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Bath Salt Zombies (2012)

The bath salts epidemic facing the southern and mid-western US has been stifled by an unprecedented government crackdown. This has led to a tremendous amount of surplus stock hidden by black market dealers, and a migration of those dealers to the northeast. In New York City, potent strands have surfaced and have attracted the most devoted bath salt junkies. A young aspiring chemist has developed an even stronger batch... but something has gone horribly wrong. The new ultra potent bath salt batch has revealed a major side effect: It turns users into violent flesh seeking ZOMBIES! 

Directed by Dustin Wayde Mills of Puppet Monster Massacre, Zombie A-Hole, and The Ballad of Skinless Pete (coming soon) 

Starring Brandon Salkil, Josh Eal, Ethan Holey, Dave Parker, Jackie McKown, and more!

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Four New Zombie Films! 
This DVD Zombie fest includes: 
Porn Star Zombies-An Adult film cast and crew must discover what is causing their fellow stars to rabidly attack them
Bunker of Blood-The most frightening end of the world story
Office of the Dead-Life Corp is working on ground breaking technology to makes people happy
Bled White-At the end of the world, who will be hungrier... the living or the dead?
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Why The Walking Dead Bums Me Out

Television is escapism at its finest. We can throw ourselves into any kind of exciting time, space, or zip code. We can be spies, warriors, or prominent government officials. We can have beauty, brains, or power. The possibilities are endless. It’s why we love it. We appreciate the actors who can take us to that place and directors who can capture the setting in ways that engage and excite. Even the darkest shows give us some avenue of escapism. Well, every show except for one: The Walking Dead.
I’ll watch every episode of The Walking Dead, but there’s no denying that is the most intense bummer on television. Sure, it’s an impressive cinematic achievement and appropriately frightening at the right times, but I leave every show wondering how anyone could ever want to spend time in this place. It’s a dark, horrible place filled with death, destruction, and no cable. Plenty of shows have gone the post-apocalyptic route, but all of them have offered a possibility for future redemption. The Walking Deadoffers only opportunities to kill some zombies and maybe get busy with the farmer’s daughter on the floor of a prison guard tower. There is no calvary. There is no cure. There is no hope.
That’s not to say that The Walking Dead is an ineffective show. The cinematography used in the show is really something to be aspired to by future shows of this nature. The show has a lead (Andrew Lincoln) that can deliver when the stakes are really high. The massive amounts of zombie killings satisfy the bloodlust of 19 year olds everywhere. With the difficult second season tenure on the farm a thing of the past, Glen Mazzara has answered America’s clear mandate: We want more zombies. There are zombies everywhere ready to enjoy a meaty calf or a tasty throat for their dinner. In addition, our heroes have now become far better at splitting zombie wigs. There’s no doubt that the show has gotten appreciably better in its third season. Still, it remains probably the least feel good hour in all of television.
Which brings us to a few Sundays ago. Reactions poured in from critics and fans alike that revolved around some form of “shocking” or “heartbreaking.” While those are the feelings that Mazzara was attempting to get from the viewers of his series, it’s difficult to gather sympathy for a character many to believe one of the worst in television history. Lori’s death scene was well-crafted and well-acted. It almost made you wonder (as Andy Greenwald did) what could have become of Lori’s character if she were written any better. As a result, a supposedly dramatic death scene becomes just another horrific scene for a show that trades primarily in the horrific. At the end of it all, Lori is truly striving to go out as heroic as possible. Sadly, it won’t get remembered because a veterinarian’s daughter sliced her in half with a rusty bowie knife. Even the rarely used T-Dog made a truly heroic sacrifice in an attempt to save Carol from certain zombie dinner. All he got for his trouble was having his throat eaten off by the two walkers he was pinning to the wall.
And that’s the real lesson learned while watching The Walking Dead. Regardless of who you are, the sins you committed, or the good deeds you have done, everyone is going to die horribly. Any glimmer of hope the show lets in is instantly erased in a massive spatter of blood and flesh. It may be the harsh reality of life in a zombie apocalypse, but that doesn’t make any less of a bummer.


