Thursday, May 14, 2015

Let your zombie lovin' voices be heard!

Over the past 2 1/2 years Zombiepalooza Radio has brought you some of the best Zompoc themed guests there are on the planet. We are constantly stiving to stay a few steps ahead of the competition and are pleased to announce yet another mile stone 

ZOMBIELAND AMUSEMENT PARK 2015 Concept Coordinator & Founder Sparky Bell

The park will cater to those who enjoy Zombies and Horror genre. It will very much be like walking onto the set of Zombieland the movie where guests will enjoy a full interactive experience.

Zombiepalooza Radio will be broadcasting live from the park and will be able to bring guests in person to meet with their fans and offer their goods and services to the public.

NOW IS THE TIME to let your voice be heard. We want to hear what sorts of attractions you would like to see and physically take part in. Comment below. We need as many folks to like and share this as possilbe to let the land owners know there is huge market for this concept.

Within the next 24-48 hours we will have a facebook page up for pictures and fan responses. 


Friday, May 8, 2015

Tonight on Zombiepalooza Radio 5/8/15

Greetings Zombiphiles, and welcome to another night of Zombiepalooza Radio with your host, Jackie Chin! 

Dead_Door Co-Host of Zombiepalooza radio and Crunchy are on assignment tonight, but we have a special guest co-host in the number two chair tonight:
Welcome back G Digger to ZPR!

Here is the lineup for tonight's Zombiepalooza Radio!

Getting things rolling for our first hour, we are please to bring you Paul Winters & Patty Daniels Winters from CowboyZombies!

in our second hour, we will be talking with Luke Ahearn, author of the newly released 'Transformation: Book Two of the Euphoria-Z Series'!

Getting us over the hump in hour three, we chat up Author @Charles Phipps, talking about "The Rules of Supervillainy", "Esoterrorism", and other upcoming projects!

In our fourth hour, we pick Jim Brenheimer's brain about the third book in his Dead Eye series, as well as other projects he is working on!

Wrapping up the show will be the return to ZPR of DA Roberts, author of 'The Ragnarok Rising Saga'!

As always, you can listen to us starting at 8:pm EDT (5:pm PDT) on livestream and interact with the guests in real time via the chatroom at, or you can tune into your brand new live YouTube channel,

Be there or be bitten!! 
(there is an option for both, if you prefer )wink emoti

Zombie Guru,
Over and out!

10 Ways That The Walking Dead Has Prepared You For A Zombie Apocalypse

For some of you, the idea of a zombie apocalypse keeps you up at night. It’s the most terrifying thought that you can think about in your day and if it does happen, you have no idea how you’re going to react. You’re either going to be completely badass like Shane or Daryl or you’ll pussy out like Carl or Father Gabriel, neither of which is good in the long run.
You’re constantly thinking of ways that you could improve your current zombie plan and you always keep some tins stocked up in your cupboard, you know, just in case. One of the deal breakers with people that you have just met all depends on how good their zombie plan is. Are they going to know what they’re doing or are they going to try and scrounge off of you and slow your group down? If they don’t even give you an answer straight away of location, defensive method and weapons, then walk away and never look back.
You understand that you’re sometimes being irrational, but shows like The Walking Dead have prepared you in ways that you would have never considered before, and you’re grateful for your conscientious attitude and note taking during every season. People might think that you’re being silly but stranger things have happened; Katie Hopkins still gets airtime, and if that can happen, then walkers can happen.
So do as Scar sings and always be prepared.

10. Don’t Keep Zombies As Pets

Unless you’re willing to rip off their jaws and arms and have them on leashes for the rest of your life, they’re never going to become entirely domesticated; they’ll always want to eat you.
If you have a spare barn kicking about, perhaps it’s better to be used as a shelter or as a space dedicated to storing supplies as opposed to keeping a bunch of dead people as pets. Plus, that way, you get to eat the chickens instead.

9. You’ll Need To Have Sex

Not only will you want to have sex, but you’ll need to.
You’ll have the responsibility of carrying on the human race (even if we are all doomed). Although no one will envy you being pregnant throughout the apocalypse and then having to hush the child’s cry when walkers approach.
But think about how much fun the trying for a baby will be; you’ll have so much adrenaline anyway because you know that you could die at any given moment by a stray walker. Just enjoy it, if you can.

8. All Doors Are Evil

There’s a 50/50 chance that there will be a walker behind the door. It’s like a real life, deadly version of Takeshi’s Castle. There are going to be times when you open a door and wish you hadn’t, but then at least you’ll know what lies ahead.
On a side note, at least learn how to break a door down properly – that’ll come in handy at some point and save you from looking like a massive moron…

7. Zombies Are Always Creeping

Always creeping.
Thanks to the shockers from the show, you know to always be on guard and even though that sounds positively exhausting, it’ll probably save your life.
Just expect very little sleep during the apocalypse. Although you’ll be lucky if you have a pillow anyway. Yeah, life will be hard.

