Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for Sox - Blogging From A To Z Challenge 2014

S is for Sox - Blogging From A To Z Challenge 2014

                                                                             Zombie Strippers 2008

Sox is one of the strippers that works in the underground strip club, "Rhino." A man-made virus works it way off a secret naval base and infects the strippers. Amazingly, the patrons prefer zombie strippers over the regular strippers. Will Sox choose to become a zombie for better tips, or stay alive and fight off the attacking undead?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Zombie Mood Chart

R is for Rose - Blogging From A To Z Challenge 2014

                                 R is for Rose - Blogging From A To Z Challenge 2014

                                                                          Shock Waves 1977

The film opens as Rose (Brooke Adams) is found drifting alone in a small rowboat. Two fishermen find the dinghy and pull her onto their boat, barely alive and in a horrible state. Her voiceover indicates she had been rescued from some terrifying experience. The film's events are flashbacks.
Rose is seen previously as part of a small group of tourists aboard a small commercial pleasure boat. The Captain (John Carradine) seems to be having trouble with the boat. His mate, Keith (Luke Halpin), seems to share a mutual attraction with Rose. Also on board are Dobbs (Don Stout), who is the boat's cook; Chuck (Fred Buch), another tourist; and a bickering married couple named Norman (Jack Davidson) and Beverly (D.J. Sidney).
After some trouble with the engine, the Captain and Keith are faced with the fact that their navigation system is going haywire after they encounter a strange orange haze. The others sense that something is wrong and that they may be lost at sea. Norman in particular becomes very whiny about it, insulting the Captain and being generally abrasive to everyone. In the darkness of night, a hulking ship suddenly appears and brushes up alongside their boat, damaging it. The Captain sends up a flare, which momentarily lights up the eerie sight of a huge, rotting vessel wrecked nearby.

To find out what happens next, Rent Shock Waves!

*thanks to the Shock Waves Wikipedia for additional info!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Double Trouble in Florida! Zombie Crawl and zombie movie filming 4/26/14

Zombies are all over the place these days and they don't seem to be going anywhere.
From Walking Dead to zombie runs to the face-eating bath salts guy a couple years back, the undead are popping up all over the place -- some studies say the obsession is a cultural indicator of societal dissatisfaction and economic turmoil and that makes sense. When you're broke, you're hungry, and you'd eat just about anything.
If you're looking for an excuse to morph into a soulless corpse for an evening -- or you just want to see yourself in an indie flick -- Third Eye Adventures is hosting the LDUB Zombie Crawl next weekend and they'll be filming their own low budget film of the living dead.
Taking place Saturday, April 26 from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m., the second annual LDUB Zombie Crawl is making its way around Lake Worth. And besides this being your chance to slap an arm on your head and say "ahhhh" like the undead, you can also appear in a local film that's shooting at the event. The evening serves as the final filming for Beach Zombie Rampage: Kick'n it in the LDUB, a community-based low budget zombie thriller set in Lake Worth -- hey, it could be your big zombie break.
"We started the film last August in response to seeing a ton of really horrible zombie movies and figuring we could make one just as bad, but better," says event organizer Keiran O'Shay. "They spend 40 minutes character building Billy, Joe, Jim, Bob, whatever having long dialogue about how thoughtful and caring he is. When you could cut the chase and put him in a scene with an old man. The old man falls and Jim Bob has a choice -- stop and help gramps or let him be zombie chum. You find out in a nanosecond what ole Jimmy is made of. Or like you watch a zombie movie for 40 movies before you see one zombie or you have people getting eaten (like your cousin Myrtle in the front yard) and somehow necking is your answer to crisis? Anyway, you watch how bad or nonsensical the stuff that is put out and you wonder how they even got funding. So, that started our venture."
For $15 per person (it benefits Big Dog Ranch Rescue and the RedTrunks water safety program), the walking dead will be making their way around local bars and eateries for food and drink specials.
The Ground Zero Processing Center (i.e. registration) will be set up at South Shores Tavern & Patio Bar, with early check-in from 4 to 5:30 p.m. and continuing on until 8 p.m. At registration, each participant will get a Zombie Shelter Map with a layout of all the establishments and clues for special "undead incidents" throughout the area.
For those looking for a little help, several Zombie Guides will be shepherding you monsters into the prearranged incidents -- one of which might be strangely reminiscent to MJ's "Thriller."
If you need some Zombie help, fromt 4 to 7 p.m., Enigma Haunt will be onsite primping for those looking to get that perfect walker look. It's five bucks on a first come, first serve basis. A costume contest with prizes will be held for the Best Zombie, Most Spirited, Worst Zombie Ever, and Sexiest Zombie Alive.
"It's basically a spoof but better (at least we think so)," continues O'Shea on the film. "It's set in Lake Worth and from the beginning it's 90% action, short/witty lines. Since there are no professional actors in the first movie, everyone is a volunteer. It's fun, campy, there are some pretty cool zombie attack scenes and it's in 3D. How cool is that? We will wrap up principal filming in the next month and hope to have it out by August."

