tuesday Shows" on October 7, 14,?and 21. Regular tickets range from $25 to $35. Special Halloween shows with prizes are $40 to $50. Tickets can be purchased online only at