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A zombie short story from author Jade Phillips

I thought while I am busy working on some fun new stuff for you guys to read, I might post a little tid-bit here; a sampler of sorts. Now, this is VIP stuff y’all, I tell you, because the short story I am revealing has not even been published yet! But it will be soon in the very much anticipated post-apocalyptic anthology called ‘Goin’ Extinct’ by the writers of WPaD (Writers, Poets, and Deviants.) Here is our Amazon author page so you can check out all of the other books (proceeds are donated to MS research, a very near and dear cause to me and my family.)
So without further ado, I give you a short story by none other than Jade M. Phillips herself (that would be me…clearly), and it is called Zoila’s Zombie. Mind you, this story is so new and so fresh that this version I am posting had not even been fully edited yet, so please be kind with the comma jokes. Ok. Here goes Nothin…

Beware of Zombie Day! (Spencerport, NY)

“Lose Your Mind @ Zombie Day!” is the topic of a program Tuesday, July 22, at the Ogden Farmers’ Library.
Participants, ages 11 to 18, will make a zombie shirt, get zombie makeup and learn the Thriller Dance. Zombie snacks will be served (which do not actually contain human flesh).
The program will be held from noon to 1:30 p.m. in the Meeting Room at the library, 269 Ogden Center Road. To register, call (585) 617-6181 or email For more information about the library, go to

Zombie FX Augmented Movie Editor App (iOS)

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Do you want to re-enact the lives of Rick and the other survivors from The Walking Dead right in your backyard without the costs of makeup and other special effects? Then the new Zombie FX Augmented Movie Editor IOS app by Pocket Director is the perfect tool for you. This fresh new app, which allows you to recreate some of the most thrilling Zombie movies such as Zombieland, 28 Days Later and World War Z, makes it possible for you and your friends to become the stars of your own zombie films.

With this app, you can easily create zombie killing scenarios with the choice of rockets, guns and even flame throwers. Almost anything is possible and you can even have the zombies attack your friends. The action scenes are for the most part never ending, and it’s easy to do in just few simple steps: capture a scene shot in your backyard, choose if you would like to have the Zombie running at them or just let the scream of a character set the eerie atmosphere, then finally,  let your imagination run wild by adding an un-dead corpse that crawls towards your characters. Not to mention, you can also create scenes from the Zombie’s point of view by presenting the tension and suspense as to who would be its next victim. While the app is aimed to tickle your creativity, it thus enables you to induce the fine style of film making.

zombie-fx, app, videography, tech, pocket-director

The Zombie FX app gives you plenty of creative freedom, while the new Augmented Reality (AR) app allows you to direct a Zombie movie at any location of your choice. Consisting of about forty in-built scenes along with controls for setting, ambiance and characters, the app even considers the present lighting which adjusts to match with the characters, along with adjustments for the depth of field focus, luminosity matching and light source tracking.
Although the app is only available on Apple devices, it’s the first movie editor for handheld devices—and of course—the final product can be shared throughout your social media accounts. Here are the device requirements:
- iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
- Requires iOS 7.0 or later
- 130 MB of space

What Kind Of Zombie Are You? Take Bloody-Disgusting's quiz and find out!

It’s time for another horror quiz! You can’t go wrong with zombies, but rather than find out how long you’d last I want to know what kind of zombie you’d end up being! So, below is a quiz that figures out precisely that.
I took it and got “You Are A Return Of The Living Dead Zombie! You Are A Disgusting And Vile Zombie But You Have A Great Sense Of Humor!"

Take the quiz!

