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Zombie Cover-Up By The Government? Never!

Zombies aren’t just an American phenomenon. Two young ladies, Alisse Lee Goldenberg and An Tran, have put together what they call “An epic Canadian zombie novel told entirely through diary entries.” That is their new book Bath Salts: A Zombie Novel.
And these two seem obsessed with Zombies, take a look at their facebook page and you see photos of World War Z author Max BrooksNorman Reedus from The Walking Dead, zombie tattoos and links to George A Romero’s Night Of The Living Dead Live.
This is how An pitches the book to prospective readers:
Do you remember the drug, Bath Salts? That incident where the one guy ate the other guy’s face?
It was all a government conspiracy. The government made up the drug to cover up zombie outbreaks. Two women realize what’s happening and flee to Nunavut to ride out the outbreak. But what starts happening, and what they don’t realize, is that they’re moving apart in two very different paths. One girl believes that to survive the zombie outbreak means you’re still human, but you have all your morals and ethics intact because that’s what makes you human. The other believes that surviving a zombie outbreak means you’re still a human… By any means necessary. Nothing is sacred.
So the ethical one, Ali, doesn’t realize she’s living with someone, An, who could potentially at any time feed her to zombies, sell her to bandits, something, anything, to save her own skin. So when the blood dries, who’s still alive?
So if you are looking for a different take on the zombie phenomenon, check out Bath Salts: A Zombie Novel by Goldenberg and Tran available in both digital and print formats.

The undead walk Pittsburgh again in 'The Other Side'

In the early '80s, as Chris Niespodzianski and Ray Mongelli walked up and down the halls of Overbrook Elementary School, they had no idea that zombies would follow in their footsteps.

"It was very nostalgic and a little strange," said Mr. Niespodzianski about filming in his old elementary school more than 30 years later.

In full zombie makeup, pale, bloody extras roamed the halls of the old school in search of a scene they could be a part of. The empty school building, soon to be converted into an assisted living facility, is just one of the shooting locations for Orchard Place Productions' first feature film, "The Other Side." The producers began shooting July 1, completed filming in August and hope to have a final product before the end of the year.

The production company made up of Mr. Niespodzianski, his brother John Niespodzianski, Mr. Mongelli and Chris Murphy, decided to make the feature film after producing a short film by the same name. After it won the Pittsburgh Zombie Shorts Film Festival in 2012, the producers decided to expand their original concept into a 90-minute movie.

In "The Other Side," as the main character, Chris, begins searching for his missing wife in the fictional town of Elkwood, Pa., he begins to notice a series of strange happenings that signify the beginning of a zombie apocalypse.

Influenced by "28 Days Later" and "The Walking Dead," the producers attempted to create a zombie film that was more than just a zombie film.

"It's not just a bunch of stumbling, bleeding people," said Mr. Mongelli.

After being struck by inspiration one day, Chris Niespodzianski stayed up all night and wrote a rough draft of the screenplay. Four months and 30 rewrites later, the screenplay was complete.

The producers raised nearly $30,000 for the film by asking friends and family for donations, receiving a contribution from an international business, TRI Federation, in exchange for publicity for its product, and creating a campaign on Indiegogo, a crowd funding website.

The film also received donations from local organizations and businesses such as police uniforms from the Allegheny County Police Department, props from The Zenith cafe/art gallery/antiques shop and office space from Steel City Interpreters.

"What we were able to do with $30,000 was nothing short of amazing," said Chris Niespodzianski. "Each person knew their job, did it and did three or four other jobs."

After a three-day audition process, the producers filled most of the roles with local actors.

"There are so many talented actors in Pittsburgh that just need to be given a chance," said Chris Niespodzianski. "I think we found quite a bit of them."

For the remaining roles, the producers ended up with a few actors from New York City and an actress from China. They also cast Danielle Lozeau, an actress who has shot five feature films this year.

When they were looking for a crew, the producers just asked their bar buddies at Excuses Bar and Grill in the South Side. According to John Niespodzianski, many of the bar's regulars are professional crew members who worked on "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," "Love and Other Drugs," "Jack Reacher" and other movies filmed in Pittsburgh.

