Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Zombie inspired donut shop survives 3-month mark

SPOKANE, Wash.--A new business started in the summer of 2013 in Spokane is bringing together zombies and donuts.

Dawn of the Donut has created more treats in their first three months and could soon be pulling up in your neighborhood. 

 "I'm so intrigued by zombies and how they're endearing, they're not going away,” said Jayy De Boer, Manager. 

The staff at Dawn of the Donut live for baking and making new varieties each day. They have up to 50 different kinds of donuts and are always adding more. 

The staff sells about 800 donuts each weekday. They get into the thousands on the weekends. 
"They're coming here for the donuts, of course we have our theme, it's never going to go away but they're coming back for the donuts,” said Boer.

Staff know it is the taste of their donuts that is bringing in business.

"Here's the tree most popular donuts, the governor which is maple bacon, the zombies which are filled with raspberry, and the brain, which is an apple fritter,” said Boer.

The staff said they are not afraid to offer a less popular flavor.
"We have apple crisps and a vegan donut,” said Boer.

Staff are working on a food truck for deliveries and to sell the treats on the street. 

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