Wednesday, August 6, 2014

'World War Z 2' Release Date, Plot & Trailer: 5 Facts About Zombie Sequel

Whatever the motivation, fans of the movie and of the 50-year-old A-lister will surely applaud at the confirmation of a "World War Z 2." Although no release date has been announced and only a handful of details have been shared about the second installment, we get the feeling that Pitt and co. are seeing this project through until its release. Brad Pitt and Paramount Pictures must have been heaving audible sighs of relief after "World War Z" ran away with no less than $500 million at the box office tills. Vindicated, they then proceeded to make plans for a follow up of the very costly film. Perhaps the revenues emboldened them to venture out one more time for a sequel?

Here's what we know about the zombie apocalypse sequel.
A New Director Has Signed On
According to The Guardian, Juan Antonio Bayona will be helming part two. He had directed "The Impossible," which was critically acclaimed and grossed $180 million. It also got Naomi Watts an Academy Award nomination. "His previous film, well-received horror curio 'The Orphanage,' showed he can handle World War Z-style shocks," the news source added.
Perhaps some of you who has been suspecting of a directorial switch would be nodding your head knowingly at this announcement. "If stories told during the rocky production are true, Pitt and Forster didn't get along at times (the director denies that claim)," Screen Crush noted. "The reshoots and rewrites potentially might have been taken out of his hands. That doesn't sound like someone who would be asked back for the sequel." Right on the money, indeed.
A New Scribe Has Been Enlisted
"If Paramount's smart, though, they'll also keep screenwriters Damon Lindelof and Drew Goddard on retainer," Screen Crush mused. "The duo punched up the original 'Z' script, and - if reports are accurate - concocted the new, suspenseful ending that saw Pitt's character maneuver through a zombie-infested W.H.O. Building."
It looks like the site is off the target, this time, as Paramount has gone with a new screenwriter, Steven Knight, who "wrote tight thrillers such as 'Pretty Little Things' and David Cronenberg's 'Eastern Promises' before working on Martin Scorsese's Leonardo DiCaprio vehicle 'Shutter Island,'" The Hollywood Reporter said. His work on 2004's "Dirty Pretty Things" earned an Oscar nod, which makes his hiring a lot of sense.
Brad Pitt Will Be Back
"Brad Pitt will return to the lead role after playing zombie-fighting United Nations employee Gerry Lane in the 2013 original," The Independent reported. "He will also be producing, alongside Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner."
It Will Start Where It Left Off
"Plot details for the next World War Z are being kept under wraps but the storyline is expected to continue from where Marc Forster's movie left off," The Independent predicted. While this is expected, the gray area would be how the filmmakers will mine the Max Brooks novel, which the film is based on, and create a story with more depth and relevance.
There's No Official Release Date Yet
Some have speculated a 2015 release, while others pin the launch date somewhere in 2016.
"A release date for the second instalment has yet to be confirmed but fans can expect to see it in 2016," The Independent forecasted.
"The earliest Paramount could get 'World War Z 2′ into theaters would be 2015," Screen Crushed pitched in.

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