Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Walking Dead: 8 Places To Hold Up In A Zombie Apocalypse (That Are Better Than A Prison)

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead is a zombie TV series about a group of survivors who are currently holding up inside a prison. Now, surely I am not the only one who thinks about these situations and where would I go if I had a group with me?
Now, clearly the prison is a great place due to its security, however they’re certainly better places to hide out. I’m going to consider everything. Some things will of course depend on location, other things can be found everywhere.

8. Area 51?!

Area 5
I wasn’t too sure if I should have put Area 51 in here. If the world fell to pieces and Zombies were roaming the streets. Obviously a place like Area 51, would be perfect. Its positioning is great, it is very isolated and not an incredible amount of people are near by. You would have a lot of supplies, weapons and loads of space and protection.
Although, I am also certain that if Zombies began to savage on human flesh. There would still be some American workings and CIA operations going on. Meaning you may have a problem. You could even just try live nearby, you know, just stay clear of the men in black up at Groom Lake.

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