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Kickstarter Project: Dead Cabin -The Zombie Drinking Party Game & Family Version

THE ZOMBIE DRINKING PARTY GAME WITH A HIDDEN TRAITOR ELEMENT! Race against your friends to the cabin and determine who turned!
Dead Cabin is a card game of trust and betrayal in the same genre of the Werewolf/ mafia card games . You and your friends will race against a horde of zombies in search of a cabin to escape the zombie apocalypse.
The rules are simple--find any vehicles to move you and your friends safely to the cabin. Along the way, try not to pick up a virus along the way. You can end up infecting yourself or others. You get a virus, you take a shot. End up with too many virus cards and you secretly turn into the undead. Through skills, wit, and deduction, determine who amongst you is a zombie.
The game was design to have hidden traitor mechanics with drinking involve. Be weary of the tipsy!

There will be twist and turns at every round

Getting to the cabin wont be easy as each action cards can change the dynamics of each round and its outcome. Tension will run high towards the end of the game when people start to gain a lot of virus cards, making it that much more difficult to determine who is a friend or foe.
Ex. There are some Action Cards such as the key card that allows a player to take control of other player vehicle. Hijack cards that grant you to take over someone else seat or the No Gas card to render someone vehicle useless.
Nothing like a light friendly back stab and revenge to go around ;P
With your help through Kickstarter, we can make this game a reality. We can make this the best game it can be and close to how I ultimately envisioned it.

The game was designed to be simple, fast, fun and Drunk! Wanna Play again?!

"Before I played Dead Cabin, I use to be a very shy, introverted type guy and was very unlucky with girls. Although I still don't have any luck with females I had a blast playing the game."
 "Hmm I think Cindy might be a zombie, she has way too many virus card but shes been trustworthy this whole time...Oh well, I'll just play this shotgun card on her!"
So what comes inside that awesome cabin box you ask? If you back Dead Cabin now, you will get the game including any special stretch goals that only exclusive to kickstarter!
**** Before you pledge, just know that you are not just backing to pre-order a game and it's component, but you are help funding the entire project. You are help creating a board game project of mine manifest into reality! There will be a lot of cost associated with this that is not just in the game itself that I have to prepare for but all the things that goes before it and all the post production things that come after. There are even things I have yet to foresee that will need funds for. I am pouring all my time, energy and resources into it as it is currently a one man show. Every extra funds receive will be going back into the game project in someway to help make this the best game it can be. So please before you back remember the value is not within the Dead Cabin box alone, its the ENTIRE DREAM and I need your help!
*The Family Version has everything included here minus the 2 Virus Shot glass and some rule changes.
  • Back early and get an early bird saving of $5 off!
  • Shipping within the US is already INCLUDED!
  • Dead Cabin game storage box *The current one is a prototype and is subject to change.
  • Rule Book
  • 5 Meeples
  • 2 Virus Shot glass
  • 12 location cards (Cabin, Infected City,Forrest Cards, etc.)
  • 8 secret Infection level cards
  • 24 Virus Cards 
  • 36 Action Cards 
  • 12 Shotgun Cards
  • 8 Reward Cards
  • Kickstarter exclusive cards unlock through stretch goals
$20 for each Expansion pack add on to any package. Pledge now with these add on and when the Expansion Pack are ready, they will be ship to you before others outside of Kickstarter. These are the 2 so far planned for the game.
  • Paranormal Expansion pack.  Tired of just straight up zombies? Add a paranormal flavor to the current game!
  • The Showdown Expansion pack. Changing the showdown mechanics for a straight up more personal competition. Things will get feisty.
*Note The Deluxe Deals already comes with the expansion packs and any extra Deluxe exclusive deals.
* The Game is still in its prototype form and is still subject to change. The finalize version will be much better but the core of the gameplay is pretty much set.
What better way to turn into a zombie by actually taking shots and acting like one!
( To give you an idea what I ultimately have envisioned for Dead Cabin, take a look below for these possible stretch goal rewards.)
* Work with the best manufacturing and production companies for higher quality game components. My aim is to be able to use a top quality game Companies such as Panda Game Manufacturer due to their experience and quality with high profile table top games.
* Add a 5th player. The game is currently design for 4 players and adding a 5th would need more cards/items to optimize/ balance the current game.
 * Meeples--->mini Figures. I would love to have mini figures instead of the current meeples but that would include hiring an artist to design and  sculpt one. A longer process involved but would it be sweet!
* Bigger and better game box design! The current one is a prototype and hopefully we get a fancier one.
* New Char/Bio cards with different art/design. Much more design will be made in the infection cards to give it a more personal character vibe!
* Better Artwork all around.
*More Actions cards
*More Forrest cards with penalties and traps!
* Paranormal Expansion Pack
* The Showdown Expansion Pack
"Hmm I think Cindy might be a zombie, she has way too many virus card but shes been trustworthy this whole time...Oh well I cant risk I'll still play this shotgun on her!"
Game Setup
Game Setup

The Run down-

  • Goal: Human must race against zombies to occupy the Cabin and eliminate the undead. Through skills,wit, and deduction, determine who amongst you is a zombie.

