Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Owen - A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014

O is for Owen - A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014

Owen (Adam Chambers) is a farmhand that works at the Cooper farm where Barb and Ben end up at after escaping the attacking zombies in the 2006 version Night of the Living Dead. This character did not originally appear in the 1968 version. There are some noticeable changes made from Romero's zombie masterpiece. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

David Koechner Cast As Troop Leader In Paramount’s ‘Scouts Vs. Zombies’

The Anchorman alum is set to play Scout Leader Rogers in the horror comedy from director/co-writer Christopher Landon. Paramount’s Scouts Vs. Zombies follows a group of — you guessed it — Boy Scouts who try to fend off a — how’d you know? — zombie attack in their small town. David Koechner joins a cast that also includes Joseph Morgan, Tye Sheridan and Logan Miller. Andy Fickman, Todd Garner, Bryan Brucks and Betsy Sullenger. Shooting is set to begin May 8. Koechner played sportscaster Champ Kind in the Anchorman movies and his credits also includeThe OfficeAmerican Dad! and a recent sketch comedy pilot for NBC that’s not going forward. He is repped by CAA and Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

The top five places to survive the zombie apocalypse in Japan

The top five places to survive the zombie apocalypse in Japan
Japan is notorious for being one of the deadliest places to live in the world when it comes to natural disasters. Typhoons rip through the country every year and the island nation’s close proximity to several continental and oceanic plates makes it a seismic hotspot. While scientists are spending countless hours researching weather patterns and new methods of predicting earthquakes, we here at RocketNews24 have noticed a dangerous lack of preparedness when it comes to a different large-scale assault on Japan: zombies.
You may be laughing now, but when most of Japan’s population, which is the 38th densest in the world, turns to putrid walking corpses hungry for human flesh, you’ll be glad we brought this problem to your attention. That’s why we asked Tarou, a 30-year-old resident of Tokyo who claims to be suffering from “zombie mania,” to share with us his picks for the top five places to survive the zombie apocalypse in Japan. Read on and guard your brains.
#5 - Asahikawa City, Hokkaido

Japan’s northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido has notoriously cold winters, but as long as you’re able to survive the several meters of snow, your zombie friends will be frozen, immobile, and unable to tear you to pieces. Hokkaido is also home to a large population of bears, so it’s possible they will pick off some of the zombies for you…unless of course they turn into zombie bears, in which case you’re screwed.
But assuming Hokkaido’s bears are unable to transmit the zombie virus and although the bitter cold will potentially keep the living dead at bay, the possibility of hypothermia, starvation, and other cold-related deaths is quite high, putting Asahikawa City, Hokkaido at number five on the list.

#4 - Tsushima City, Nagasaki

Because of the Tsushima Current, which passes through the straight between South Korea and Japan, any floating dead are likely to drift right past Tsushima Island and on to South Korea, making this 708 square kilometer island a relatively safe place to survive the zombie apocalypse…as long as the outbreak doesn’t originate on its shores.
Tsushima Island is also home to around 700 members of the Japan Self Defense Forces, making this a safe location in terms of defense.

#3 - Kabukichō, Tokyo

Yes, Kabukichō, synonymous with hostess clubs and seedy love hotels, came in at number three on our list. It’s not uncommon to see pale-faced youth and vomiting drunkards that look all too similar to a walking corpse in Tokyo’s red-light district. If Shaun of the Dead and The Walking Dead are anything to go by, patrons of Kabukichō should blend right in amongst crowds of stumbling zombies. A larger number of police officers are also stationed in the area, so in theory you’ll be safe as long as they don’t turn into zombie cops.

#2 – Namba District, Osaka

Those living in Osaka have a reputation for being much more outgoing and…shall we say “informal” compared to other big city residents, so we know Osakans won’t be crumpled in a heap waiting for the inevitable when zombies come rolling into Namba. We have no doubt even the grannies of Osaka will outfit their little bicycles with chainsaws, Mad Max style, and help to mow down the living dead, subsequently suppressing zombie panic. Because let’s face it, attitude goes a long way in a zombie apocalypse.