Zombies invade the Wisconsin Dells

Watch out! Zombies have taken over Wisconsin Dells and are causing quite the buzz! Dells Zombie Outbreak is a new attraction addition to the Dells this 2014 season, and is quickly becoming a visitor favorite! Our internet department did a little research ‘field trip’ to get in on the action, and the results are in… a big, big undead thumbs-up!
Zombie Outbreak is a live action zombie experience- you and your team will use state-of-the-art weapons to clear a military base full of the walking dead. This is a real-life video game, a once-in-a-lifetime-experience you don’t want to miss!
Whether you go in alone or with a group of friends one thing is for sure, you won’t be disappointed with what is lurking behind every turn! Choose your package! The Infantry Package is for beginners, and outfits you with a replica short rifle. Packages climb up to $34.99, giving you access to one replica M4 Rifle & Pistol and includes a vest. Upon check-in, you’ll receive your state-of-the-art, replica military weapon rental, receive directions & tips, then head off into the dark abyss of the zombie infested military fortress.
You’ll hear the bang, feel the recoil, and see your muzzle flash as you shoot at the undead and wind your way around the maze-like interior. Rack up your stats by defeating the infiltrating zombies, don’t forget to aim for the head!
Wisconsin Dells needs your help! Do you have what it takes to end this Dells zombie outbreak?

Kickstarter Project: Stillborn: The First Zombie

Follow Stillborn, the Master of the Undead, from ground zero to the apocalypse where all humans die and the zombies win.
 Stillborn: The First Zombie chronicles the tale of the primary and most dominant member of the undead. After inception with strange afflictions from an unknown disease in 1933, Stillborn is hidden in secret by his farmland parents who are mercilessly killed by the townsfolk for “practicing the Devil’s magic.”
Stillborn then forced into hibernation, lays dormant for over 70 years, only to reemerge as a beastly undead monster with only one thought in his mind; Revenge. Fueled with rage, he devises a plan that will not only kill the descendants of those who murdered his parents, but also infect every living thing on Earth with the disease that has haunted him. Stillborn: The First Zombie is the premiere story that combines all forms of the zombie genre, creating a powerful creature that can not only think and speak, but command those that he has infected.
In the TPB, which consists of the first five issues, we read the first storyline, 'The Trap".  "The Trap" is about a group of workers that become trapped inside dying house and are brutally murdered by a ravenous un-dead monster.As they struggle to survive, they discover a haunting history that brought this creature to life and that this zombie is more than just a flesh eating beast, but a cunning and intelligent killer.
 The purpose of this campaign to help meet my current demand while creating more.  I wanted to be able to connect with my readers and spread the Stillborn virus farther using Kickstarter.
I tested the comic in a dozen different stores in 20 different cities and the comic sold out.  I was happy for the news, but had to wait until the last shop paid it's order before I could fill a new one.  I love getting on the shelf, but it's a big mountain to climb when you're on your own. 
With Kickstarter, I hope to cut out the middle man and work directly with my fans and readers.


Marc Franco
Marc Franco
 After the death of his father, Marc was forced to give up a full scholarship to Harvard Business School so that he may return home to the small town of Heaven's Gate. 
​Washing away his depression with a few bottles, Marc now resides in a small apartment with his mother. The collapse of '08 put the family plumbing business near the edge of collapse.  Now, Marc takes his father's place with severe resentment.  That resentment, however, would not last the day as Marc would be placed in his own grave before nightfall.
Daniel Cartwright
Daniel Cartwright
Daniel Cartwrightis a proud native of Heaven's Gate, being a descendant to one of the founding families.  Daniel spends his days as a local contractor while using is free time to shoot and kill anything that walks or crawls around his backyard.
A man born in the wrong age, Daniel craves the gun slinging times of the Old West, carrying a .357 S&W he calls "Betsy" wherever he goes.  While this aging contractor pushes on with his fantasy of older times, in the end, his quick trigger finger will be unable to save his life.
Emily Mills
Emily Mills

She was forced to grow up quicker than expected.  While holding down a technician job with the Heaven's Gate Phone Company, Emily became the guardian to her teenage brother, Benjamin, after her parents were killed in a car accident.​
Small but tough, Emily struggles everyday to make ends meet and put a cap on her little brother's drug use.  Her strength will only do little to protect her as she will encounter the worst fate of the group.  

