Saturday, July 20, 2013

5 Reasons 'World War Z' Rocked

In the realm of fiction, zombie stories were once classified in the "cult interest" category, with small pockets of enthusiastic fans but no widespread appeal. In recent years, however, this perception has changed drastically, and zombie fiction (and in some cases, real life zombie conspiracy theories) has taken up a prominent position in entertainment. These days, you can probable find people who prefer watching "I Am Legend" to "The Godfather," or who would rather play a zombie-themed console video game than participate in online gaming at, despite the fact that casino gaming is one of the world's largest entertainment industries! 

The bottom line is, "zombie culture" is now wildly popular, and it's for this reason that a film like "World War Z" can earn rave reviews and dominate the box office. Based (loosely) on the Max Brooks novel of the same name, the film approaches a zombie apocalypse scenario in a more realistic, less horror movie type of way. So, in case you missed it or just want a recap, here are the 5 reasons "World War Z" rocked. 

1. Brad Pitt
"World War Z" is the Brad Pitt show, as he's on screen for what seems like just about the entire film. This was fine by most fans, as Pitt's undeniable star power lent the film a kind of quality that a no-name actor or action hero just wouldn't have managed.

2. Athletic Zombies
Too frequently, we see zombies as slow, lumbering creatures, and in the end this type of zombie almost seems harmless, or at least easy to outrun. In "World War Z," the zombies are fast, athletic, and determined to track down prey. The result is that the scenario just seems way more threatening. 

3. World Travel
The best thing about "World War Z" is that Pitt's character, Gerry Lane, travels the world trying to figure out how the zombies can be defeated. This allows us to encounter fun elements of the story (like the North Koreans pulling everyone's teeth to stop the spread of zombies by bite, or Jerusalem simply building a massive wall). 

4. Action & Horror Restraint
Sure, "World War Z" has plenty of fast-paced action sequences, but, unlike most action and adventure films these days, it doesn't overdo it. There's even one scene in which a nuclear bomb appears to explode in the distance, and it's almost forgettable! It's refreshing to see this type of film focus on story and substance rather than chases and explosions.

5. It's Not Too Serious
Finally, the film has a light touch to it. It's not that you're laughing out loud watching it, but there's something undeniably goofy about the way the zombies completely zone out when there's no one to attack, or about how one particular zombie chatters his teeth like a conniving rat. The film has just the right light touch.

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