Sunday, June 29, 2014

'Dead Island Epidemic' New ZOMBA Gameplay Trailer Hits, Zombie Arena Game Lets You Wield Your Own Personal Sharknado

The only thing better than a Sharknado is, of course, a Sharknado that dispatches the undead horde. Which is precisely the type of batshit craziness you can expect to find in Deep Silver's upcoming ZOMBA (Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena) title Dead Island: Epidemic. A new wonderfully charming trailer has hit the net explaining the ins and outs of zombie survival.

"Dead Island: Epidemic pits three teams of players against each other in a desperate fight for survival. Dead Island: Epidemic is a Free-to-Play PC title that features all the trademark zombie-slaughtering elements that are hallmark of any Dead Islandexperience." The game is currently in a closed beta, but players who want to get in on the action can head over to and purchase one of the three digital Early Access starter packs.
If the Dead Island games thus far have been average gameplay experiences, they've certainly been among some of the finest video game advertising to date. I still listen to the music used for the first Dead Island trailer, a short film so good it was optioned for a film right then and there. Sadly, like many trailers, the game did not live up to its promise; in the game's defense, after that trailer, what possibly could?
The Dead Island: Epidemic trailer is heavy on gameplay and cheeky dialogue. Deep Silver clearly wants you to have fun while watching so you can have fun while playing, too. The trailer features a Fire Fire-Axe, a fire axe that is also on fire. The game boasts a seemingly endless amount of weapon customizations, with nearly every item you find customizable with every other weapon. Paint roller and spikes? You got it! Trumpet flamethrower? Of course it's there. Why wouldn't it be?
The game strips away the old fashioned point and clicking and adopts the classic WASD keypad, making it easier "to hop in, no muss, no fuss." Different modes will put teams against one another as well as the zombie horde in a desperate attempt to secure resources, capture points or simply kill as many walking things as possible.
Watch the trailer below and get pumped for some wild, zombie apocalypse action as only Dead Island can deliver.

Get ready for a Rockabilly Zombie Weekend

This arrives to DVD and Blu-Ray July 1, 2014!

When Becky and Grant arrive at their rockabilly-themed wedding despite warnings of a West Nile Virus outbreak, things go horribly wrong as the mosquito-spread virus spawns zombies, who begin feeding on the wedding guests as well as the other locals. The two newlyweds have to escape along with their family and friends if they ever want to live to see their honeymoon!


Morgan Freeman and zombies? YES!

Have you ever seen “World War Z”? Well, according to Morgan Freeman, that scenario is a very real possibility.
On the Freeman-narrated series “Through the Wormhole,” the possibility of a zombie apocalypse was delved into in great detail. The episode looked at how easily an infectious disease could spread and how quickly it could bring civilization to its knees.
It’s a terrifying thought, especially when you consider that humans have only effectively eradicated two infectious diseases ever: smallpox and cattle plague.
Freeman also spoke to Huffpo about how he believes that, in a sense, we’re already in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. He said,
I mean, what exactly is the definition of a zombie? Is it something that is undead and not in control? If that’s true, then we’re in the middle of an apocalypse right now.
Because everybody is controlled by something else. Your smartphone is in control of you and computers are in control of all of us.
Deep stuff, Red. Anyway, all of this is hypothetical, but it’s still pretty terrifying to think about how easy it would be for it a zombie plague to spread and wipe us all out.
Check out the clip from the show about the coming epidemic below.

Night of the Living Dead in Red Bluff, CA!