Gabriel Ruiz
Gabriel Ruiz
He ​became a member of Heaven's Gate in '88 when he migrated from Mexico with his family.  Always a hard-working man, Gabriel began working at Franco's Plumbing over ten years ago when Shawn, Marc's father, offered him the job.  
Having been a handy man for the local cemetery, Gabriel knows everything there is to know about building and maintaining a home.  He adapted to his role at Franco's Plumbing quickly and, after Shawn's death, would become Marc's boss.  All of his knowledge and experience will only delay his death for so long. 
Nicholas Washington
Nicholas Washington
He has earned the nickname "Gentle Giant" around the lower east side of Heaven's Gate.  Abandoned by his parents, Nick grew up with his strict grandmother, ultimately becoming her caretaker and living with her for the rest of his life.
Due to his grandmother's "old fashioned" ways, Nick dropped out of high school and started working construction jobs to help pay the bills.  Well known for being able to knock down a wall in record time, Nick is also known for a secret fear of insects.  Often the subject of various pranks by co-workers, Nicholas would turn from a Gentle Giant into a Raging Hulk.  A flaw that would result in his own horrific fate.  

Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez
He is known in his community for being a happy family man.  His parents always taught him the importance of family as he grew up on the Gonzalez Farm just outside of Heaven's Gate.  After the birth of his second child, Carlos moved into town so that he might make his own way in the world and learn new ways to help the family business.
After working odd jobs for a couple of years, he landed an apprenticeship with a lead welder and became part of Cartwright's team.  Having knowledge about older homes, Carlos was invited to tag along with Daniel to inspect the decaying Thomas house.  The acceptance of the invitation would lead Carlos to his own death. 


1 dollar
1 dollar
 The Paranoid Package includes a digital copy of issue #1 and a thanks on my blog.
5 dollars
5 dollars
 The Scratched package includes a digital copy of issue#1 + a digital copy of Stillborn "The Trap" TPB and a thanks on my blog.
10 dollars
10 dollars
 The Bitten Package includes:
Digital Copy of issue #1
Digital Copy of The Trap TPB
Printed, Signed & Numbered copy of The Trap TPB
15 dollar
15 dollar
  The Bitten Package includes:  
Printed & Digital Copy of issue #1
Digital Copy of The Trap TPB
Printed, Signed & Numbered copy of The Trap TPB 
25 dollars
25 dollars
 The Almost Dead Package includes:
Printed & Digital Copy of issue #1
Digital Copy of The Trap TPB
Printed, Signed & Numbered copy of The Trap TPB
11" x 17" Autographed Poster Print
(1) Survival Pack: 1 Magnet, 1 Postcard, 1 bookmark & 1 button.
35 dollars
35 dollars
 The UnDead Package includes:
Printed & Digital Copy of issue #1 - 5
Digital Copy of The Trap TPB
Printed, Signed & Numbered copy of The Trap TPB
(2) 11" x 17" Autographed Poster Print
(2) Survival Pack: 1 Magnet, 1 Postcard, 1 bookmark & 1 button.
40 dollars
40 dollars
The Flesh-Eater Package includes:
Printed & Digital Copy of issue #1 - 5
Digital Copy of The Trap TPB
Printed, Signed & Numbered copy of The Trap TPB
(3) 11" x 17" Autographed Poster Print
(2) Survival Pack: 1 Magnet, 1 Postcard, 1 bookmark & 1 button.
50 dollars
50 dollars
The Infector Package includes:
Printed & Digital Copy of issue #1 - 5, Issue 1 will be an original sketch cover
Digital Copy of The Trap TPB
Printed, Signed & Numbered copy of The Trap TPB
(3) 11" x 17" Autographed Poster Print
(2) Survival Pack: 1 Magnet, 1 Postcard, 1 bookmark & 1 button.
75 dollars
75 dollars
The Horde Leader Package includes:
Printed Sketch Covers & Digital copies  of issue #1 - 5
Digital Copy of The Trap TPB Printed, Signed & Numbered copy of The Trap TPB
(5) 11" x 17" Autographed Poster Print
(3) Survival Pack: 1 Magnet, 1 Postcard, 1 bookmark & 1 button.
100 dollars
100 dollars
Master of the Dead Package includes:
Printed Sketch Covers & Digital copies  of issue #1 - 5
Digital Copy of The Trap TPB Printed, Signed & Numbered copy of The Trap TPB
(5) 11" x 17" Autographed Poster Print
(3) Survival Pack: 1 Magnet, 1 Postcard, 1 bookmark & 1 button.
Hardcover copy of "Stillborn:Classified" containing the original film script and unpublished Stillborn novel.  
There are only 10 of these available because I don't want anyone to read "Stillborn: Classified".  These are my personal reference materials, unedited and unproofed, and the Stillborn novel outlines the story for the second graphic novel.  The script and book are 2/3 of the "Stillborn Bible".  The other 1/3 are my original rough sketches of the book. 
I was planning to release the "Stillborn Bible" at a later date, but I added the written portion to the package as an incentive for true Stillborn fans.
Thank you for reading this far. Please back the project or tell your "zombie friends" to check it out.  

