Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for Uschi - Blogging From A To Z Challenge 2014

                        U is for Uschi - Blogging From A To Z Challenge 2014

   Night of the Living Dorks (2004)

Uschi (Nadine Garmann) is one of the "popular" girls in high school that one of our "dorks" (Philip) secretly loves. After he asks her out to the school dance, not only does she laugh in his face, she sends her jock boyfriend Wolfe (Hendrik Borgmann) to bully and humiliate Philip and his friends.

Does Uschi get what she deserves? Go watch 'Night of the Living Dorks' to find out!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Max Brooks’ Extinction Parade Headed to TV From Legendary Entertainment

Though best known for penning "The Zombie Survival Guide" and "World War Z," writer Max Brooks latest creation, the comic series Extinction Parade, is now on its way to television from Legendary Entertainment. Brooks will be involved in the development of the property as well as write the pilot for the new series.
"I only brought the idea to one company, Legendary, because they do the kind of quality work of which any writer would be proud," Brooks said in a statement (via Bleeding Cool). "While the comic series from Avatar continues, I am thrilled to be working with Legendary to develop Extinction Parade into an innovative new series for television."
"Max Brooks is a visionary with an incredible ability to tell stories that deliver a fresh approach to the horrors that haunt our nightmares," Publisher of Avatar Press William Christensen added. "His work on Extinction Parade has been a stunningly rich tapestry of cultures in decline and a biting indictment of the perils of privilege.  It will make the perfect television series to appeal to fans who have until now settled for thinly veiled soap operas parading as horror."
Extinction Parade is officialy described as follows: "In a world where the zombie plague has put the human race on the endangered species list, another predatory undead species realizes that to stand by idly means the end of their food supply. Vastly outnumbered by the zombie hordes, vampires descend into all-out subdead war, with humanity caught in the crossfire."


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T is for Thomas - Blogging From A To Z Challenge 2014

                T is for Thomas - Blogging From A To Z Challenge 2014

                                                 City of the Living Dead 1980

Father William Thomas has been chosen. His actions alone will result in the Gates of Hell opening, allowing the dead to rise.

After he commits suicide and the Gates have been opened, zombies with the abilities of super strength, teleportation and levitation appear and start killing off people in a remote town. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for Sox - Blogging From A To Z Challenge 2014

S is for Sox - Blogging From A To Z Challenge 2014

                                                                             Zombie Strippers 2008

Sox is one of the strippers that works in the underground strip club, "Rhino." A man-made virus works it way off a secret naval base and infects the strippers. Amazingly, the patrons prefer zombie strippers over the regular strippers. Will Sox choose to become a zombie for better tips, or stay alive and fight off the attacking undead?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Zombie Mood Chart

R is for Rose - Blogging From A To Z Challenge 2014

                                 R is for Rose - Blogging From A To Z Challenge 2014

                                                                          Shock Waves 1977

The film opens as Rose (Brooke Adams) is found drifting alone in a small rowboat. Two fishermen find the dinghy and pull her onto their boat, barely alive and in a horrible state. Her voiceover indicates she had been rescued from some terrifying experience. The film's events are flashbacks.
Rose is seen previously as part of a small group of tourists aboard a small commercial pleasure boat. The Captain (John Carradine) seems to be having trouble with the boat. His mate, Keith (Luke Halpin), seems to share a mutual attraction with Rose. Also on board are Dobbs (Don Stout), who is the boat's cook; Chuck (Fred Buch), another tourist; and a bickering married couple named Norman (Jack Davidson) and Beverly (D.J. Sidney).
After some trouble with the engine, the Captain and Keith are faced with the fact that their navigation system is going haywire after they encounter a strange orange haze. The others sense that something is wrong and that they may be lost at sea. Norman in particular becomes very whiny about it, insulting the Captain and being generally abrasive to everyone. In the darkness of night, a hulking ship suddenly appears and brushes up alongside their boat, damaging it. The Captain sends up a flare, which momentarily lights up the eerie sight of a huge, rotting vessel wrecked nearby.

To find out what happens next, Rent Shock Waves!

*thanks to the Shock Waves Wikipedia for additional info!