Two things from Kevin Millikin's childhood have stayed with him — a love of the zombie genre and his hometown of Red Bluff.
Both are at the center of the horror author's latest book "Summer of 68," a story set during the events of the movie "Night of the Living Dead" that takes place in Red Bluff.
Millikin, who resides in Washington with his wife and daughter, graduated from Red Bluff Union High School in 2006.
He said he can trace his love of zombies back to his childhood.
"When I was in the third grade I saw the original 'Night of the Living Dead' and it absolutely horrified me," Millikin said. "It was those emotions that really got me into horror and also the creative aspect of it."
Millikin has been writing ever since. Last year he self published two novellas.
"I like to scare people, it's typically just using emotions," Millikin said.
For "Summer of 68" he hooked up with Severed Press, a small publisher in Australia.
"It's all about networking and meeting new people and plus the instant availability of all information," Millikin said of the benefits the Internet has for the up-and-coming writer.
While Millikin has been learning the publishing side of the business, he's also been growing as a writer.
"Summer of 68" is based off of a short story he wrote in 2009.
He said at the time he wasn't happy with it and set it aside to work on other projects.
But a few years ago he went back to the story and wrote what would turn out to be a prologue for his novel.
The story centers around a sheriff in Red Bluff who struggles to grasp the strange and hellish turn of events that ravages not just his small Northern California town, but across the globe as millions of the recently deceased rise from the dead with the goal of eating the living's flesh.
The book features a number of places that will be familiar to those who live in Red Bluff, including one scene set in the Hogsback area.
Millikin said he understands it's natural to see his story involves a sheriff and zombies and draw similarities to the popular television show "The Walking Dead" but he hopes his book can stand on its own.
He says his sheriff character is based off of John Russo's works in the 1960s.
Millikin said "The Walking Dead" has been a mixed bag for those trying to stand out in the horror genre.
While all zombie stories may now get compared to it, it's also opened the doors to major publishers looking for books to capitalize on the surging popularity of the genre.
"I'm just trying to stay true to itself and to myself," Millikin said of the zombie genre.
Millikin said his goal is for the written word to replicate the emotions he felt as a child when he first saw "Night of the Living Dead."
"I hope I did a good job of that," he said.
"Summer of 68" is available through Amazon in both digital and paperback formats.

Enjoy a cup of "Joe" in this!

Limited edition run of Zombie Brainz mugs. 

Design printed on both sides of the mug.

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'Disaster L.A.: The Last Zombie Apocalypse Begins Here' Hits DVD/Blu-ray In September

a group of friends desperately try to escape the toxic smoke that is the deadly result of a meteor shower strike in the middle of Los Angeles. In its wake, neither friends nor strangers are safe from each other. The only hope for survival is to try to reach the coast before it’s too late. Justin Ray and Jerod Meagher star and Stephanie Estes, Ron Hanks, Michael Taber, Dennis Leech, Ali Williams, Morgan Jackson and Kendall Mayhew are featured.

Kickstarter Project: ZomBcall Zombie Vocalizer Device

ZomBcall-Zombie sounds device produces terrifying grunts, groans & screams of zombies from hit zombie shows like The Walking Dead.

ZomBcall - For anyone who wants to seriously sound like a zombie!

ZomBcall is the most innovative zombie product to come along in years!
Whether you’re a fan of zombies and love zombie movies and books or you’re more of a hardcore zombie enthusiast and want to add to your zombie apocalypse survival kit, zomBcall is the perfect gift for anyone who’s into zombies. 
This is our fully functioning prototype zomBcall zombie vocalizer!

zomBcall zombie caller prototype
zomBcall zombie caller prototype

zomBcall prototype
zomBcall prototype

NOTE: zomBcall will be colored in zombie green with a red logo.  The snorkel will be black.

The innovative snorkel is part of the magic that allows the user to "play" zomBcall like a musical instrument to create a virtually limitless number of zombie sounds!  By manipulating the snorkel as well as using various breath techniques, everything from growls, groans and moans to screeches, screams and squeals can be created. We will continue to post new VIDEO demos of techniques below!

It’s the perfect companion for the adventurer looking to go on a mission to hunt zombies or perhaps you’re part of a zombie horde and want to call your zombie comrades in for “dinner”, zomBcall is the perfect weapon or tool for the job!

Let’s get to the point: a zombie apocalypse is going to happen, it’s inevitable…it’s just a matter of when…
ZomBcall is a zombie attraction device – it mimics those scary & grotesque zombie sounds we’ve all heard in movies and hit TV shows like The Walking Dead. ZomBcall gives you the ability to control where zombies go… Will you be prepared when the zombie apocalypse goes down? 

Be prepared with zomBcall!  Because if you're not prepared... you're not gonna make it!

ZomBcall development has been in the works for over a year now. Our goal was to engineer a device that would be capable of producing a wide variety of zombie like sounds. We definitely achieved that goal and now we need to get these into the hands of all humanity!  
Here are our very first sketches of the zomBcall design:

very first zomBcall sketch!
Very first zomBcall sketch!
We have been working with Dano Pinkham for the last year designing, developing and testing zomBcall. Dano owns one of the leading and oldest animal call companies in the United States. Dano designs and manufactures game calls and components for over 100 companies! He’s the real deal. And he’s right here in the USA.  
That means zomBcall will be made right here in the USA!
The very first time we saw the first prototype was over Skype. Here is a screenshot Christopher took to mark the occasion. Dano is holding the same prototype that we used in the video!

