Sunday, September 28, 2014

Zombie short film contest

The dead will walk again at MAC TV studio. 
Bloody organs, open wounds and an unquenchable thirst for brains will be on hand at the studio's first-ever zombie fashion show. 
Eleanor Etienne, a member of the production staff at MAC TV, got the idea for a film contest from a librarian at Pere Marquette District Library, where their Claire office is located. She said the contest was timed to coincide with Halloween at the end of October. 
“I had done the zombie run in Mt. Pleasant last year and it’s getting closer to Halloween," she said. "I was like what if we did a zombie film contest?"
Etienne said she didn't have trouble getting her boss and co-workers on board with the idea. Trista Casasant,  a Central Michigan University senior and a production staff member at MAC TV, said it encourages the holiday. 
“I thought it would be a good way for all of us to get in the spirit of Halloween," she said.  
There are minimal requirements for the contest. Dana Kuntzler, a production staff member at MAC TV, said each film must be 10 minutes or less and be appropriate for a PG 13 rating. 
Participation in the contest is open to all age groups, so nominations are not limited to CMU students.
Entries can vary from romantic comedies, horror or any other  genre as long as zombies are involved. MAC TV will also be holding an equipment training class on Sep. 30, in case participants need to use their supplies.  
“We have a few high school students that want to do it. It’s for anybody in the Mid-Michigan area," Kuntzler  said. 
Kuntzler and Etienne said that they hope this will become an annual event at MAC TV, and that it will give people a greater idea of what MAC TV is.
“I’m excited to see more people find out more about MAC TV and realize they can make their own content to go on the channel," Etienne  said.
Casasanta said she is excited to see a vast array of submissions. 
“I think the thing I’m most excited about seeing is so many people participating and seeing how many adaptations we get of zombie films," she  said. 

Those interested in participating in the film contest can call MAC TV at 989-773-9730.

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