Sunday, October 20, 2013

Review: BIRTH OF THE LIVING DEAD, A Great Doc To Revive And Learn More About Romero's 1968 Classic

While hard-core fans of George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead might not learn anything new with Rob Kuhns' 75-minute doc Birth of the Living Dead, dare I say anyone with an interest in filmmaking will have a great time watching it.

For connoisseurs, Kuhns offers a bunch of interviews with fellow experts who vividly revive the quintessential zombie film, while for newcomers there's a detailed account on how Night of the Living Dead was made and the impact it caused, with the man Romero himself open to tell his stories.

Birth of the Living Dead is, at first sight, a making-of documentary, beginning when Romero was doing commercials in Pittsburgh together with people that eventually helped, in one way or another, for the creation of the 1968 classic. It offers a pure guerrilla filmmaking tale with Romero recalling the pre-production and the filming, all adorned with a series of animated scenes by Gary Pullin (Ghoulish Gary), which bring freshness to the screen.

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