Saturday, September 20, 2014

Time for a history lesson with 'Confederacy of the Dead'

Press report:
Just like any other American holiday in the South, families and friends have gathered for a beautiful day at the annual Civil War battle reenactment at Buck Head Creek. As the field cleared from all the smoke created by cannons and gun powder, a very real sounding musket goes off in the distance. The mock battle immediately stops in an eerie silence, then a platoon of crazed dead Confederate soldiers in arms attack the group.
The reenactment has resurrected the dead Confederate soldiers buried underneath, and they still think they are in battle. The survivors of the reenactment have to figure out how to survive the attacks and stop the zombie soldiers from reaching the downtown where millions live. It’s a race against time, and possibly the only person that can defeat the zombie soldiers is the great-grandson of Major General William Sherman.

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