Friday, November 8, 2013

Tonight on Zombiepalooza Radio (11/08/13)

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First up, ladies and gentlemen, is the Lovely 7 year old Ryleigh Myers. She is a beautiful little one and I am thrilled to bring her on to the show and give her some peace of mind against Bullies. She loves her Zombies and Face off Shows! 

2nd HOUR 9-10pm EST
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Brought to us by Stephanie Lunsford please welcome Author of "After Death" Derrick LaCombe.

3rd HOUR 10-11pm EST
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Brought to us by Mr. Rick Danford please welcome director and producer of Resurrecting Evil Mr. Glenn Register.

4th HOUR from 11-12pm EST
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What if the H7N9 vaccination wasn’t just a preventative measure against swine flu? It seemed like the flu came out of nowhere and yet, in no time at all the government manufactured a vaccination. Were lab workers diligent, or could the virus itself have been man-made?

Find out when we interview Author Phillip Tomasso III

5th HOUR from 12-1am EST
Call in number 330-974-1679

A New series of Human Interest stories that revolve around one of the most famous Movies of all time in the Zombie Genre: The Night of the Living Dead.

Tonight we are going listen to one man's story about how this movie changed him after a tragic loss. If you have a story about how Zombies helped to transform your life and give you a new direction we want to hear from you.

Please welcome to the show Mr. Skot Pierson.

During this interview if all goes as planned you will have a deeper understanding of how this Movie not only created the stepping stones for Zombie movies every where, but it gave hope, inspiration and LIFE back to those who those who felt life was no longer worth living.

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