6. Enjoy The Little Things

Even in a world where zombies don’t exist, you should learn to appreciate the little things in life. However, in a future filled with walkers, those everyday things are going to turn into borderline erotic fantasies.
You’re hoping that people will continue to make chocolate and fresh bread forever, even if walkers are trying to get in and eat them – there should be no excuse for those people not going to work. Also, enjoy waking up to your beloved partner every morning while you can, because, chances are one of you will die pretty soon.

5. Everyone Has A Weapon Of Choice

So you’ll need one too if you’re going to fit in and make yourself useful.
Even if you decide to use a tin opener (not recommended) then at least you’ll have something that makes you feel a bit safer. That will probably be a very rare thing too, to feel safe again; so make sure you buy a machete now and learn how to use it.
And don’t show off your mad skills in order to impress that girl you like, because she probably won’t find it arousing watching you play with your sword by yourself.

4. You Need A Daryl

Because, who doesn’t?
You’ll need to make friends with someone who knows what to do in a stressful situation and is good at life; they have basic survival skills and because you hate the outdoors, you wouldn’t even know how to put up a tent by yourself.
So you better start learning, or making friends with anyone who looks a bit like they know what they’re doing with a dead ferret.

3. Don’t Expect To Look ‘First Date Ready’ Anytime Soon

You’re going to look disgusting, but so will everyone else so it’ll be fine. Hopefully, you’ll all get so used to being smelly together that you’ll forget the taste of mint and won’t even realise that morning breath is now just breath.
Although you’re probably the type of person who would rather survive that care what they look like, you can guarantee that you’ll get stuck with that guy who always talks about how they look. And then inevitably turns talking whining. You’ll just need to remind them that you have your tin opener and you’re not afraid to use it.

2. People Are Going To Die

It’s inevitable – we’re all going to die anyway. But some will die more horrific deaths than others.
You are literally going to be surrounded by death and decay every day and even though the colour will look like it’s faded from the world, you can take some solace in the fact that you’ll never be as annoying as Carl.
And then you’ll die. Sorry.

1. Be More Wary Of The Living

The biggest lesson that The Walking Dead has given for you is just how far human beings will go in order to survive. In an attempt to survive in a world surrounded by the dead, most people will become desensitised and dehumanised to the world and to others. So make sure you have your three questions and your tin opener ready, because, chances are, you’re going to have to kill or be killed.

New ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Spoilers And Cast Updates

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the series premiere of Fear The Walking Dead.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the series premiere of Fear The Walking Dead.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the series premiere of Fear The Walking Dead.

In past years, the gap left between the season finale of The Walking Dead and the new season premiere of The Walking Dead left fans in agony, searching for every bit of news of what they might expect when the series finally resumes. No more. Fear The Walking Dead will now fill at least a part of that gap, scheduled to air in the summer months while The Walking Dead is on hiatus.
Adding to the known cast of Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens, Alycia Debnam Carey, and Frank Dillane, it has been announced that Elizabeth Rodriguez (Orange is the New Black) has also been confirmed to join Fear The Walking Dead’s cast. Although Ms. Rodriguez has been added to the Walking Dead spin-off as a series regular, she won’t be appearing in the first episode. Fear The Walking Dead has already gone into production and the first episode was shot before Elizabeth was brought on board.
Reports from inside sources state the general plot will vary greatly from The Walking Dead primary series, particularly in the areas of character development and interactions. While The Walking Dead features a group (or groups) of strangers thrown together and forced to develop relationships by the circumstances of the zombie apocalypse, Fear The Walking Dead will focus on a single family. It might turn out that Fear The Walking Dead will be more character-oriented, as the stories will focus on the way a tightly-knit family unit reacts and adapts to the zombie apocalypse.
Considering this plot, it seems Elizabeth Rodriguez’s addition to Fear The Walking Dead will be as an outsider, someone whom the Tomkins family will either have to aid and ally, or possibly she will pose a threat that the others must defeat.
Fear The Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero revealed in a recent interview that the zombies needed as much consideration as the cast of living characters, due to the setting of the new Walking Dead spin-off.
“You know, Fear the Walking Dead happens almost before [The Walking Dead] show even premiered. One thing that we play up on the show is the environment and how that plays on the walkers…In Georgia, it’s very humid and sunny, so we take that into consideration. In Los Angeles, it’s a lot more dry, so we’ve had conversation about what that would do to the look of the walkers.”
Fear The Walking Dead is set to premiere in July on AMC and through Hulu’s online streaming service.

