Friday, May 30, 2014

A brand new cast for 'The Walking Dead?

Could you imagine "The Walking Dead" without Rick, Daryl and Michonne? Fans of the show have fell in love with the main characters but Showrunner Scott Gimple hinted that he thinks it's possible for "The Walking Dead" to continue on without the beloved, fan-favorite stars.

Gimple was talking with other showrunners in an Emmy Round Table discussion with the Los Angeles Times when he was asked if he already has the ending mapped out for the AMC show.
"It's knowing thematically where you're going, knowing what you want to achieve, but almost accounting for expansion from that - having an end in mind that's flexible," Gimple said. "And even, I would say, our show could keep going as a story, but it would be a new story."
"The characters that we have, we would tell all of their stories but use the environment to tell new characters' stories," he continued. "But that's wishful thinking that things would go on and on and on and on."
Gimple explained that he thinks it would be possible because the show is constantly reinventing itself already. It's true "The Walking Dead" is definitely great at introducing new scenarios and plot twists and storylines but would die-hard fans really watch if the original cast was killed off and replaced with new faces?
We think it would be hard for some "TWD" fans to say goodbye. Remember the reactions when Hershel was killed off, better yet fans were up in arms when the show teased baby Judith's death. 
Gimple said at the Round Table that the fan reactions to the bloody baby carriage definitely took him by surprise.  

"There was, in the mid-season finale, there was something that we had that I was very worried about the audience getting ahead of or not buying. Rick's daughter, who's a baby, in the aftermath of this raid on where they were, Rick and his only son find this bloody baby chair," Gimple said. "The audience was, oh my God, I can't believe they killed that child. And it was within the realm of possibility and, man, I hate saying this in front of everybody, but it's an obvious thing: Nobody wants to see a baby eaten on television."

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