Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Director: David B. Stewart III
Writer: David B. Stewart III
Synopsis: A Team of Army Special Forces is sent into a secluded secret biological weapons facility. Only to fall prey to the specimens of a Nazi biological warfare experiment, that was recreated by the Army Chemical Corps after World War II. When the chain of command breaks, the soldiers find themselves trapped in a world of the flesh eating zombies, government assassins and the ultimate evil.

This one I can tell ya about without watching as I viewed this one in 2003 when it was released as 'Maplewoods.'

'Maplewoods' was an enjoyable, above average zombie romp featuring our favorite bad guys, (no, not the U.S. Government) Nazi zombies! This is a good one to pick up, but just remember (especially you zombie movie completists, i.e. me) that this has been released under another title, so don't spend your hard earned cash buying this one twice!

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