LDUB Zombie Crawl. 4 p.m., Saturday, April 26. Tickets are available at South Shores Tavern & Patio Bar, located at 502 Lucerne Ave. in Lake Worth. Call 561-547-7656, or visit facebook.com/events.


Indiegogo Project: The Epidemic

The Epidemic will be the most action packed zombie film to date. The story is very believable. Our goal is to raise funding to pay for the cast and crew for the creation of the project. In doing so we are offering unique perks for the fans that love zombies and horror films. 
We currently have been approved for a government grant worth $500,000
We also will be taking out a film tax credit loan worth $230,000
As Producers we have already invested $50,000

What We Need 

Funding required $325,000.  This funding will cover: 
- Development -   $25,000
- Pre-production - $50,000
- Star Wages - $250,000
We have Letter of Intents from the Following Stars:
More details on Cast:
More details on Epidemic:
Horror Article on Epidemic:

What You Get

Since you fans are helping us out we want to provide you with great perks, collectables, and experiences like becoming a zombie extra, or an actor, and the best film student experience possible. 
Barbie Blank aka Kelly Kelly Autographed Photos
Angelina Love Autographed photos
Chris Owen Autographed Photo 
(American Pie Franchise)
Larry Zerner Autographed Photo
(Friday the 13th: Part 3)
Friend as a Sexy Zombie for Trailer
Family member as a Zombie Child in Trailer

Student will spend their days on set. Every couple days they will move into 
different departments : AD, CAMERA, LIGHTING, GRIP, MAKE UP,  FX, LOCATIONS and learn how a professional set operates.  They will also get a credit in the film. 

(Writer/Director Nigel Hartwell's First Film)
Insight of Evil was made for under $50,000 and it was shot on film. Just imagine what we could do with $1.65 Million!

THE EPIDEMIC is the first instalment of a trilogy, and it's in all of hands to make it become a reality. Every donation will elevate this independent film level of success.
If you are interested in Investing and making money off the film, please send me an email at: newbloodentertainment@yahoo.ca  and I will forward you a detailed business plan.
Each 1% Share is $16,500
Sales Info for 2013:
The Epidemic is a cross genre film: Action, Horror, Science fiction, Thriller
Meaning The Epidemic has a wide spectrum for sales when it comes to Genre based sales. Our target audience is men and woman 13-50. We would have the same audience as The Walking Dead, but we would also attract more male fan base from the WWE and TNA Wrestling as this film will be featuring former and current female talent.
The Impact
Zombie films have a great cult following, amazing fans, great effects and are usually action pack. The Epidemic will be the best zombie film ever made, it will sell in every territory and will be available to all zombie and horror fans. We have stars attached to the project that will increase the value of what you fans helped build. Here are more stars that will be involved in the film.
Tony Todd (Candyman)

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

The Walking Dead invades Baton Rouge, Louisiana 4/24/14!

