Thursday, October 2, 2014

Coming soon: Breakdown Lane

The real challenge for any filmmaker doing a zombie pic is how to make it your own.  With so many films, video games and television shows, it’s hard and somewhat risky to do something “New”  We never just want to repeat what’s been done so well in other films but we need to be mindful of the conventionally accepted rules of zombie world.  The approach I’ve taken is to skip over the stuff we’ve seen a million times.. Basically the outbreak and what the cause of the outbreak is.  At this point with zombie lore so ingrained in our collective conciseness, I see now problem skipping over that and getting to the good stuff!  Our zombies and their behavior are not really different from then your run of the mill walking dead.  What is unique are the humans and their stories.  We follow our hero on her journey across the desert and along the way she comes in contact with several interesting survivors.  We have a group of Dooms Day type hill billys who, rather then run from the hoard, take great pleasure in hunting them down for sport and… well I don’t want to give away everything. We have our strange old man who has love for zombies and keeps them as pets…. And yes, we have our standard terrified survivors as well but I think what makes our film different are the different ways people respond to the zombie outbreak.

(from Director Robert Conway via Bloody-Disgusting)


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