An insane photography book packed with the most gore you'll ever see in an art book. ZOMBIESSS!!!!!! by Sidney Cumbie

I've been shooting zombies and horror photos just as a hobby and fun for years now and because I've been getting all this great feedback and requests for photoshoots it would be insane of me not to create this book for all the zombie fans out there! Lets face it, zombies are huge right now! The Walking Dead has become massive in popular culture. So why not create something for the mad zombie fans out there as well as continue doing what I love to do! 
I shoot zombies for the love of it and I never ask for money from my models. They want to be zombies so I turn them into zombies, its my art! So really the money that we need for this book is for printing, wardrobe, make up artists, and all the others that we need to make this book explode with blood and gore! I'm not looking to make money off this book just the opportunity to create a fantastic piece of art for the undead gore lover in all of us. 
You can see from the zombie photos that I have already created that I am extremely good at what I do. I've had over 7 years of photography experience and have a passion for what I do. These photos that have been already produce were done with no budget at all! So just think how creative we can be with even the smallest of budgets! The more backers we get the more extreme the Zombies will get! 


While we do give ourselves a year to complete this book to be release by next Halloween there could be a slim chance that it may take longer. In a world of unknown variables the possibilities are endless. We have no doubts in our abilities to create a great and outstanding book, yet things can go wrong with any project.
For one, finding the right models for the job will be a task that will take some time. We are very particular about the looks of our zombies, so to find the right characters will no doubt take time and tons of patients due to the numerous requests to be in the book. We will be hold numerous audition dates until we find the perfect zombies for our shoots.
Another challenge will be to find the best of the best make up FX artists that are both reliable and able to produce the looks we need. We do have a few in mind that we have trusted and worked with in the past but we also need back up artists to cover them when or if they are unavailable. The plus side of this is that living near Hollywood finding FX artists is extremely easy.
Finding a great book printer is another challenge that we must face. We do have a few book printers located in Southern California that print beautiful books, but finding the perfect company for the job may be a challenge. The last thing we want is to change printers last minute because they can't produce the books the way we need. So finding and finalizing the deal with the best company sooner rather than later is something we need to do.
We do have a few challenges to over come to create this outstanding piece of zombie art! But with any project comes challenges and we have no doubt in our abilities to finish this book and please our backers!

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Take an imaginative ride through the mind of a young child who dreams of becoming a zombie.

A year ago, my husband Chris Hernandez, emailed me a concept for a story of our little boy Jack and his love for zombies. Being a schoolteacher, Chris hoped that I would put a twist on the story that would contribute to the many goals of this project; we want this story to entertain, foster creativity, and instill a moral lesson to readers.
A year later the first story of our collection is complete, "Jack and the Zombie Attack".  It is a descriptive and poetic tongue twister that follows Jack's dream of becoming a zombie through a rumpus in his neighborhood. His dream becomes reality, but is eating human flesh what its cracked up to be? You'll have to read it to find out.
The illustrations can only be described as fantastical, creative and brilliant in every way. The attention to detail and color will captivate the minds of children and adults alike. Chris Hernandez, an amazing illustrator and designer, who is finalizing the story so it can go out for publication by the end of 2012.
100% of the money that we raise will be used to self-publish "Jack and the Zombie Attack" and produce any promised merchandise. Our finalized books will be hardcover with an illustrated dust jacket, and premium linen paper.  We want everyone to know they have something special, just by holding the book.
We have put together very special gifts for those who make contributions to the production of “Jack and the Zombie Attack”, Including: Copies of the hard bound book, specialty printed vintage T-shirts, signed prints, signed original watercolor artwork used for the book, VIP tickets to the Premiere party, and to one lucky contributor, the original book cover artwork signed. We hope you enjoy the story, and remember..."Bwains!!!!" It's what's for dinner.