Dano Pinkham with zomBcall prototype
Dano Pinkham with zomBcall prototype
ZomBcall is much like a musical instrument, where you have the ability to “play” the zomBcall and the capability of producing your own array of custom zombie sounds. The more you experiment using the zomBcall, the more sounds you will discover and the more masterful you will become. Please help us reach our zomBcall financial goal and let’s virally spread tons of fear and fun to anyone who loves zombies! 
We had a lot of fun producing our video with the help of an awesome group of volunteers!  What an amazing group of talented people!  In the grueling Texas heat we all spent an entire day filming in the woods!


Well, we, like you.. LOVE ZOMBIES!  That should be enough.. but there's more!

Christopher works late every night at his multiple computer array so much that he often resembles a zombie in the morning!  
James is a co-owner in the country’s largest 5k zombie obstacle races called, “The Zombie Race”. 
Since 2012, James and his zombie race business partners have traveled throughout the United States entertaining many thousands of people with these incredibly fun and adrenaline fueled events. 
During each event, James has spoken with many hundreds of the diehard zombie fans about the zomBcall, and inquisitively asked each of these fellow zombie enthusiasts if zomBcall would be a product that they would actually purchase for themselves or as a gift for someone else…the answer across the board, was always a resounding YES! 
In fact, whenever James brought the concept for the zomBcall up during one of his zombie events, people not only wouldn’t stop talking about it during the course of that event, but many of those same people took the time and sought James out through email and on social media, just to see when zomBcall would become available for them to purchase! For James & Christopher, this was a sign that they needed to pursue their passion… 

This is when James and Christopher made up their minds to move ahead and raise the necessary money that would allow them to get these into the hands of zombie fans everywhere! 

In addition we have created artwork for the first official zomBcall t-shirt! The design will be silkscreened on front of black t-shirts with the red zomBcall logo on the back. So the zombie will be "ripping out of your chest"! COOL, HUH!

zomBcall t-shirt design zomBcall t-shirt design
zomBcall t-shirt design zomBcall t-shirt design

zomBcall zombie sound device logo
zomBcall zombie sound device logo

We have already made an agreement with Robbie Weinberg of Witson Wells PMG to print the shirts. Rob is the genius behind several highly successful businesses including Focket and MVPee. He pioneered a unique compressed packaging technique and has made and packaged t-shirts for huge companies including Coors and Lowes just to name a few.

Robert "Robbie" Weinberg
Robert "Robbie" Weinberg


  • If we pass $17500 we will offer a second t-shirt design!

zomBcall shirt design #2
zomBcall shirt design #2
  • If we pass $25000 we will offer a special limited edition color zomBcall device just for our Kickstarter backers.
  • If we pass $35000 we will expedite production to deliver zomBcalls to our Kickstarter supporters even sooner! AND offer a 3rd shirt design!

zomBcall shirt design #3
zomBcall shirt design #3
“As zombie enthusiasts, we are honored to have this opportunity to produce a zombie product that zombie fans can really have some fun with. Not often do you have the chance to invent a zombie product that zombie fans can actually put to use. It’s just awesome to see how many people are totally amped about the chance to get their hands on their very own zomBcall. It’s awesome and we are truly grateful for your support!”


ZomBcall is made in the USA, so production will be under our control and zomBcall devices will be manufactured from our trusted and seasoned call manufacturer, based in Tennessee.

This means that the quality of zomBcall is top notch and the delivery of zomBcall will be on time.
Our shirts will be made by Robert Weinberg, who has supplied huge companies with top quality t-shirts for many years. We are totally confident in Rob to deliver top notch zomBcall shirts!

For questions or to make a pledge, click here!

Zombie Action Figures - Big Bucket of 100 Zombies - Includes Zombies, Zombie Pets, Gravestones, and Humans!

