Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Zombie Driver could come to Xbox One

Exor Studios is working with Microsoft to try and bring an enhanced version of Zombie Driver to Xbox One.
The developer announced its plans in an update on its Facebook page, where it reiterated that the Xbox 360 version was to be pulled from XBLA and the Japanese PlayStation Store at the end of the month.
"We are already working with Sony in Japan to re-release the game so it should return shortly," reads the update. "The situation on XBLA is somewhat more difficult because due to Microsoft's policies we are not able to self-publish the game on the Xbox 360 even though it has passed all certification stages, requirements, etc. XBLA on the Xbox 360 is the last platform where it's not possible to release a game on our own and from the perspective of a small independent studio, it looks a bit like a remnant of the Cold War in comparison to the other platforms."
But with Microsoft allowing self-publishing on Xbox One, the developer is optimistic about bringing an enhanced version to the console.
"Thankfully Microsoft is moving forward with the Xbox One and we are already in the ID@XBOX program," the studio adds. "We're looking forward to see if we would be allowed to release Zombie Driver on the Xbox One with new improvements for the next generation."
Zombie Driver HD is expected to be removed from XBLA as early as tomorrow following the liquidation of publisher Cyberfront Corporation. Exor is currently in the process of finding a new publishing partner to re-release it on the platform "as soon as possible".

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