"They worked no differently than if they were working on 'The Dark Knight Rises.' " said Chris Niespodzianski.

The producers were impressed with the cast and crew's commitment to the film. They recalled actors showing up to the shooting of scenes that they weren't in, a makeup artist who left his sister's wedding reception early so he could be on set, and a crew member with a bad back who wanted to help in any way he could.

"People really took to this project and made it their own," Chris Niespodzianski said. "There is a certain pride that everyone has in [the movie] right now and a certain belief that this is something that could go somewhere."

For more information on "The Other Side," go to


12 Apocalyptically Annoying Zombies From 'The Walking Dead'

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!
The Walking Dead has left fans screaming in terror and mourning throughout the last three seasons. The show hooks you in with characters and suspense that are as infectious as a zombie virus. One bite from the show, and you just can't stop.

As much as the zombies can scare your skin off when they pop out of nowhere, many will leave you screaming at the screen out of frustration. Whether they're killing off your favorite character or making a mess of things with their carelessness, these zombies can be profoundly annoying.
Check out these zombies that are an apocalyptic pain in the neck — and not just from the biting.

The Walking Dead TV Series 5 Action Figure Set

The Walking Dead TV Series 5 Merle Walker Action Figure:
After being left for dead in Season 1, Merle Dixon, brother of Daryl, made his return as The Governor's left-hand man (he lost his right) in Season 3! This The Walking Dead TV Series 5 Merle Dixon Walker Action Figure stands 5-inches tall and boasts awesome articulation. After reuniting with his baby bother, Merle began searching for redemption, but instead met his demise. Daryl eventually finds his brother converted into a bloodied walker. This action-figure comes with approximately 22 points of articulation and a prosthetic arm with prison shiv.
The Walking Dead TV Series 5 Maggie Action Figure:
Maggie is the eldest daughter of Hershel's daughters, and it is apparent she is not your typical girl from the farm. This The Walking Dead TV Series 5 Maggie Action Figure stands 5-inches tall and boasts awesome articulation. Beautiful and headstrong, her qualities quickly attracted Glenn's attention and he wasted no time making his feelings known in this new unpredictably dangerous world. They proved that even in a zombie apocalypse, love can flourish. This action-figure comes with approximately 22 points of articulation, knife with hip sheath, assault rifle, and pistol.
The Walking Dead TV Series 5 Glenn Action Figure:
With his uncanny ability to move in and out of perilous situations, Glenn has become Rick's "go-to-town" expert. This The Walking Dead TV Series 5 Glenn Action Figure stands 5-inches tall and boasts awesome articulation. Throughout the apocalypse Glenn has proven himself a vital cog to the survival of the original Atlanta group. Through his bravery and selflessness, Glenn has also caught the eye of the Hershel's daughter, Maggie. This action-figure comes with approximately 22 points of articulation, handgun with leg holster, knife with hip sheath, broken bloody pipe and alternate head with bloodied face.
The Walking Dead TV Series 5 Tyreese Action Figure:
Out of food, supplies and options, Tyreese is forced to lead a small band of survivors into the walker-infested landscape of Atlanta in search of provisions and safety. This The Walking Dead TV Series 5 Tyreese Action Figure stands 5-inches tall and boasts awesome articulation. With his sister Sasha by his side, Tyreese and his group stumble into the prison where they are rescued and taken in by Rick's son, Carl. This action-figure comes with approximately 22 points of articulation, hammer, shotgun and a silenced pistol that fans will instantly recognize.
The Walking Dead TV Series 5 Charred Walker Action Figure:
It is now clear what it takes to take down a Walker…Destroy the brain! Anything short of that could be a death sentence for any living human. This The Walking Dead TV Series 5 Charred Walker Action Figure stands 5-inches tall and boasts awesome articulation. As the Governor's Woodbury camp and Rick's group engage in full out warfare, one of the Governor's main weapons is sabotaged by fire and gasoline when his screamer pit is ignited in a ball of flames! But fear not, with brains intact this Charred Walker's taste for flesh continues! This action-figure comes with approximately 5 points of articulation, gas can, and disk base.