Risks and challenges

Stillborn is finished. The issues and TPB are already available, so there is no risk. You back up the comic, I send out the order, I sign the comic and mail it to you. Simple. Easy.
I use anything extra to help create book II: "Raising The Dead."
And you will get the first exclusive copy before I send it to the shops, but that's my next campaign.
A Quick Note on Sketch Covers:
I learned how to draw using a computer. I did all the artwork digitally using a pen tablet. There are only 2 actual hand drawn pages of Stillborn. SO, drawing on paper is odd for me. The sketch covers are given extra time for that reason. I do sketch covers. No problem. I will accept requests, because I love my fans. Just a heads up.

For questions or to make a pledge, click here!

Can you survive a Dead Panic?

Dead Panic box
On reflection, it probably wasn’t a great idea to spend a weekend in an abandoned hunting cabin with a cop, a convict, and a priest. Talk about awkward conversations. And that was before the zombies started showing up. In Dead Panic, you’ll try to hold off the zombies long enough to assemble a radio so you can call for rescuers.
At a glance: Dead Panic is a cooperative game for 2 to 6 players, ages 13 and up, and takes about 90 minutes to play. It retails for $39.95. In case you’re familiar with Castle Panic, this one is slightly more complex, but I think the age rating has as much to do with the theme as the gameplay. My own kids aren’t fans of zombies and shy away from the gruesome cover art.
Dead Panic components
Dead Panic components. Photo: Fireside Games
  • 1 game board
  • 29 Cabin cards
  • 23 Event cards
  • 8 player boards
  • 8 character tokens with stands
  • 24 zombie tokens
  • 3 survivor tokens
  • 8 character zombie tokens
  • 12 injury tokens
  • 6 cabin walls with stands
  • 6 crack tokens
  • 3 radio piece tokens
  • 1 rescuer van token
  • 1 Bait token
  • 1 zombie draw bag
  • 2 6-sided dice
The component quality is fairly good—a large quad-fold board, thick cardboard player boards and tokens. The cards aren’t the highest quality cardstock but work fine. One thing I noticed about the player tokens and walls is that some of the stands can come loose when you pick it up—mostly on the walls, though, which are usually only removed and not placed back.
Dead Panic Zombie tokens
There are five types of zombies, not including Survivors and Characters that turn into zombies. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu
The zombie tokens, like the Castle Panic monsters, are triangular shapes with numbers on some of the corners. The corner facing the center of the board is the number of hit points the zombie has, and each time one is damaged, the tile is rotated down one number. When it is reduced to zero hit points, it is killed and removed.
The artwork for Dead Panic by Victor Perez Corbello is, as you might expect, a little more horrific than Castle Panic. The zombies here aren’t meant to be cute, and you’re not going to be fighting them off with mere plants. Each character has a zombie form, too, if they succumb to the walking dead.
How to play
The goal of the game is to collect and assemble the 3 radio pieces, signal the rescuers, and make it into the van. If, however, you die, you turn into a zombie and attempt to kill off your former teammates.
To set up, each player takes a character board and places the corresponding pawn inside the cabin in the center of the board, rolling a die to see which of the six rooms to start in. The cabin walls are placed around the cabin. All of the zombie tiles are placed into the bag and shuffled, and six are drawn at random and placed, one in each arc, in the “Woods” section (farthest from the cabin). The Survivor tokens are now added to the bag as well and mixed in. The Cabin and Event cards are shuffled separately and set aside, along with all the various other tokens. The starting player takes the Bait token.
On each round, each player takes two actions. Then, after all players have acted, you draw and resolve an Event card, which adds more zombies. Then the zombies move, and anyone who is now in the same space as a zombie must fight. Finally, the Bait token is passed to the left.
Dead Panic
Zombies are closing in! That’s why David is out in the yard, to draw them away from the cabin. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu
The actions available to you are:
  1. Move 1 space—in any direction (but not diagonally). If you move into a space with zombies, you must fight the strongest one immediately as part of your move.
  2. Draw 1 Cabin card—if you’re in the cabin, you may search for items.
  3. Use 1 Cabin card
