Thursday, February 5, 2015

5 Reasons Dying Light is the Worst Zombie Game I Have Ever Playe

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Dying Light is the worst Zombie game I have ever played. The hype of this game was on its peak but after release we got ridiculous story, poorly optimized and buggy game. All in all this game is just waste of money and time.

5- Ridiculous Story

The story is more ridiculous with plot focuses going from, meet the simple-minded psycho wannabe living with his mom who is a pad and a basin and after that onwards and upwards to one of the Survivors pioneers attempting to take a “Home” out by utilizing explosives yet rather than arriving at their he gets caught inside a train where knowing he has no chance to get out all alone chooses to arm the bomb in any case.

4- Night time

You recall the feature trailer of the Hunters and Night time, the dread of the character as he races through the boulevards trusting he is escaping them and making it to wellbeing the surge and rush of been really outmatched and running for dear life, well it’s not in the game rather at evening the seekers turn out to play yet are frustrated with the reality you have not just a Mini-guide revealing to you where to go be that as it may, it lets you know where those seekers are and what way they are confronting with a Metal Gear strong style cone of vision, you basically walk the whole route back simply keeping away from them by strolling just past their sight range heck you can even stop and sparkle your spotlight at the light delicate zombies and they don’t wince the length of they haven’t spotted you.

3- Climbing and Vaulting

Climbing & Vaulting which they call Parkour appears fascinating however gets old quick with literally the same activity playing again and again with arbitrary silly constraints on what you can climb hop and compass, don’t expect something smooth and free streaming it’s a long way from that envision having the ledges from Far cry 4 all over the place with the same kind of liveliness taking after every time you climb over anything.

2- Loot and Crafting

Loot and crafting again simply duplicate of Dead Island again with same pointless things, in the same way as when creating a mod with your own particular material regardless you need to pay money, despite the fact that it’s you doing it with your own particular things, my current hypothesis is that the character is consuming the trade in for cold hard currency trusts that it will fight off the zombie contamination/ Rabies infection pumping through his veins.

1- Performance Issues

This game has real performance issues, and is unplayable. After the tutorial and you’re presented to the open world, the fps drops and there is significant faltering when moving & turning side to side. Following five minutes of being in-game, after the tutorial that is, the game accidents and a blunder comes up: “Resizebuffers fizzled 0x887a0005″ with the title of the mistake called “Crashexit…” Techland don’t know how to advance a game legitimately, verification from past games they’ve made. For example, dead island, dead island riptide and so on.

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