Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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by Suzanne Robb

Ally Lane survived the sinking of the Betty Loo and stopped a war. Now she must fight not only for her life, but for those of the people she has come to care about. A cross-country journey is her only hope to find an escape from the zombie infested world where the people she runs into are more terrifying than the undead.

“Z-END is a compelling conclusion, skillfully crafted to build tension and evoke emotion. With monsters of absolute and undeniable terror, Robb serves up a mouthwatering dystopian wasteland.”
— Shana Festa, author of TIME OF DEATH: INDUCTION
eBook ISBN: 9781618683342
Trade Paperback ISBN: 9781618683359

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Tankbread 3: Deadland
by Paul Mannering

200 years ago the Adam was destroyed. Sixteen-year-old Gin is planning her wedding and awaiting the rumored arrival of a living legend. When her life is torn apart by tragedy, Gin must travel far from home to the distant shores of old America, where intelligent zombies still rule and a terrible secret awaits her in the heart of Deadland.


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Alaskan Undead 4: Resolution
by Sean Schubert

Finding the Whittier tunnel barred, separating the small city from the rest of Alaska and possibly from the undead infection, a flagging sense of hope is restored. Neil has led the dwindling band of survivors, including young Jules and Danny, through all the perils of this new world of the undead, including the relentless elements of the gathering winter season. Seeking sanctuary, Neil’s group is pursued by both the living and the dead, all yearning for their deaths. The survivors fled Anchorage and its streets teeming with flesh-eating zombies, narrowly escaping with their lives and now face dangers along Alaska’s Seward Highway which stretches southward to Seward, Alaska where it ends at the sea. Their options limited and their time running out, Neil and the others find themselves hoping against hope that Whittier has the answers. They must first find their own way into the city and then trust that the infection has not preceded them. 


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Z-Plan 2: Red Tides
by Mikhail Lerma

When Cale deployed to Iraq he never could have known a deadly virus would soon overrun the world, turning the human race into a walking nightmare. His story picks up where it left off in BLOOD ON THE SAND. After drifting alone in the open sea, he is sure the chance of rescue is hopeless. Until finally, a voice crackles over the boat radio. Only his rescue isn't quite what he imagined it would be. Cale will have to trust his instincts as he continues his grueling mission to make it home. 
eBook ISBN: 9781618683502
Trade Paperback ISBN: 9781618683519

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Deathly Contagious: Book 2 in the Contagium Series
by Emily Goodwin

After discovering a safe house, things are finally looking up for Orissa until someone she cares about is shot. She will do whatever it takes to get even. She finds herself lost and forced to face the zombies alone. Lies, secrets and desperation are added to the harrowing world, and she discovers that there are more than zombies to worry about. How far will Orissa go to avenge someone she loves?
eBook ISBN: 9781618683465
Trade Paperback ISBN: 9781618683472

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Savage Independents
by Ted Hill

War is coming and she rides a foul-tempered horse, setting fires to the farmhouses beyond the outskirts of Independents. Scout, the spiritual leader in town, is too wrapped up with personal issues to tend to his flock. He misses Raven. She was a part of home, his real home back in the Lou. They’re both memories, but he still loves her. Scout rides out into the Big Bad to search for his lost girlfriend and discovers that she is more lost to him than ever before. He must decide what he desires most as everything burns around him.
eBook ISBN: 9781618683489
Trade Paperback ISBN: 9781618683496

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Red Versus Green: Book 2 of the Still Alive Zombie Apocalypse Trilogy
by A.C. Thorne

Ceres had never met anyone like Liam before. It wasn’t his looks or anything physical that made him different, but was something that was impossible to see and even harder to describe. It was the way that he made her feel. 

As if a world filled with the reanimated dead wasn’t enough, a new, even more insidious threat has now reared its ugly head. They tore her away from him and made her fight for her life. Cornered and hopelessly outnumbered she was about to succumb when an unexpected ally intervened to save her life.

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