Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Who ya gonna call? Zombie Clean-up!


After what was believed to be a zombie apocalypse failed to wreak the havoc it was believed to, the city of Lake Lucille, FL finds itself in the process of getting back on it’s feet, but while the zombies did not vanquish the city, the remnants of the biohazard zombie outbreak of which the origin is still not yet known, continue to be a nuisance to the city as the undead continue to roam the streets like a rampant pest problem. In order to combat this nuisance, the city implements a city-wide mandatory vaccine to prevent future infection, and with it a Zombie Clean-Up division comprised of a gang of misfits that include a former city council member, to animal control specialist, and a scientist, among others to help vanquish the infected that continue to roam the city’s streets, neighborhoods and businesses.

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