Friday, January 3, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S...well, sort of...I guess...sigh...

Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday!

Much to my dismay, I had a deadly encounter with a patch of "black ice."

The doctors thought it was just a severe sprain (because I don't do anything small) and released me. Upon my follow-up appointment, it was discovered that my leg was indeed broken.

With all the swelling and pain, I had checked with the doctors about just cutting it off.

I figured that with modern technology, I could get a really cool replacement, like Rose McGowen had in the movie 'Planet Terror!'

But, no such luck, due to some mumbo-jumbo called the Hypocratic Oath.  So, here I am, the new Hershel from the Walking Dead. 

Hopefully, that will be where the resemblance ends.

                                       Stay safe!!

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