Friday, July 5, 2013

'The Walking Dead' season 4 spoilers: New characters revealed!

The new season of the hit AMC zombie drama "The Walking Dead" has been in production for a month and new details about the episodes and characters are slowly being unveiled. On Thursday, July 4 Wetpaint revealed details about several new characters who will become a part of the new season.
The two characters are both very different women and will be recurring throughout season four. The first character, Laura, is a single mother who has previously worked as a nurse which will come in handy. The second character is a tough woman named Melody who is supposed to have a good sense of humor.
Both roles are still in the process of being cast and there is no official word on whether they will be in the prison or in a new location. There is also the possibility that these women will become love interests for the single men on the series, which has stayed away from romantic storyline with the exception of Glenn and Maggie.
Another character named Don will make a guest appearance in season four, and spoilers point to fans meeting him in "Rise," which is expected to be episode six. Don is described as "grumpy and old" with a granddaughter and will probably have scenes with Herschel, placing him inside the prison as a former member of Woodbury.
"The Walking Dead" will return on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on AMC in October. The picture of season four is slowly coming together, as a short time jump brings the viewers into the prison after acclimating with the Woodbury survivors and the Governor's disappearance.

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