COMING SOON: The Walking Dead: 10 Zombie Movies - DVD Boxset


What To Do Before The Premiere Of Season 4 Of 'The Walking Dead'

Many of us have been scrambling around trying to find something to do until October 13th, the close yet so far away date of Season 4 of “The Walking Dead“. This season will introduce a new kind of walker! I’m sure you have your calendars marked. Me, too. Now, since summer is just about over, it’s only a matter of weeks until we will all be reunited. (And just so you know, those “walks” you often take will not speed up the time. You’re not going to walk out the door and fall into a time capsule. If that could be done, I would have done it back in December! Believe me, I know nothing compares to dried up zombies, good ol’ filthy Daryl Dixon and his bad boy persona, and Carl and that hat!
Since it’s down to some weeks, I’ve decided to give you some pointers, perhaps even choices that will help you better utilize your time. I’m pretty sure most of us are getting sick of staring at the wall. On with the list!
1 5 Things To Do Before Season 4 Of The Walking Dead!
Re-watch the whole series from season 1, episode 1! It can be very helpful although you’ll probably become more antsier than you are now. At least you won’t have to settle for True Blood! Unless you’re still a fan after it went all over the place, then I say go live your life!
Netlfix 9 5 13 5 Things To Do Before Season 4 Of The Walking Dead!
Sick of listening to your significant other talk? Netflix! Well, that won’t tune out your sugar lips, but Netflix can be very helpful! Not just only for movies but for shows! The awesome thing about it is how you don’t have to worry about commercials. Nothing sucks more than 10 minutes of what kind of toilet paper you should use to avoid flakes. If you choose to watch some movies, there are some hidden gems on there. so Godspeed!
3 5 Things To Do Before Season 4 Of The Walking Dead!
Read the comic book, duh! If you don’t mind reading, this is definitely for you and will ease your emotions! I came across some sad individuals who did not know that the show was based off an awesome comic book! How does that happen? How don’t you know? Anyhow, there are about 112 issues that could definitely keep you busy until the season begins!
4 5 Things To Do Before Season 4 Of The Walking Dead!
Zombie camps! If it’s your goal to be Daryl Dixon, zombie survival camp is for you! It’s a hands on, fully equipped training facility usually in the woods somewhere. These courses take themselves very serious because you will learn how to use firearms, defend yourself in hand-to-hand combat, shoot a crossbow, find or create shelter and so much more.
If you want to physically experience a hands-on facility and reading or watching Daryl just isn’t enough, search for the closest survival camp to you!
5 5 Things To Do Before Season 4 Of The Walking Dead!
Universal Studios! Beginning September 20th, Rather if you attend Universal Studios California or Universal Studios Florida, there will be The Walking Dead maze where guests will be able to walk through the West Georgia Correctional Facility, overrun by clumps of walkers! You’ll be able to walk through the wilderness that surrounds the prison, and then stroll through Woodbury, where there are secrets still concealed. Not only that, but you’ll be able to walk though Hershel’s deadly barn with the fleshing eating walkers.
Once again, if you want something physical, this is for you as well! It’ll definitely satisfy your emotions.


Soft, eerie moans. The relentless approach of shuffling footsteps. And glitter. So. Much. Glitter.
Just in time for Halloween, Gorilla Tango Burlesque is proud to present its Spook-tacular holiday hit, BOOBS OF THE DEAD: A WALKING DEAD BURLESQUE.

BOOBS OF THE DEAD: A WALKING DEAD BURLESQUE performs Fridays at 11:59pm (October 4-December 27, 2013), Saturdays at 10:30pm (October 5-26, 2013) with a special performance on Halloween, Thursday, October 31st at 9pm at Gorilla Tango Bucktown (1919 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago IL 60647). Tickets are $28-35; 18 and over only. Advance purchase highly recommended (tickets are already selling strong!) at or by phone at 773-598-4549.