#1 - Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka

Home to the Kudo-kai, a yakuza group claiming over 600 members, and random residents who own Russian-made rocket launchers, you’ll be fine in Kitakyushu even if a Resident Evil-type situation played out. When high school students have been found to be in the possession of actual samurai swords, not even a Licker would stand a chance. What zombie apocalypse?

Zombies to invade EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Fl.

Think you're faster than a zombie? You can find out next month when The Walking Dead Escape, a zombie obstacle course, comes to EverBank Field in Jacksonville.
The event is part of a nine-date tour that also includes stops in Miami and Tampa. It's inspired by the hit TV series, "The Walking Dead." It comes to Jacksonville at 6 p.m. Saturday, May 17. 
Participants can sign up to be "walkers" or "survivors."  
Walkers will be transformed by professional makeup artist and undergo zombie training before heading to the "acopalyptic obstacle course" set up in the stadium. The cost to be a walker is $95 ($85 for military).
As a survivor, your goal will be to make it through the course without being contacted by any of the walkers. The cost to be a survivor is $75 ($65 for military).
To order tickets, go to

Indiegogo Project: Too Young To Die

There are few things more likely to push buttons in horror movies than kids in peril. We don’t seem to see too many filmmakers braving that territory these days, perhaps due to the old maxim about children and animals – but in-development British horror Too Young To Die promises to dive headfirst into that tricky area with much gusto, showing a zombie apocalypse from the perspective of a group of young kids. From the look of the trailer below (a proof of concept job, I believe), we shouldn’t anticipate The Monster Squad vs Deadites here. This looks like serious, potentially challenging stuff – and while similar ideas have been explored by Charlie Higson’s The Enemy novels, this looks more akin to the kitchen sink intimacy and claustrophia of Marc Price’s Colin.
After a train crash, a small village in the North of England is overrun with the living dead. As the authorities are scattered, a group of children stay hidden in their school, protected by the last few teachers. But when the creatures find a way in, the children find themselves alone and on the run in a city saturated in blood and suffering. Together, they keep each other safe as they look for help and survival, unsure if they are alone in this terror – or if the whole world is now overrun…
Production company Eze as Pi are seeking funding through Indiegogo; check it out here, and/or visit the Too Young To Die site for more info.

2,000 Tubes of Killer Virus comes up missing from SARS Research Lab

A prestigious research institute in France said it had lost thousands of tubes of samples of the deadly Sars coronavirus. A routine inventory check at Paris' Pasteur Institute revealed that 2,349 tubes containing fragments of the virus responsible for the deaths of 774 people in 2002 were missing, the centre named after French chemist Louis Pasteur said. The institute was quick to reassure the public and said that the contents of the missing vials had no infectious potential. They contained only part of the virus and had no ability to spread. "Independent experts referred by health authorities have qualified such potential as 'non-existing' according to the available evidence and literature on the survival of the Sars virus," the institute said. In 2002 more than 8,000 people were infected by a pandemic of Sars - severe acute respiratory syndrome. The virus spread from China through Hong Kong and on to other countries before it was eventually brought under control. It is not clear how the tubes disappeared from one of the institute's safest laboratories.
Management were made aware of the loss in January, Le Monde newspaper reported. For weeks, staff at the institute tried to find the missing vials, general director Christian Bréchot said. "We've looked for those boxes [containing the tubes] everywhere," Bréchot explained. "We went thought the lists of all the people who have worked here in the past year and a half, including trainees. We have scrutinised their profile to check if there was any conflict." Bréchot said that foul play was "highly improbable" but had not been ruled out. The tubes were stored in a high-security laboratory dedicated to research into highly infective viruses. Access to the lab is limited to a restricted number of personnel, who have to go through a disinfection process before they can leave. Bréchot suggested that the tubes, which were moved from one freezer to another in March 2013, might have been destroyed by a member of staff who forgot to record the procedure. Sars is an airborne virus, which spreads in a similar way to flu and the common cold. The Agency for the Safety of Health Products has opened an investigation into the missing tubes.

Hopefully these guys will be in Despicable Me 3!

If not, then you can always wear these guys on a cool hoodie, sweatshirt or t-shirt!