  • Before the game starts, each player select a color meeple to represent them and is randomly dealt a secret Infection level card. The secret card indicate the amount of virus needed to turn into a zombie. (Every time you end up with a virus, you take a shot!) Human...Good. Drunk Zombie...Bad      

  • After the Blue Action Cards are shuffle and place in a 4x3 grid below the forest cards the game begins. Each round consist of players taking turn picking up the Blue Action cards in search of vehicles and other useful items. You have a choice to keep the Action card or return it and pick up a new one. The selected card remains face down in front of the player and its the next players turn until everyone have a card in front of them face down.
  •  If you or anyone pick up a vehicle, you reveal it immediately and place it in front of you indicating you found a ride to move into the next forest card. Each vehicle represents the number of people you can take along to advance into the next space. {RV- Everyone moves, Jeep- Only 3, motorcycle- just 2} Its up to you to choose who goes and who stays. By selecting a person to come along, it in turns activates their card which could help or hinder your overall agenda. Its up to you determine the outcome of a each round.
  •  If a player picks up a virus card, they immediately place it in front of them without revealing it or give any clues away that they just pick up a virus. At the end of a round if someone selects you on a ride you have a chance to infect others with the virus, if no ones selects you then you end up with the virus and must take a shot!

  • There is a zombie meeple marker( Green Meeple in Infected City Card labeled 'A' above) that will advance each round closer to the cabin. Once it reach the cabin it will go into a showdown endgame phase even if everyone didn't make it safely to the cabin. The first 2 that make it will get reward cards and those that don't will be penalize a shot! 

  • The showdown- Humans must vote on who they think is a zombie amongst the group and play a shotgun card on that player. Zombies must try to decieve other players into choosing the wrong person to avoid getting eliminated. Human wins by killing off zombies if any. Zombies win by outnumbering humans! The zombie marker also counts as an extra zombie so make sure all humans make it to the cabin before it.
*Checkout below for an in depth demo of a round of dead Cabin if you still want to see how it plays out.

The Showdown:

Theres 2 ways to trigger the showdown phase. All players reach the cabin or the zombie marker reach the cabin. If the zombie marker reach the cabin before others. Those players will be penalize, even if no one makes it to the cabin.
First 2 players to reach the cabin receive reward cards that gives you an advantage over others to help determine who might be the zombies. Such cards lets you peek into another players secret infection card or eliminate a virus card using a vaccine. In the Showdown usually there will be discussion being made by everyone on who they think the zombie is. Everyone then pick a color shotgun card corresponding to the player they want to eliminate. When everyone is ready, the card is handed to one person to shuffle and reveal. Two of the same color shotgun will eliminate that corresponding player. Then everyone reveals there secret infection card to see the truth of who won. Humans or Zombies.
Towards the end, players hand could look like this above.  Player 4 seems to be a zombie with 4 virus cards but depending what the secret infection level card is, you could be wrong. Using your deduction skills and who you trust its up to you to figure out who in fact is a zombie. Work with other to eliminate them or sabotage them.
As it turns out, player 1 is not a zombie, player 2 is a zombie, player 3 is a zombie and player 4 is not!

In depth round sample:

Dead Cabin Round ex.
Dead Cabin Round ex.
The picture above demonstrate how a round is played out in Dead Cabin.(1-10)
You have 2 chance to find a card that you like and keep.You can pick up a card and keep it or place it back and pick up a new card. Good or bad this last card is yours.
1. Player 1 yellow(p1)  picks up a card, don't like it and decide to return it back to the Blue Action Card play area and picks up another card. It is a Key card and p1 places it in front of her face down without revealing it.
2. Player 2 Red(p2) picks up a Virus Card and immediately has to keep it and places it in front without revealing it.
3. Player 3 (p3) black picks up a Hi-jack card and place it facing down.
4. Player 4 Blue(p4) picks up a Motorcycle and automatically reveals it and places it Face up show everyone that she found a ride.
Now everyone has a card and settles the round with the person who found a vehicle card, in this case player 4 Blue(p4). The Motorcycle cards only allow 2 players to move into the next Forrest card in the Green movement area.
5.Player 4 Blue(p4) decides to take player 1 Yellow(p1) into the next Forrest card while everyone stays behind.
6.This in turn activates p1 card, which is a Key Card. The Key card allows player 1 to be in control of the vehicle instead of p4. So now he has the option to choose who comes along. He choose player 2 Red(p2) to advance with him instead of p4 for whatever reason he determine. This in turn activates p2 card.(see Virus Card Settlement below).
7. Most Action cards need to be activated by being selected by the player who with a vehicle card. There are certain cards such as the hijacked cards that works the opposite. Player 3 has a hijack card and if no one selects that person to advance. He can reveal the hijack card and take over the last person that is named to advance if he so chooses. For this demo sake lets just say he doesn't want to use it for what ever reason and so does not reveal it.
Virus Card Settlement: Is just a phase to determine who will end up with the virus card at the end of each round. You can end up infecting yourself or others. If you pick up a virus card and no one selects you to advance, you draw a card from the virus card pile and add it to your hand. If you are playing the Drinking Version, you also take a shot! If someone with a vehicle selects you, then you shuffle the virus cards along with everyone's action cards. Everyone now pick a card from the shuffled action card to see who within the group ends up with the virus cards. That person draw a card from the virus card pile and add it to there hand without revealing it.
8.Player 2 Red(p2) reveals a virus card! Player 2 shuffle the virus card with everyone who is advancing and everyone picks a card from the shuffle cards. In this case  just one other card from player 1 yellow Key card is shuffle and they each pick to see who ends up with the virus card. Lets just say p2 still ends up with the  virus card and p1 ends up with the key card.Player 2 must now take a shot( If playing the drinking version) and select a card from the virus card pile and add it to p2 hand.
All Blue Action Cards are returned,reshuffle and placed back in a new 4:3 for the next round to begin.
You can download the prototype rule book when it becomes available here, so check back.

Risks and challenges

As Dead Cabin is a one man operation, delays could be possible if orders exceed expectations. That is why I am allowing my self ample amount of time to get the game finalized, produced and shipped to you without constantly delaying the game due to premature release date promises but it still can happen. If I can get the game out early that would be awesome and I will keeps you guys posted of any date changes.

Questions or to pledge, click here!

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