Saturday, October 26, 2013

Are you ready for Atlanta's Zombie Apocalypse?

When Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse first opened in 2010, word quickly spread that there was a "haunted house" in Atlanta in which "the zombies chase you." Guests came out in droves to see if the hype was true, and it turned out to be so much more: a completely immersive horror attraction with a great story, talented actors, and professional makeup, props, and sets.
Now in its fourth year, Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse continues to surprise and amaze with two all new horror shows. "Return of the Curse of the Undead" picks up where 2012's "Curse of the Undead" story left off, and the second show is simply titled "?" because the story and theme are a complete mystery. "Return of the Curse of the Undead" represents what Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse has become known for over the years: realistic character portrayals by talented actors with some serious improvisational skills, plot twists, and hordes of terrifying zombies that, yes, chase after you. Words of advice: stay limber, wear tennis shoes, and be prepared for some cardio!
For the second show, the original infection story from 2010 was killed off (pun intended) for 2013, and replaced with "?" While I would love to list all of the things that were brilliant about this show, I am afraid to give anything away! The Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse website only offers this description: "You're better off not knowing what's inside! What will you do? Who can you trust? Can you find the way out?" The only thing I will say is that this show is one of the most original concepts for a horror attraction I have ever seen, and I loved it! Once again, the actors were extremely believable, and they deserve recognition for putting their heart and soul into their performances.

Returning for 2013 is Zombie Killer, the attraction that allows guests to take their revenge on their attackers and shoot zombies with with an airsoft gun equipped with 100 rounds in the abandoned motel. The rooms and hallways are dark, and the only light available is a thin beam coming from the flashlight of your military-type guide. This really gets the adrenaline pumping; even for a hardcore horror fan like myself. While I wish there had been more of a story incorporated into Zombie Killer, the experience is like none other, and it is a great way to end a night of fear and fun.
Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse is only open for the Halloween season. The remaining show dates are:
  • Wednesday-Sunday, October 24-27.
  • Thursday-Saturday, October 31-November 2
The box office opens at 7:30 p.m. nightly. To purchase tickets online, or for more information, visit Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse at Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse is located at 4215 Thurman Rd, Conley, GA 30288. Parking is $3.

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