Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Resident Evil 2015: A re-make of a re-make?

Press Release:
We are proud to announce Resident Evil for PlayStation4, PlayStation3, XboxOnXbox360 and PC. Resident Evil will be available for purchase in digital literacy throughout Europe and North America in the beginning of 2015. Capcom's popular series Resident Evil, having sold more than 61 million units to date, returns to its roots with a remastered version of the critically acclaimed masterpiece, Resident Evil.

Originally published in 1996, Resident Evil was "redone" from scratch in 2002 with new images, elements of gameplay, environments, and details of history whilst maintaining the spirit of survival horror that the series of which this became synonymous. Both fans of the franchise who want to take a dip in the memories of the past and those who have yet to experience the game that coined the term "survival horror" in the world of video games will appreciate this final revision of the 'iconic Resident Evil in 2002.

Using the recent improvement of the resolution and the technology of 3D modeling, both the resolution of the game that the textures have been greatly improved, including support 1080p on next-gen consoles , accordingly characters and backgrounds come to life in a way with detail never before seen in Resident Evil . Not only are the graphics impressive, but the sound effects have been completely remastered with support for 5.1 surround for enhanced game atmosphere. Players are now able not only to choose between living with the terror of the classic ratio of 4:3 or with a gorgeous widescreen mode 16:9 , but also the type of control system to play with. 

The control system is maintained classic for fans of the style of the original game, but there is also analternative control system in which the character moves directly in the direction of the stick analog , using today's standards. Both the control system that display the options can be activated at any time during the game. Capcom's first intense experience of horror is back with the release of the original Resident Evil.

The setting is that of the now infamous Raccoon City, players can choose to play as Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, members of the team STARS ( Special Tactics and Rescue Service ), sent to the city to find the missing Bravo team. The team is suddenly attacked by a group of vicious dogs, and end up taking refuge in the Mansion in desperate search of an escape route. But will they manage to get out alive? Players will have to be brave to go into the dark, enclosed spaces in search of the horrors that await them. With limited ammo and survival kits, players must sharpen their wits to survive the various traps and puzzles that reside in every place.

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