Thursday, October 2, 2014

Get yer zombie 'mergency cabinet here!

California-based retailer In Case Of is now selling a series of "emergency cabinets" that contain everything you'd need to fend off an attack from a werewolf, zombie, vampire or demon. Not only would these bring a jittery kid a peaceful night's sleep, they'd also be a pretty badass decor addition to any adult's lair. 

The zombie outbreak emergency cabinet includes:
1.    12 gauge short barrel shotgun
2.    Hunting knife with belt sheath
3.    Hand grenade
4.    Zombie outbreak field handbook
5.    10 shot gun shells box
6.    4 shot gun shells on leather belt holder
7.    Emergency hammer

I'm only showing the zombie cabinet, but check out their website for cabinets to fend off demons, vampires and werewolves!

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