  4. Trade items—you may give, receive, or trade 1 item with another character in your space
  5. Repair 1 Crack—if you’re next to a wall that is damaged, you may remove 1 crack from that wall
  6. Collect 1 Radio Piece—If you are in the same space as a radio piece, whether it is being carried by a Survivor or just on the ground, you may pick it up.
  7. Assemble Radio—If you have 2 or 3 Radio pieces, you may use an action to put them together; an assembled radio counts as a single item rather than 2 or 3.
  8. Call Rescuers—If you have the assembled radio, roll 1 die and place the van in the Woods arc corresponding to that number.
  9. Move Van—Once per turn, the player with the radio may move the van left or right 1 space. Once a player has reached the van, that player may drive the van 1 space.
  10. Shoot from Van—All other players who make it to the van may shoot 1 zombie once per turn from the van.
Dead Panic Event cards
Event cards add zombies to the board and also have other effects. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu
Once every player has had their two actions, you draw an Event card. The symbol in the green triangle indicates how many zombies to draw from the bag. A # symbol means the number of players, a die means you roll the die to determine the number, and the * means that you should check the card effect. In addition, there are other effects, from extra movement by certain types of zombies to running out of ammo.
Then, the zombies move. Typically each zombie moves 1 space, but there are Sprinters that move two spaces and Creepers that only move on a roll of 4 or higher. Unlike Castle Panic, the zombies do not simply move inward toward the cabin each round—if there’s a player or a Survivor in their line of sight, they’ll move that way instead. There are some diagrams and an if-then chart in the rulebook to explain the line-of-sight and which way zombies will move in certain instances. Generally, though, they move toward the closest human they can see, and toward the cabin otherwise. The Bait token is used to break ties.
Zombies can also break walls—the first time zombies hit a wall, you put a crack on it. The second time it is hit, the wall is destroyed and removed from the board. While losing all of the cabin walls doesn’t automatically make you lose the game, it does mean that the zombies can see you from farther away.
Finally, if you are in the same space as one or more zombies, you must fight.
Dead Panic Barbara
Left: Uh-oh. Barbara is facing a really huge horde of zombies. Right: Looks like Barbara learned how to handle a candlestick while she was in prison. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu
Each zombie has a fight value (next to the name)—you roll two dice and try to beat the fight value. If you have no weapons, all you can do is push the zombie one space away if you win. With weapons, you can damage or kill zombies, depending on what you’re using. Or, if you have a ranged weapon with ammo, you can just shoot the zombie instead of rolling dice to damage it. If your roll is equal to the zombie’s fight value, then nothing happens. If you roll less than the fight value, then you take an injury or sacrifice the weapon you used in the fight. When the injury marker moves to the skull on your player board, you die … and become a zombie.
Dead Panic cabin cards
Cabin cards can be weapons, useful items, or (sometimes) nasty surprises. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu
There are a lot of different types of Cabin cards. Many of them are weapons, either melee weapons or ranged weapons. Melee weapons can be used any number of times, and often give some sort of bonus—more damage, a bonus to your fight rolls, the ability to re-roll, and so on. Ranged weapons have limited ammunition, and each time you fire them you’ll rotate the card to the next lower number. Once the ammo runs out, you flip the card over, and you can use it as a one-time club in a fight. There are other cards that will give you extra movement or actions, let you ignore all fights for one turn, or rebuild walls that were destroyed.
Dead Panic character board
The player boards are double-sided—one for your living character, one for your zombie character. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu
If you do end up getting three injuries, then you die and come back as a zombie. You lose all of your cards, flip over your player card, and pick two of the five abilities and mark them with injury tokens—these include increasing die rolls or re-rolling dice, directing movement for another zombie, winning on ties, and moving faster. Your character token is replaced with the zombie version, which has three health points. From now on, you get to move two spaces whenever the zombies move, and in fights you roll 2 dice to set your fight number.
