Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kickstarter Project: Neighbors for Dinner: Zombie Sitcom!

After the Zombie Apocalypse, few humans remain in the US. A human family returns home. Hilarity ensues, of course.
My name is Lisa Kottler, and Neighbors for Dinner is my independent study project under Terri Sarris at the University of Michigan. It's a 22 minute sitcom pilot, and it is going to be hilarious.
Logline: When their old neighbors return from a long trip abroad, Amy Carter forces her husband and daughter to welcome the Beaumonts back to the cul-de-sac with a dinner party, complicated by the Beaumonts' humanity in a nation where most people are zombies.
Basically, the zombie apocalypse happened two and a half years ago, but only America was affected. After just about all the humans were gone, the zombies resumed their pre-undead lives. The Beaumont family missed the brain-chewing fun by going on a three year long vacation.
My fabulous friend/roommate Alex has created this masterpiece. This kickstarter is the only place you can get a One Resurrection poster!
the watermark is not on the final poster, I promise.
the watermark is not on the final poster, I promise.
Other rewards include such exciting items like t-shirts featuring our logo, listing on the backing page of our tumblr blog at, and exclusive props from on set!
If we go further than our goal, we will add DVD options, more props, and more surprises!
All of our fantastic actors live near Ann Arbor. Our crew are students at the University of Michigan. Our t-shirts and posters are printed locally at Ann Arbor companies. We have put a lot of care into this project.
I have enlisted all of my friends, my friends' friends, and some cool strangers to work on this project. Thankfully, I happen to live with and know some extremely talented people, so this is going to be a great project. As a Screen Arts and Cultures student focused on TV, I have experience in multicamera studios and producing. You can check out my last project at where I produced. I learned a lot from that experience, and the bulk of that is that television production is a collaborative undertaking. Even though I am writing, directing, producing, and editing this project, I certainly cannot do everything.
And so, I need some help. I can get some funding from the school, and I have access to the studios on campus, but I want to take this project places. I want to enter Neighbors for Dinner into festivals and have it be something people want to talk about. Absolutely everything contributed to this project will go back into it.
Follow more of our journey on! Production photos, anecdotes, updates, and fun videos will be available there.

Risks and challenges

The project is already on its way to being completed. As this is my independent study, I must complete everything within this semester (mid December), so I will be keeping to deadlines anyway. Reward fulfillment will probably be the most difficult undertaking, but my team and I can and will get everything printed and fulfilled on time. I live with a lot of my responsible crew, so we can certainly get this together.

To make a pledge, here click !

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