Chris and Amy Hernandez face numerous challenges: Finding a quality cost effective printer that will help them to meet their deadline, convincing parents that children can learn from zombies, and reaching as many people as they can.

The first challenge: meeting the deadline. Chris and Amy want the quality of the book to meet their expectations. The printer must capture the detail and color portrayed in all the original watercolor paintings. With this attention to detail, there comes a price. Quality hardback children’s books are much more costly than you might think. Meeting the minimum goal of $15,000 will only allow us to publish 1000 copies of the book. This quantity will fulfill contributor’s awards and allow copies to be sent to distribution companies.
Many have questioned, “How can you teach morals to children through a story about Zombies?” Children have rich and creative imaginations, and the lessons taught today should represent this. Through descriptive vocabulary, imagery, and a twisted tale, Jack will follow his dream. In the end, home for Jack never seemed sweeter. Children always question their parent’s authority, and must come to their own realization when they make a mistake, this is how they learn. In this story, Jack comes to know, and learns to respect his mother’s warning. For those who feel that zombies are a little grotesque for children, just remember the creative minds of your childhood. In his poem "The Loser", from Where the Sidewalk Ends, Shel Silverstein portrays a child actually losing his head (Silverstein, 1974).
Mama said I'd lose my head
if it wasn't fastened on.
Today I guess it wasn't
'cause while playing with my cousin
it fell off and rolled away
and now it's gone.
Shel Silverstein, Maurice Sendak and Dr. Suess are all classic children's authors that never seemed to mind the rules, and children and adults love them the same.
The final challenge is to reach as many people as possible. Distribution of this book outside of our personal network will determine the success of the project. Chris and Amy have already worked out deals in local bookstores for consignment of the book, and are looking for ways to branch outside of Southern California. Any and all help in this area is welcome.
We will not let these challenges hold them back from achieving our dream to publish a children’s story and we appreciate all contributions given.

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An intense multi-player first-person survival simulator. Survive in randomly generated cities slowly being overrun by zombies.

The Infection simulation is a multi-player first-person survival simulator.  You and sixty-three other players are spawned in a randomly generated city, filled with hundreds of civilians and a single zombie.  The infection will spread rapidly and the city will slowly turn to hell.  To survive you must scavenge, build, and defend yourself against zombies... and other players.
  • You will have to move through zombie infested buildings to get supplies like food and building materials, so you and your group can survive just a little longer.
  • All players have a hunger bar, so you have to find or hunt all the food you can get.
  • If you want to build, then your going to have to scavenge the materials to do it first.
  • Defend yourself by building your own safe house, traps, and vehicles!
  • Build your own safe house wall by wall.  Just make sure nothing can get inside!
  • After you build that nice new safe house, your going to need to defend it.  Build lethal traps from trapdoors to flame throwing walls to keep zombies and other players out. 
  • There will be over 6 vehicles available to build, from motorcycles to helicopters!
  • Defend yourself while moving throughout the city with heavy armor and lethal custom weapons!
  • One bite from a zombie or one bullet from a player can end everything for you... unless you have heavy armor!
  • Mix and match different weapon parts to create some awesome guns to survive with.
We are Falling Island Studios, a small independent game development team.  We are a group of guys that love making and playing games.  Our goal is to make video games that you can just have fun playing, and be able to stay up all night playing with your best buds.  Currently we are developing the game over the internet, because a few of us currently live in different states.  We have developed a few small mods for games life Half-Life 2, Unreal Tournament 2004, and games from the Elder Scrolls series. 
We chose Kickstarter because until now, we have been fully self funded.  And  as a newly formed team, we don't have some of the tools and resources that are needed to make this game the best it can be.
  • Software: Because we are a newly formed team, we don't have all of the tools and license that are required for a team.  Also we need to pay for music license so we can include some sweet music in the game.
  • Hosting:  We want to be able to constantly show updates, news, and other items to the community.  To do this we are going to need server space.
  • Extra:  Any extra money will be used to polish the game, whether it's sound effects, textures, or anything else that can make the game just that much better.
  • The Game:  If you pledge $15 or more, you will receive a digital download of the game with early bird access of one week when it is finished.  Our expected release date is between September and October, but this is subject to change.
  • The Beta:  If you pledge $25 or more, you will receive access to the multi-player beta.  We are expecting the beta to take place around June, but this is subject to change.
  • The Poster:  If you pledge $45 or more, you will receive an exclusive Kickstarter backer poster.  The poster will be 17.30" x 11.25".  We will contact you about shipping.  These will be shipped out early February.
  • The T-shirt:  If you pledge $65, you will receive one of the t-shirt designs.  If you pledge $100, you will receive the other design (or the same if you want).  We will contact you about design, size, and shipping details.  These will be shipped out early February.
  • The Statue:  If you pledge $250, you will get you very own statue outside city hall!  We will work with you to create something truly epic.  The statue will be modeled out and put into the game in April.
Please support our Kickstarter!  We need your help to keep our project going!  Spread the word!  We need all the help we can get.  Thank you for taking the time to look at our Kickstarter and hopefully pledge.


