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Kickstarter Project: Zombie Mutation - City of Mayhem - 3D Board Game

WELCOME TO THE CITY OF MAYHEM… Where people like you were “lucky” enough to find shelter and survive the initial onslaught. If you found shelter, surely there must be others.
The city is in ruin and mayhem rules the streets. Nothing is certain except for the fact that your safety is temporary. You have no food and few friends.
You’ve got to do something! You have got to get out!
From the building that’s kept you alive thus far, you watch as humanity mutates right before your eyes. In the chaos you can see helicopter evacuation taking place for the remaining living. It would seem, your best bet is to find your way to one of those helicopters.
Unfortunately, you will have to fight your way through a multi-level 3-D game board to get there. You will need to find whatever you can to help keep you alive through this ‘City of Mayhem’ over-run with Zombie Mutation™.
Hopefully, you can find weapons, supplies, or even other survivors to help you.
Be Careful! Even survivors aren’t always what they seem…
It’s up to you whether you help rescue survivors or throw them to the horde for your own escape. Some may think that’s ruthless, but in this game if you die, you become one of them! You’ll mutate and turn on the very people trying to help you escape.
Your only goal is to remain alive and get yourself and any survivors on that helicopter. Good Luck!
 In Zombie Mutation™, each player will take the role of one of the six heroes, all fighting to escape the growing Zombie hordes. During the game, players will fight their way through a multi level game board searching for items that can help them survive, rescuing other survivors and of course killing zombies.
The player to make it to the helicopter pad with the most survivors & a successful rescue roll wins the game.
You’ll have to watch out for survivors as they may just turn on you. And don’t worry your game doesn’t end (at least immediately) when you die. In this game your character can mutate into a Zombie Hero wreaking havoc on your former ‘friends’.
Zombie Mutation™ Game Components
Zombie Mutation™ Game Components
Zombie Mutation™  Game Videos
Zombie Mutation™ Game Videos
$20 Pledge
$20 Pledge
$75 Pledge
$75 Pledge
$90 Pledge
$90 Pledge
$90 Early Biter International Pledge
$90 Early Biter International Pledge
$100 Pledge
$100 Pledge
$250 Pledge
$250 Pledge
$335 Pledge
$335 Pledge
$500 Pledge
$500 Pledge
$1,000 Pledge
$1,000 Pledge
Zombie Mutation™ Game Rules
Zombie Mutation™ Game Rules
85K Stretch Goal - 6 Bonus Weapon Cards
85K Stretch Goal - 6 Bonus Weapon Cards
100K Stretch Goal - Add more detail to our hero miniatures, such as weapons & equipment
100K Stretch Goal - Add more detail to our hero miniatures, such as weapons & equipment
125K Stretch Goal - Add painted detail to our Zombie Hero miniatures
125K Stretch Goal - Add painted detail to our Zombie Hero miniatures
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Risks and challenges

As an established production company, Pixel Productions Inc. has been involved in the production of games for over 10 years. We have worked with overseas factories producing some of the highest quality board games on the market today.
There are always challenges to overcome when manufacturing overseas, but we have many years experience dealing with this and plan to oversee production and quality checks in person to make sure the game and all components are the best they can be.
We have been hard at work designing and developing this game for more than two years. We are very dedicated to producing and delivering a game that is both fun to play and of amazing quality. With your support, we will be able to achieve this.

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'World War Dead: Rise of the Fallen' is out on DVD/Blu-ray May 4, 2015 and Horror Asylum has a copy up for grabs

To celebrate the centenary of WW1, a TV Documentary team travels to the Somme to put together a ratings smash about new mysteries relating to the famous battle. However, what they unearth is far from a new story of those that died 100 years ago – but an army of the undead and a brand new war.

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Tonight on Zombiepalooza Radio! 4/24/15

Zombiepalooza Radio LIVE 4-24-15

8:15-9:00 Author of Survivors of the Apocalypse K.R. Chin

This man is the reason there is a Zombiepalooza Radio LIVE check out his vision of the apocalypse tonight on ZRP LIVE!

9:15-10:00 Writer, Director, Producer and Festival Organizer Mr. Rick Danford

10:15-11:00 Screen Writer, Producer, Director, Actor, Author &
Creator of the ZOMBIE movie "Frost Bite" Joe Davison

11:15-12:am EST Author David Lund

Zombiepalooza Radio Live 4-24-15
12:10-12:50 am EST Author Jeff Littorno

Get ready for a whole new dimension of Zombiepalooza Radio starting 4/24/15

We're working the bugs out and making sure that we have a great experience on Friday Night. We will be broadcasting from both livestream and youtube.

