Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dead Heist (2007)

Dead Heist

Director: Bo Webb
Writer: Anghus Houvouras
Synopsis: In Miami, four small time thieves leaded by Ski decide to rob a bank in the small town of Maysville. The lord Hustle demands a 10% commission and sends his experienced bodyguard Ackson to help the gang in their plan. He goes to the target bank to check the security system, but Ski decides to anticipate the plan for that afternoon. They succeed in the heist, but Deputy Kate activates the alarm and one of the criminals shoots Deputy Duff. When the bank is under siege of the police force, they are attacked by weird creatures. The former government agent Hunter comes to the bank and tells that the vampire zombies had been contaminated by an experimental virus developed by the government through the subjects that have escaped from the laboratory, attacking people in the New Moon to feed themselves. The group joins force to survive to the massive attack of the creatures.

Surprisingly, this one wasn't really all that bad!

1) ACTING: For the most part, everyone was pretty good. Some of the minor characters had some problems, but I'm thinking that's why they were in minor roles and not major ones.

2) PRODUCTION VALUES: Again, it was pretty good. There were a few moments where lighting could have been better during some of the darker scenes, but overall, a good effort. The soundtrack had a few hip-hop songs, but mostly, it consisted of music that fit the scenes. People walking through an abandoned(?) building...cue the creepy, suspenseful music. Lots of blood & gore, nothing over the top, but when someone got shot or hurt or stabbed, there was a good amount of blood.

3) THE CAUSE: A government experiment gone awry.

4) ZOMBIES: I would liken these more to the "infected" of movies like 28 days / weeks later. It wasn't just that factor either, that made them different. a) they only came out at night; b) they could be killed, but only by shooting / stabbing/ destroying / etc. the heart (no head shots here!) and c) they only came out once a month during a new full moon. So, take a zombie, throw in a little vampire, some werewolf, a bit of 'Creepers Jeepers" and some infected and the result was the "zombies" in this movie. Like the infected from 28 days / weeks later, these guys travelled fast and furious. That would put them in the same category as "Snyder runners."

5) NUDITY: None.

FINAL: My main complaint, I suppose, is the same one I had with 'Gangs of the Dead' AKA 'Last Rites.' Other than the police officer that gets trapped in the bank with the bad guys, I really didn't care if these guys lived or died. They were everyday common street hoods. They were out to rob a bank and got caught up in the nightmare that was. I probably would have enjoyed this more, if this was just a regular neighborhood (or 'hood) where the majority of the characters were worth rooting for.

RATING: 3 out of 5

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