Gory zombie kills and pulse-racing excitement aren’t all that make “The Walking Dead” a hit both on television and in comic books.
It’s also the storytelling, which forces characters to make life-and-death decisions as they fight “walkers,” the undead who vastly outnumber humans, said David Isaacs, president of Skybound EXP, the company that publishes “The Walking Dead” comics.
“You’re sort of putting yourself in it and asking yourself, ‘What if I were left in this post-apocalyptic world?’” Isaacs said. “‘What would I do? Would I have made this decision or that decision?’”
On Thursday, April 24, the world of “The Walking Dead” will be in Baton Rouge, allowing south Louisiana to live — for an hour or so — through the zombie apocalypse.
The Walking Dead Escape, a zombie obstacle course, is visiting Baton Rouge for its first stop on a nationwide tour. Fans can choose to be a survivor and run through the one-mile course, or become a “walker” and stalk the living.
“We know fans are seeking other ways to participate in ‘The Walking Dead,’ and this is the most hands-on way we could think of to do this,” Isaacs said.
Following the story of sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes and a colony of survivors seeking safety after zombies have infested the world, “The Walking Dead” has become a hit in the worlds of comics, television and video games.
The newest spin-off, The Walking Dead Escape premiered in 2012 in San Diego, a one-time event created to coincide with the huge Comic-Con International comics and science fiction convention. With the AMC television show growing in popularity, Skybound expanded and staged the obstacle course three times last year.
Beginning with the Baton Rouge stop, The Walking Dead Escape will tour seven cities before returning to Comic Con in San Diego in July. It will stop in New Orleans on May 24.
The comic series premiered in 2003, and “The Walking Dead” franchise has gained a major foothold on television since it began airing in 2010 on AMC. In its third season, the show became the best-rated cable television series and was the most-watched show among viewers ages 18-49. A video game based on the comics won 90 “game of the year awards,” according to Skybound.
“What we’ve done here is really take the idea that you’re watching it, you’re reading it, you’re playing it,” Isaacs said, “until we have that you’re living it. We’re driving that home that you’re living it.”
Most participants complete The Walking Dead Escape in 35 to 40 minutes, Isaacs said. It’s not a race, and the obstacles are not as challenging as an outdoor adventure race, he said.
“We use the physicality to get people’s heart rates up to get them thinking more,” he said. “It’s not a sprint for a mile, but at the end people are huffing and puffing ... because at times they really are scared and everyone else is running. It just adds to the reality.”
Built in the River Center Arena, the course is set in a transportation hub where survivors of the disease that created the zombies are meeting. But zombies have infected many of the people there. Isaacs said the River Center and other stops on the tour — including the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans — mimic the settings where the government would transport survivors in an actual disaster.
“You know it’s not real, but in the back of your mind there is a doubt,” Isaacs said. “It could be (real). It’s kind of like it would be.”
Walkers receive a professional make-up treatment and training session on how to act like a zombie for their 90 minutes on the course. Survivors do not have to be fit to run the course, Isaacs said, and the event can accommodate guests with physical disabilities.
The course takes its cue from the television series, which can be action-packed at one moment — hordes of zombies converging on a group of human survivors — and then eerily quiet. Fans of “The Walking Dead” will recognize those too-quiet moments in the course.
Experiencing the fear of “The Walking Dead” world appears to be exactly what fans want, Isaacs said.
“They may not want to live in that world,” he said. “But I think they enjoy living vicariously in that, and feeling that I could survive, or I would make the right decision.”


Q is for Quinn - A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014

           Q is for Quinn - A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014

                                                        Dead & Deader 2006

Lieutenant Bobby Quinn (Dean Cain) is second-in-command of an U.S. special forces squad that travels to Cambodia to follow up on the case of a small medical outpost that has ceased communications. 

The squad soon finds itself confronted by flesh-eating zombies seemingly created by a strange species of scorpion. The squad clears away the zombies, but is then attacked by an infected researcher who attempts to commit suicide with a grenade. Lieutenant Quinn initially survives the explosion and radios for a medivac airlift, but then falls unconscious.

Later, Quinn wakes up on an exam table at Ft. Preston Army Base, to find he is being prepped for postmortem. The coroner explains that he arrived in a body-bag the previous evening and had been pronounced DOA, as he has no vital signs.