Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Zombucks: Official Currency of the Zombie Apocalypse

Fellow horror fans, we're going to assume you've already picked up a few handy survival skills in the likely event of a zombie uprising (and if not, you can find all kinds of examples within our pages). Aim for the head, stay on the move, trust no one... you know the drill by now. But have you decided what you're going to use for trade once your paper money and debit cards become worthless junk?     

The folks at Provident Metals have a possible solution in the form of “Zombucks,” a recently-launched series of copper and silver coins with an undead twist. "Walker," the first in the series, is a riff on the classic “Walking Liberty” coin of the early 20th century.  

The zombified version, bearing the denomination “Z50” (fifty zombie dollars), shows living-dead Liberty with an axe, shambling in front of an ominous mushroom cloud. The flipside features the familiar biohazard logo.     

Provident will release ten designs in all, with a new design revealed every three months on their website. (Thanks to Geek Alerts for the heads-up on this item.) 

Provident Metals

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