Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Philippines have a zombie island?

Official synopsis:
Romy and Peewee are orphaned adolescents with an unusual job, plunder graveyards and steal valuables to the dead. The villagers, fed up with their lack of respect for the dead, they offer a large reward for their capture. In a desperate attempt to flee the city, the two sail to a deserted island, which turns out to be only one way to meet a worst enemy: a swarm of zombie pirates. The pirates were originally hired by an American scientist, William Seabrook, to kidnap the descendants of the natives of the island in order to help him read the ancient scriptures and find a mysterious meteorite. Blinded by their greedy nature, the pirates stole the meteorite from Seabrook thinking it was something of value, until they were all infected by the contagious alien virus present inside the meteorite. Romy and Peewee , along with the only survivor of the descendants, are now trapped on an island full of cannibals Zombie Pirates! They must use their wits to fight the zombies and find a way to survive and escape from the island.

And here's the trailer:

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