Florida “Zombie” Attacks Bodybuilder On Beach

Early Sunday morning, bodybuilder Jacob Hallson was doing pushups on Siesta Key Beach when a man professing to be a zombie ran from behind a sand dune and tackled him.

The “zombie,” Carpenter Goff, 32, gnawed on Hallson’s head trying to “get his brain.”
Hallson shook off the crazed assailant and ran.
“I know the Zombie Apocalypse is coming some time in 2015 and thought this was it,” Hallson stated in a police report. “But even worse: I know it only takes thirteen minutes to transform (into a zombie) and he’d bitten me all over the head so mostly what I was thinking about while running away was how gross it was going to be to have to eat people in about fifteen minutes.”
Even though Hallson said he is in “great cardio shape,” the “zombie” managed to catch and tackle Hallson and then administered a vicious bite to Hallson’s forearm.
“At that point, all I was thinking is please God hurry up and let me transform into a zombie because this is super painful,” Hallson said.
Police soon arrived and arrested a hissing and growling Goff who had climbed a tree. An ambulance took Hallson to Sarasota Memorial Hospital where he was treated and released.
Hallson still believes he will transform and is taking precautions by planning to lock himself inside a dog kennel.
Why does Hallson believe the zombie targeted him?
“I know he attacked me because I’m a meathead.”

Kickstarter Project: Epidemic-Z: A live-action zombie apocalypse experience

Live entertainment events are in my blood. 

For the last 25 years I have been developing incredible summer campsoutdoor education programs and personalized group retreats that cater to every attendee as an individual and provide an unmatchable experience. 
But my passion is for the extreme: panic rooms, sky diving, zip lines. Most of the time I'm disappointed though. Disappointed that you have to wait in line and battle crowds. And let's be honest, they're really not very scary. 

I'm deadly serious about this. We can do better.

700 Foot Quad Zip Line
700 Foot Quad Zip Line
I think the world is changing. People want live-action, immersive events where they can play a part in a bigger story. A story where each participant has a role - hero or villain - working towards a larger goal.
That's why I need your help.

We're creating a 12-hour, zombie apocalypse on a scale beyond anything attempted before. 

Panic Rooms: Trapped with a Zombie
Panic Rooms: Trapped with a Zombie
I've brought together a team of the best in the business - a live-action role play event creator, a highly experienced visual artist and producer, an operations expert, a leading comic book artist and a full media team including graphic designer, public relations and social media manager, marketing strategist and new media developers. 

The zombie infection is happening.

The event, called Epidemic-Z, will take place on my 74-acre site located within the San Bernardino National Forest near Lake Arrowhead, CA. Just 90 minutes from Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, we have a large population at our doorstep with a keen interest in Halloween attractions. For this reason, we'll be running the event every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night in October, catering to 500 people per night. Guests will be treated to a full chef-prepared dinner, hours of intensely frightening challenges such as zombie paintball, night zip lining and panic rooms, plus a casino and ongoing dark carnival, overnight accommodations, complimentary parking, and best of lines for the activities. 
The programming will be catered to the individual, with activities running all night, or as long as the guest wishes to participate. For those who don't want to be up all night, we'll finish the evening with a great party
#{project_title}'s video poster

The activities and events will be unlike anything done before.

Gladiator-Style Jousting
Gladiator-Style Jousting

 And the after party will be off the charts.

Post-apocalyptic Bash
Post-apocalyptic Bash
At the end of the night, we'll celebrate saving the world with an incredible party complete with top local bands, DJs, drinks and dancing. The programming will be catered to the individual, with activities running all night, or as long as the guest wishes to participate. 
Essentially, my vision is to create the world's greatest Halloween event and I'm putting everything I have at my disposal towards it. 

Now I need your help.

Together, we can make an event for the records, and in exchange for your support, we will be delivering amazing experiential packages that won't be available to any one outside of Kickstarter.
Thank you for taking a moment to read about my Kickstarter project. I hope to meet you next October for the Halloween event of your life!
Andy Wexler, owner, Pali Mountain

Risks and challenges

Thankfully, we own the event site and already have on hand a staff of 150 employees capable of putting on an incredible event. But that doesn't mean this will be easy. We're working with several vendors to construct the 6 villages where teams will be participating in panic rooms, obstacle courses and zombie paintball. And we expect months of hard work coordinating, negotiating, managing timelines, building, training, practicing, recruiting, implementing IT infrastructure and much more. Thankfully, the event team have all the tools at their disposal: now it's time to move ahead with everything we've got!

For more info, or to make a pledge. click here!