Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Plants vs. Zombies Risk Board Game

Get ready to soil your plants.

It started quite simply - an overcast day and a slight breeze. But for anyone fiddling in their garden, the stench of rotted corpses got stronger and stranger. That's when we all started planting Peashooters to take out the zombies before they reached our houses. And now we play either side in the battle of the suburbs in Plants vs. Zombie Risk.
Plants vs. Zombie Risk introduces brand new ways to enjoy the action hit that’s won over 30 Game of the Year awards! Unearth all the excitement with this special 2-player version of the classic game. A mob of fun-dead zombies are invading the quaint town of Brainsborough, while the pea-packing plants branch out for a battle of suburban domination. Play as the plants or play as the zombies. And hey, Plants vs. Zombie Risk gives you three ways to play including Mission Objective, Total Domination, and (flip the two-sided game board for classic, video game-style) Tower Defense. Plants vs. Zombie Risk is the gift that keeps on giving - just like a pole-vaulting zombie.

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