While most of our team has worked together on a few other projects, communication sometimes becomes a challenge because of the distance between us. We have overcome this challenge on many other projects.
The only risk we see in this project is development time. Though the beta and constant updates to the game should overcome this risk.

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8pm-9 Chris & Amy Hernandez Zombie Childrens book 

9pm-10 Michelle Flanagan-Helmeczy TWD Actor 

10pm-11 Representatives from D.O.Z.D. 

11pm-12 Cold Dead Hands Know your rights 

12am-1 Rowdy Grisbsy straight talk about PTSD

The Horror of Black Friday: Zombie Shopping Apocalypse



The Vampire movie 'The Lost Boys.'


Dr. Seuss' 'The Cat In The Hat.'

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Author: William Vitka
Illustrator: Sean Vitka
Synopsis: NYC has two renewable resources: Attitude and sleazy politicians. Now, one politician has ushered in the end of the world. A councilman kills a hooker with his penis. From that shocking sexual dalliance is spawned a super parasite that transforms its victims into ravenous monsters -- and it's loose on the streets of New York.

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Author: Jamie Friesen
Synopsis: Tokyo. Sydney. Beijing. Cairo. Paris. Rome. New York. Los Angeles. One by one, the world’s great cities fell to the zombie plague. What chance does a small, non-descript city in Canada like Edmonton have?

The world as we know it is finished. Civilization has collapsed and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Billions of people are dead, victims of a horrific plague.
Bi-weekly paychecks, Tim Horton’s double doubles, men’s league hockey and cheap winter vacations to Cancun. That was the life Xander Barnes had known for years until a pandemic swept the globe. Efforts to slow its spread or develop quarantine zones, in many cases were too little, too late.
Nowadays, life consisted of avoiding the plague victims, ghouls who had an insatiable appetite for human flesh and finding enough food to survive day to day. How long can one ordinary man survive in a world gone mad?