Amazon has this fun Big Bucket of 100 Zombie Action Figures for only $14.95! This would make a great gift idea for any zombie fan. Plus it is eligible for FREE shipping on orders over $35 or for Amazon Prime Members.
Zombie Action Figures – Big Bucket of 100 Zombies – Includes Zombies, Zombie Pets, Gravestones, and Humans!
You will LOVE this set of undead zombies. Each set comes with 100 action figures, each 2-3 inches high. The entire set comes in two colors so you can have awesome undead battles. Use Zombies, tombstones, humans, even zombie pets to make the most amazing playsets ever.
  • Big Bucket of 100 Zombies
  • Zombie Pets, Zombies, Humans, and tombstones
  • Grey and Light Grey figures for awesome undead battles
  • Great for indoor or outdoor play, beach, playrooms, or anytime

'Life After Beth' poster and trailer!

Zach (Dane DeHaan) is devastated after his girlfriend, Beth (Aubrey Plaza), unexpectedly dies. When she suddenly rises from the dead, he sees it as a second chance and decides to do and say every thing he wishes he had while she was still alive.

Zombie Takeover of Coney Island 7/2/14

Wednesday, July 2nd - Zombie Takeover of Coney Island with the Brooklyn Cyclones, Luna Park and Coney Island USA's Sideshow by the Seashore and Freak Bar! $16 and $24 ticket options!
Reduced admission to Cyclones Game, the Cyclones Rollercoaster and Luna Park! Half price admission to the Sideshow for Zombies! Buy advance tickets here for the discounts by entering the exclusive code LUNAZOMBIE ! And you get a free Cyclones baseball cap with Admission!
And we’re having a HUGE, REAL BRAIN EATING CONTEST!! At 6pm on the Cyclones Field before the game,we’re hosting the BRAIN BASH ON THE BEACH with some of the World’s top competitive eaters including Tim ‘Gravy’ Brown and Patrick ‘Deep Dish’ Bertoletti! Presented by Glutton Force 5! Competitors will compete by eating 10 POUNDS of brains, and the whoever eats the most wins a Cash prize TBA and tons of other goodies!! YOU CAN SIGN UP AND GET THE DETAILS ON THE OFFICIAL SITE HERE!
All the events are in a 5 block radius of each other on Surf Avenue in Coney Island!
ALL DAY: Luna Park and the Cyclone Rollercoaster – Surf Avenue bet W 10th and w 12th Street.
3p – 5:30p- Zombie Reception at the Freak Bar – 1208 Surf Avenue (between Stillwell Avenue and West 12th St.)
Zombies meet up, drink specials with Pabst Blue Ribbon, Zombie makeup artists and more!
5:30p - Zombies crawl to MCU Park!
6p - Cyclones Baseball Game at MCU Park - Surf Avenue and W 17th St, Coney Island
Zombies take over the stadium with a special seating section and a zombie crawl on the field after the game!
Kicking it off with the BRAIN BASH ON THE BEACH with some of the World’s top competitive eaters! Presented by Glutton Force 5!
7p - Zombie Ringleader Doug Sakmann throws out the first pitch as the Brooklyn Cyclones face off against the Hudson Valley Renegades! There will also be a zombie crawl around the bases led by the winner of the Brain Bash At The Beach!!
More details and tickets at

From Groupon: Zombie Experience for One or Two with Optional Shirts from Zombie Apocalypse Experience Las Vegas (Up to 47% Off)

Choose from Four Options

  • $39 for a zombie-apocalypse experience for one person ($65 value)
  • $75 for a zombie-apocalypse experience for two people ($130 value)
  • $45 for a zombie-apocalypse experience for one person, plus a T-shirt ($80 value)
  • $85 for a zombie-apocalypse experience for two people, plus T-shirts ($160 value)
After making reservations at least 48 hours in advance, participants have two options for getting to the experience:
  • Drive directly to Zombie Apocalypse Experience Las Vegas
  • Meet at The Zombie Apocalypse Store, where a free shuttle will take them to and from Zombie Apocalypse Experience Las Vegas
Each ticket includes everything needed: entry, a mask, a zombie assault paintball-gun, and paintballs.

Zombie Apocalypse Experience Las Vegas

There's not much time for you to stop the impending apocalypse—and it's not going to be easy. Hoards of zombies stand in the way of mankind's future, but there is one glimmer of hope. It comes from the barrel of a .50-caliber paintball shotgun. With that weapon in hand, participants in Zombie Apocalypse Experience Las Vegas fire their way through four zombie-filled zones, which stretch across different safe houses and a total of 780 feet.
Before sending out each Zombie Assault Team, the event's organizers go over the rules, hand out equipment, and cover the basics of paintball-gun operation. Luckily, the zombies don't have guns, so participants need not worry about getting shot with paintballs.