Featuring such familiar zombie-genre archetypes as Sheriff, Wife Lady, Old Dude, Best Friend and Southern Guy, this slyly satirical exhibition of reanimated flesh will appeal to any audience seeking some glittery gore for the spooky season. One doesn't have to be a fan of the television series to recognize the sexual tension between Wife Lady and Best Friend or enjoy Sheriff's encounter with an attractively anthropomorphic horse.

Written by internationally renowned fine art photographer K Leo (, directed by Nicole Keating whose local credits include "The Merchant of Venice" at Northwestern University and "The Turn of the Screw" at Underdog Theatre Company (note: Nicole is also known as local burlesquer 'Minnie Minx' with Kiss Kiss Cabaret!) and with choreography by Erica Reid (the creative force behind burlesque numbers performed by some of Chicago's most well known "classic" troupes such as Kiss Kiss Cabaret and the Belmont Burlesque Revue), this show promises to be one of the hottest tickets of Chicago's October offerings-so take our advice and get them now (before they get you!)

Directed by Nicole Keating and horeographed by Erica Reid, the show is written by K Leo with ostumes by Kristen Ahern and featuring: Peaches N. Cream as Wife Lady/Zombie Gamma, Greta von Tapp as Zombie Alpha, Mai Atari as The Sheriff, Tallulah Twist as Old Dude/Horse, Vicki Van Go-Go as Best Friend, A. Myth Ist as Southern Guy (in rep with Slightly Spitfire), Estrella Von Trapp as CDC Official, Sherri Blossom as Zombie Beta, and Slightly Spitfire as Southern Guy (in rep with A. Myth Ist).

For more information, visit or call 773.598.4549. The theatre is located at: 1919 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60647 AND 7924 Lincoln Ave. Skokie, IL 60077.

Hipster Zombie Plush Set From Gund

It's a fun zombie makeover with these Zombies Plush! This set includes 4 plush, with 4 different styles in each case. There's a pink-haired female zombie (Sweetness Zombie), a hippie male zombie (Groovy Zombie), a black-haired rocker male zombie (Rock Star Zombie), and a skater male zombie (Skateboarder Zombie). Each Zombies Plush measures 8-inches tall and is made from a polyester blend.

Order here!

6 reasons IKEA is the ideal setting for zombie movies

1. No Ikea in the world has any reception.
If you are inside Ikea, no one outside Ikea can hear you scream.
No matter how close / how far from the windows, this bunker will provide for all aspects of an ideal horror scenario, the most important of which is NO CELL PHONES (that is, unless the whole focus of the flick is scary cell phones).
Is your loved one further down in the maze? Or maybe you missed them somehow and they’re behind you? In an Ikea, WHO F@#$ING KNOWS.

2. The survivors can actually build themselves a village

Wow, this thing almost writes itself.
It’s Ikea, so it’s falling apart, but who cares because you can just replace one PAX wardrobe with another, and nobody would even know. If there is furniture everywhere, you can literally go in there and build a fortress from which to defend yourself against the zombie outbreak— that is, until you run out of food… oh wait.

3. Endless food supply

Swedish meatballs, that salmon thing they serve with the BĂ©arnaise sauce, the soft serve iced yogurt— think about it.
There can be a whole scene involving a dude hopped up on sugar packets because he thinks they are the most portable form of energy / calories in the store. BUT HE HAS GONE MAD FROM SUGAR CONSUMPTION.

4. From behind, zombies just look like an innocent shopping family

You can totally picture this scene. The hero / heroine couple is running through the maze until, in the distance, they see a group of four, a family, walking slowly through the place. OMG, survivors, they think. Except no.
They slowly realize the family won’t respond to their beckoning, the horror slowly descending upon them as they realize… they have come too close and they were zombies the whole time.

5. The zombie outbreak is here, it just isn’t evenly distributed

The best thing about this is you’ll encounter people in the Ikea who don’t even know the outbreak has happened yet.
You can imagine them here shopping for a kitchen and lying down on mattresses all innocently, and then next thing, BAM. A horde of blue-shirt zombie Ikea employees descend on them.