Dead Panic character zombies
Each character has a corresponding zombie token. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu
You won’t be able to win the game, but maybe you can prevent your former teammates from winning. Serves them right for letting you get eaten.
Once each player has either gotten into the van or died, the game is over. Any players who made it to the van win the game.
There’s also a Zombie Overlord variant where one player controls the zombies and has a hand of 3 Event cards to choose from each turn. In addition, the Zombie Overlord gets to choose where to place new zombies rather than rolling the die, and also pick the direction of movement for the zombies rather than have them simply move toward the closest player.
There are also various ways to make the game easier or harder, or even make it a fully competitive game in which you can attack other players. There’s even a variant called “No Time for Grief”—when a character dies, you tip over the player marker and other players have the remainder of the round to shoot him before he turns into a zombie.
Dead Panic David
David the personal trainer currently has one radio piece, a crossbow, a pipe wrench, and one injury. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu
Oh, and in case you were wondering what each of the different characters do, here’s a list:
  1. Al the construction worker: repair 1 cracked wall for free
  2. Barbara the convict: hand size limit is 6 (instead of 5)
  3. David the personal trainer: can damage zombies even without a weapon
  4. Father Michael the priest: can give 1 of his actions to another player
  5. Julie the delivery driver: when searching, can draw 2 cards and give one to another player
  6. Maria the businesswoman: may trade with a player at any distance
  7. Sandra the police officer: may spend 2 bullets with one action
The Verdict
Dead Panic is sort of like a mash-up of Castle Panic, Fireside Games’ first title, and Last Night on Earth, one of my favorite zombie games. There are some significant differences, but it does kind of feel like a light version of Last Night on Earth, which has its pros and cons.
The board is set up like a ring, much like Castle Panic, but it doesn’t always feel like the game really needs to be on a round board other than for that symbolic tie to the earlier game. Yes, the zombies start in the outer ring and move inward, but only up to a point. Once they spot humans, they move based on line-of-sight, which can get really weird on a round board. On the plus side, I do like that in this game the players are actually characters that can move around (and, say, draw zombies away from the walls) rather than just the abstract (and invisible) castle defenders.
My kids won’t play this game—they’re younger than the recommended age limit anyway, and they’re creeped out by the cover art. So it’s really not one for little kids unless they happen to be into zombies. But for my adult gamers, I think I prefer the deeper experience (and look) of Last Night on Earth. The two games have enough similarities that I don’t feel I really need both of them in my collection.
However, one advantage to Dead Panic is that it is a simpler game to learn than Last Night on Earth. It is a much simpler game with fewer special situations, and so the game is quicker to learn, to set up, and to play. That alone may make it more likely for you to actually break it out on a game night.
The game scales pretty nicely, meaning that the difficulty level stays pretty similar no matter how many players you have, since many of the Event cards are based on the number of players. However, I do think it’s not too difficult in its default mode to win, or at least rescue some of the survivors. Saving everyone can be trickier, but I don’t think I’m likely to lose all of the players unless I throw in some extra difficulty options.
In my opinion, Dead Panic sort of straddles the middle ground between a kid-friendly cooperative game and an adults-only horror game, but I’m not sure I actually need that. I suppose if my kids were wanting to play zombie games I’d be more likely to play Dead Panicthan Last Night on Earth, but since they’re not interested it’s not really for me. However, if you’ve got tweens who are into horror, it might be right up your alley. However, for younger (or more squeamish) kids, I’d recommend sticking with Castle Panic and then throwing in the Wizard’s Tower expansion when you’re ready for more.
For more about Dead Panicvisit the Fireside Games website. It’s also available from Amazon.