Thursday, October 23, 2014

‘Z Nation' gets renewed for a second season

"Z Nation” will live on.
The zombie TV series filmed and produced in Spokane will be picked up for a second season, Syfy and North by Northwest Productions announced on Monday.
Rich Cowan, co-founder of North by Northwest, called the decision great news.
“We’re showing the TV and film industry that we can deliver network episodic television directly out of Spokane,” he said. “We’re thrilled and so happy for the crew.”
The 13-episode series, which just aired episode six Friday night, created the equivalent of about 200 full-time jobs in the first season and employed hundreds of Spokane-area residents cast as extras, mostly zombies. In addition to filming, all production work is being done in Spokane.
Cowan said it was notable that the second season was announced so quickly.
“We just aired episode six,” he said. “They pulled the trigger because the ratings have been higher than anticipated.”
So far this season, “Z Nation” has been Syfy’s third-highest-rated scripted show, behind “Dominion” and “Defiance,” with an average of 1.4 million viewers.
Cowan could not say yet if season two will be filmed in Eastern Washington, pending contract negotiations.

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