Saturday, July 18, 2015

The latest on "Fear the Walking Dead!"

Fear the Walking Dead"Fear the Walking Dead" teaser poster. AMC
1. We have got our first look at walkers in the AMC spinoff series "Fear the Walking Dead." The videos from San Diego Comic-Con are not very telling (which isn't surprising) but at least we get a look at the zombies in the series.
In the first trailer we see a group of teenagers at a skatepark. The camera pans down near the ground and you slowly see a foot dragging along towards the kids. In the second video we see a woman taking groceries out of her mini van to take into her house. The camera is behind her and slowly approaches her. She gathers her belongings and walks toward her house just as the camera gets to her back. In the cars window reflection we see our first walker. Check out both videos below: 
2. In a clip released early this week we got another look at the walkers. In the video we seen a woman in a pool sunbathing on a floatation device. In the waters reflection on the edge of the pool there is a walker starring down at the young lady. No words were spoken but what we can gather is it's the start of the viral outbreak that brings on the zombie apocalypse. Check out the video below: 
3. Creator Robert Kirkman chatted with EW and revealed that the scenery will be completely different than in "The Walking Dead" since the show takes place in Los Angeles and is set before the apocalypse. Kirkman said:
"Los Angeles is such an interesting city in and of itself, just because of the vast melting pot of diversity that California has become. The urban sprawl—it covers a tremendous amount of land, and it’s got an extremely dense population, so there are a lot of things about that that lend itself well to good storytelling in the zombie apocalypse. But also, this is a city where a vast number of people come to the city to reinvent themselves, or they’re new to the city for various different reasons. It’s almost a city of immigrants inside a country of immigrants. So there’s definitely some aspects of that we’ll also be playing with as well."
He continued, "Yeah, we’ll definitely be spending a lot less time in the woods. I can say I think we’re not in the woods at all. Yeah, I am pretty sure we are in zero woods this season."
4. At San Diego Comic-Con executive producer Dave Erickson revealed that there is no plans to merge "Fear the Walking Dead" and the original series saying: 
“There are no plans right now to combine the two series,” said Erickson. “I think [The Walking Dead’s] Scott Gimple would kill me if I ever pitched that idea. Geographically it would be tough. There is currently no plan to do it.”
5. Kirkman confirmed to Fangoria that "Fear The Walking Dead" will premiere in August on AMC. Fans will be able to tune into AMC to watch "Fear the Walking Dead" Aug. 23. 

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