6. The chair stress tester

Put a zombie inside one of these. ‘Nuff said.


‘The Walking Dead’ Adds Alanna Masterson – Who Will She Play?

Walking Dead Season 4 Adds Alanna Masterson The Walking Dead Season 4 Adds Alanna Masterson   Who Will She Play?

With only a couple weeks until the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead, publicity about the zombie-infested show is ramping up. AMC released a surprisingly long trailer at San Diego Comic-Con and is expected to release a sneak preview at New York Comic Con. Plus, a number of new actors have been added to the cast.

Earlier this month, actress Christian Serratos (Twilight) joined the cast for a recurring role for season 4 with an option to be a series regular in season 5. She will be playing the role of Rosita Espinosa, girlfriend to the fan-favorite character Abraham Ford. This is by far Serratos’ biggest role yet, as she was only a side character in the Twilight franchise. Hopefully, she does justice to the part of Rosita, who, along with Abraham and Eugene, were great characters in the comic series.

Serratos isn’t the only new addition to the cast, though, as Deadline reports that Alanna Masterson has joined season 4 as well, also with an option to be promoted to series regular in the fifth. Masterson probably won’t be familiar to most people, but her family might be – she’s the sister of Danny (That ’70s Show) and Christopher Masterson (Malcolm in the Middle). Rumors are indicating that Masterson may be playing Tara Chalmers, a character who was introduced in The Walking Dead novel Rise of the Governor.

Serratos and Masterson Cast in Walking Dead The Walking Dead Season 4 Adds Alanna Masterson   Who Will She Play?

Many fans of the comic series won’t recognize Tara Chalmers because she only appeared in the aforementioned novel. She was a member of the Chalmers Family Band, which included her father David, her sister April, and her mother Lillian who died before the zombie apocalypse. The band toured around locally playing at carnivals. After the plague broke out, they made their way to Atlanta where they eventually met Brian Blake, the future Governor.

But what if she’s not playing Chalmers? Since Masterson’s role is still (officially) being kept under wraps, we at Screen Rant have a few educated guesses as to which survivor from the comics she could be.




Considering Serratos is playing Rosita Espinosa, there’s a possibility that the series may eventually lead the group to the Alexandria safe-zone community where Rick and the gang find shelter in a walker free zone. If Masterson isn’t playing Tara Chalmers, she could be playing one of the residents of Alexandria, such as Jessie Anderson. Jessie has a short-lived romantic relationship with Rick in the comic series.

Possible Walking Dead Season 4 Characters The Walking Dead Season 4 Adds Alanna Masterson   Who Will She Play?
“Jessie Anderson” and “Holly” from  the comics

Another character she could be playing is Holly, also a resident of Alexandria, who causes a rift in the relationship between Abraham and Rosita. While this is all guesswork, it would be comforting to know that the show is still using characters and adopting storylines from Robert Kirkman’s fantastic comic series. It’s also worth noting that both actresses have options for the following seasons, meaning they probably won’t be killed off at the end of this season. Probably.

French Zombie Series 'The Returned' Being Adapted By A&E

A&E is taking on the French zombie series “The Returned” with its own adaptation, A&E said Friday.
The adaptation will be a co-production of A&E Studios and FremantleMedia North America.
David McKillop, general manager and executive vice president of A&E, said the adaptation will serve as a “perfect complement” to the netork’s other scripted offerings, which includes the Norman Bates revamp “Bates Motel.”
“’The Returned’ takes an incredibly unique approach, filled with suspense and twists and turns, to the subject of the living dead,” said McKillop. “Part mystery, part thriller; ‘The Returned’ is a perfect complement to A&E’s unique brand of scripted storytelling.”
Inspired by the feature film “Les Revenants,” the series focuses on a small town that is turned upside down when several local people, who have been long presumed dead suddenly reappear, having not aged and unaware of their own fatality. As they attempt to resume their lives, strange phenomena and gruesome murders begin to occur. The French series was adapted by Fabrice Gobert.