Purchase Here!

With Luis Suarez, how long before soccer looks like this?

And a helpful tip!

‘The Walking Dead’ Planned Up To Season 12?!?

There is no way of knowing when a TV show will run out of road or if they will try to navigate over gravel and broken glass long after that point, refusing to wrap things up before people start forgetting why they loved those shows in the first place.

The Walking Dead isn’t necessarily kicking up gravel or nearing its expiration point right now as the cast and crew work on season 5 (which will debut this fall), but producer David Alpert has indicated that producers of the AMC zombie drama do have the far-off future on their mind.

Here’s Alpert, answering a question about working with “pre-existing” material during a panel discussion at a Producers Guild event.

“I happen to love working from source material, specifically because we have a pretty good idea of what season 10 is gonna be. We know where season 11 and 12…we have benchmarks and milestones for those seasons if we’re lucky enough to get there.”

The Walking Dead has diverged a bit from the comic book source material at times, so it’s hard to know how vital those “milestones” and “benchmarks” will be and what form they will take. However, if Alpert is referring to the source material that has already been released by Image Comics and Robert Kirkman and not some kind of story bible, then it seems natural to wonder if the Alexandria camp will play a large role in the later seasons of the show and what that could mean for the future of the show.

First, let’s establish that this wouldn’t be a large leap. We already know that Negan’s eventual appearance as a big bad is a “99% lock” and Alexandria has been the port-of-call for Rick and his group since issue #69. At this point, most of the Walking Deadcomic book series has occurred within and around that camp.

With that in mind, it would make sense that the show would settle there after Terminus and, quite possibly, a bit of time spent on the road. The trouble is, while there have been some great stories told about the group’s adjustment to “regular” life in Alexandria, some significant new characters, the town’s institutional naivety and Negan, there have been times where the comic has felt a bit stale because of Kirkman’s decision to make Alexandria home base and take the group off the road.

Four seasons in and The Walking Dead has seen four primary settings – the camp/Atlanta, Hershel’s Farm, the prison/Woodbury and the Road to Terminus. The Walking Dead has thrived on new scenarios and new challenges as Rick and his group struggle to survive, adapt and also steal back a bit of what they lost from time to time.

Without that constant change, though, it’s fair to wonder if the show could stagnate if the writers don’t find new ways to amp up the action within and around the walls of Alexandria if/when they get there, because if they don’t, then future forecasts could be irrelevant.

Want your own squishable zombie?

You're a genius! Not only are you smart, but you have empathy, intuition and a quick wit! How do I know? Because Zombies love braaaaaaaaaaains...and this Zombie loves you! See, he's winking! (I think.) 

Unlike certain post-apocalyptic individuals you might see portrayed in the media, this guy has no taste for gray matter, but he does appreciate a superior intellect! So feed this Zombie what he really wants to eat (hint: profiteroles and math equations), snuggle up, and tell him all the cool stuff you know! 

15 squishy inches of post-life learning, polyester fiber, ages 3 and up! 

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Check out this new Rick Grimes 'Walking Dead' statue!

Rick Grimes is back to kicking ass on The Walking Dead TV show. But he never really stopped kicking ass in The Walking Dead comic book — even when the dude lost one of his hands. To commemorate the former sheriff’s deputy’s ass-kicking adventures, McFarlane Toys is releasing a new statue of the Rickster. 

And not just any old statue, mind you, but a “limited-edition, highly-detailed, hand-crafted cold-cast resin statue”…which I believe is French for “super fancy.” How fancy? Well, it stands more than 14 inches tall on a “360 degree rotating rubble base.” So, like I said…FANCY!
Who could imagine such gore and madness? 

Why,Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, who sketched out the original concept for the statue on a smartphone, which you can also see below along with the McFarlane Toys concept sketch they worked up off of Kirkman’s original vision. Check out all the images, and then you can go pick up the product for that special someone in your life who just can’t get enough zombie-brain-blasting goodness — meaning yourself.But see for yourself as we’ve got your first exclusive images of the product right here with a close up photo above and a photo of the full statue below. See Rick Grimes strangle one zombie, while blasting another with a kill shot right through the brains. Then there’s the unlucky chap with an axe sticking out of his head. That’ll leave a mark.