Excerpt:“Gentlemen, it’s going to be a race to get to the cars, so I suggest you hurry. Larry and Greg, run to the Sheriff’s office and see if there is more ammo and maybe some working flashlights. We’ll meet you at the ramp by the fountain in one minute,” Darryl said.  
“If you’re not there in time, we’ll leave you behind. 
Got it?” 
“Got it!” they echoed. 
Just then the doors to the Bowker Building opened again and dozens of infected streamed out. The two groups raced off. John and Darryl reloaded as they ran and got to the stairs, hiding behind a planter filled with sub tropical plants, with the older men a dozen steps behind them. Sunlight poured in from a skylight and illuminated the area. Greg glanced out the windows and saw that the Legislative Grounds were filled with dozens more infected. When the old men had finally caught up to them, they raced down the stairs. John tossed a table onto its side and shoved all three of them behind it. 
“Stay,” he ordered tersely. 
Larry and Greg followed Darryl’s orders and raced into the office. Greg ran into the back room and fired his pistol twice into a locked cabinet. The lock shattered and he ripped it open, pulling out a pair of pump action shotguns. He loaded shells into each and stuffed more in his vest pockets. He stuffed several pistol magazines in as well and scrambled back out to the front office, where Larry was tearing a desk apart looking for batteries. 
“I can’t find any!” Larry hollered. 
“Fuck the batteries, let’s get going!” Greg yelled, grabbing a jacket off a nearby chair and threw it on. 
Greg tossed a shotgun to Larry and jammed the half empty box of shells into his hands. Then he tore out the door without another word. Larry pulled one last drawer open and yelled, “Jackpot!” He stuffed a couple packs of batteries into his over-sized pockets and followed Greg out the door, tossing on a heavy jacket as well. A second later, Larry heard a shotgun blast. As he ran out into the hallway, he saw Greg standing there, firing his shotgun into a huge group of infected, blood and flesh exploding from the lifeless victims. 
“This way,” Larry shouted and raced for the ramp that spiraled down to the lower level. Greg followed, and they took turns, running and firing, covering each other’s back whenever possible. They made it to the bottom of the ramp and saw John and Darryl firing into a group of infected, coming down the stairs that were located at the south edge of the ramp. The premier and cabinet ministers huddled in abject fear only a few feet away. 
The infected from the Bowker Building were coming down the ramp and Larry turned and fired at them. In the narrow confines of the ramp, every shot finished off several infected, but their numbers suddenly seemed limitless. Dozens, if not hundreds, poured down the ramp from the ground floor. 
Darryl’s pistol’s slide jacked back as the magazine emptied. “Did you find us any ammo?” he screamed at Greg. 
Greg tossed over all four of the magazines he had found. Darryl shoved one in and resumed firing. Suddenly the way was clear. 
“Let’s go!” Darryl hollered. 
He grabbed the premier and then both he and John raced down the tunnel towards the parking lot. The two cabinet ministers followed in their steps, with the two young sheriffs firing into the ever expanding pack of infected. A door to the Legislative Annex on their left from opened, and more infected flooded into the hallway as they ran past it. 
“Sir, run for the end of the hallway!” John yelled. Charchuk and two cabinet ministers continued down the darkened tunnel. 
John and Darryl stopped and fired point blank into the infected. 
“Last magazine, make ‘em count!” Darryl said over the gunfire to John, as he passed him a magazine. 
John nodded. 
“Greg, Larry, come on!” Darryl shouted, as the sheriffs were on the verge of being cut off by the host of infected flowing from the Annex. They ran backwards and stood shoulder to shoulder with Darryl and John. Natural light from three periscopes flooded the hallway with an eerie light, adding to the emergency lights mounted on high on the walls. 
John and Darryl fired again and again until both were out of ammunition. Darryl’s gun clicked on an empty chamber. He glanced around, looking for something, anything to hold off the infected. He ran to several nearby display cases, marked ‘Alberta Legislature’, which had a display about the provincial government. One cabinet was stuffed with replicas of both the Legislature’s mace and several medieval-era battle maces, and he smashed the glass with butt of his pistol. He jammed the pistol back into its holster and reached into the case, pulling out a pair of wicked looking maces and leaving the gaudy, gold-painted Legislative replica behind. 
He ran back to John and gave him one, then attacked the infected reaching for him with an over-handed swing. The mace came down and crushed the infected teenager’s skull, sending blood and brain matter in every direction. John emulated him and they cut a bloody swath through the infected. 
The young sheriffs, also out of ammunition, were now using the butt end of their shotguns like clubs to fend off the infected. 
They fell back slowly, responding to any attempt by the infected to get around them. Bit by bit, they were moving closer and closer to the parkade.

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