You will be able to see and hear us on your favorite devices from now on. 


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Thursday, April 23, 2015

6 Important Tips on How to Survive an Australian Zombie Apocalypse

Anyone who has seen The Walking Dead will no doubt have already played out zombie apocalypse survival scenarios, whether in their own heads or with a group of friends, discussing the best way to survive the – inevitable – rise of the dead is not only a lot of fun; it might also save your life.
The staff at Beamly have talked at length about what methods would maximise the chances of survival in the land down under when the end times arrive. For our faithful Beamly followers we have compiled a list of the top tips to help improve your chances of being among the lucky few to still have higher brain function the morning after the night of the living dead before.
Ranked in order from what you should be doing right now and what to do when the first corpse stands up, this survival guide should be kept handy at all times to increase your chances of survival.

1. Start planning

The number one key to surviving the zombie apocalypse is the same anywhere you happen to be in the world, and that is to start planning right now!
Start scoping out your neighbourhood and look for high spots where lumbering walkers won’t be able to reach you, learn the layouts of nearby supermarkets that you can raid if you need to, begin stocking up on canned goods and water and create a zombie survival pack.
Preparation is the key to survival.

2. Find your signature weapon

GIF via giphy
While this could have been included in the above point, we thought it worthy of its own spot on the list.
While guns are going to play an important role in your survival, nothing will keep you alive longer than your signature weapon; Rick has his red-handled machete, Michonne her katana, Daryl rocks his crossbow, even Tyreese had his signature hammer – point being; you need a signature weapon to survive.
When choosing a signature weapon we suggest something with range and preferably a sharp blade attached.

While getting out of Dodge may be easier said than done, if you want to stay breathing then the earlier you are out in open spaces the higher your chances of survival.

4. Watch out for the wildlife

Once you get out of the city you will need to be aware that zombies are not the only creature capable of killing you; the Australian countryside is full of snakes, spiders, crocodiles and numerous other animals that wouldn’t give a second thought to ending you if you move through their territory.
Try and stick to roads and avoid bush-bashing as much as possible lest you find yourself a member of the walking dead after being bitten by a brown snake.

5. Find guns

GIF via giphy
While Australia lacks the loose gun laws of the United States – thank god – that doesn’t mean there are no guns to be found.
If you don’t know anyone who owns a gun you can try and profile people you think would hunt for fun; they can usually found driving utes with cow skulls strapped to their bonnets and Australian Made stickers on their bumpers.
Watch out for a trail of XXXX cans leading to a ute and you will probably find a gun inside.

6. Find a farm on a hill

The final thing you should do from our must do list is find an elevated property, preferably with a barbed wire fence or fences that has a 360 degree view of the surrounding area.
From here you can begin fortifying your new home with bigger and better walls, begin farming crops and – if you’re able to find them – raise cattle and chickens.

While this list is far from exhaustive, it should be enough to heighten your chances of survival when the worst happens. If you have any tips we missed, sound off below and help your fellow Beamly-ites survive the coming fall.

This Saturday. the El Ray Network shares some zombie love

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 News And Spoilers: Will Glenn Die In The New Season?

Glenn has grown by leaps and bounds since season one of The Walking Dead. He's almost a totally different character. With the new season however, he may become a dead character. Alas poor Glenn, we knew you well.

There's a lot of speculation that Negan is coming and fans of the comic know that his arrival means death for Glenn. Death by baseball bat.
This may not be how things play out in the show, the series does not follow the comics in all respects but both Robert Kirkman, show creator, and Stephen Yuen, the actor who plays Glenn have addressed the possibility. Yuen wasn't forthcoming with exact details but did touch on the subject with The Wrap.
"If I go - that could happen."
Which may not seem like much but it's not squashing the possibility of it becoming a reality. We've seen Glenn escape death a number of times throughout the series and it's possible that luck is running out for him.
Then there was the not so funny "spoiler" that Kirkman dropped a few months ago alluding the arrival of Negan and the death of Glenn.
Every season someone that we're attached to dies. This isn't cliché, it's just the zombie apocalypse is hard. People die. A lot.
With the arrival of Morgan and the new players at Alexandria, Glen's character may have reached the end of his storyline which unfortunately doesn't mean ride into the sunset so much as it means zombie lunch.
The Walking Dead will return to AMC in October.