Tuesday, June 4, 2013


To bring you all even more wonderful zombie goodness, the powers that be at the website www.zombiefilmreviews.com have graciously agreed to have their movie reviews posted here as well! Please welcome them with cold undead arms!

First up, is a review of the Canadian Zombie Movie 'Vs the Dead.'

Vs The Dead is a Canadian D.I.Y. Zombie film, if you like Skaters, Tattoos, Metal, Punk Rock, beer drinking and Zombies then this is the film for you!
The film starts of with two f-ed up delivery drivers heading out to the boonies to deliver a box of Tattoo Inks to the local scratcher, since he is passed out they decide to jam the box of inks in his mail box – crushing the box in the process. As they return back to the nearest city the obnoxious driver drops his twinkie leans down to get it and nearly causes their van to crash – his dweeby assistant grabs the wheel narrowly avoiding disaster with the a sinister Government biohazard truck – which makes the biohazard truck swerve, skid and smash into the Tattoo artists mailbox sending top secret virus canisters and tattoo inks every where. In true Zombie film fashion the secretive government agents pick up their canisters mistakenly grabbing a tube of tattoo ink and leaving their “reanimating virus” behind.
Next scene cuts to a bunch of metal heads and punkers who sit around the local pizza place and do nothing but ruin business for the owner , drink his beers and scare away his customers. In an effort to kick the punks out for good they promise him they will leave forever if he gets a Tattoo done by “Scratcher Dan” – figuring he will chicken out and they can keep hanging out there. Of course the fat owner goes and gets his “Tattoo” done and the gets infected and the mayhem starts.
On the whole this low budget film was pretty entertaining, some of the Zombie effects they had were pretty top notch and there is a lot of laughs in the film (The obnoxious cop for one) my only real complaint is the pacing could have been a little better, but that’s a minor issue for young DIY film makers. I am a great believer that you can make a fun entertaining Zombie film without much money and this film is a great example of it. If you are looking for some gore and a few laughs check out this Zombie movie.

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