Tuesday, July 31, 2012

US Opens Its First Ever Zombie Survival Camp

 Zombie training camp opens in US
Chainsaw ... bloodied actor wealds weapon

AMERICAN holidaymakers can now sign up to an apocalypse training camp — in case there is a zombie invasion.

At the camp, the first of its kind in the world, in Portland, Oregon, actors simulate a real-life zombie plague while attendees learn the best way to dispatch them.
Inspired by US hit shows like the Walking Dead, the Trackers Earth Zombie First Responder survival training camp aims to combine fun with serious skills.
Groups of up to ten participants have to “survive” a variety of horror movie-inspired zombie scenarios over the two-day course to achieve zombie first responder status.
Zombie training camp opens in US
Undead ... zombies attack

Instructors teach students combat skills such as how to throw an axe, cut with a samurai sword and run away from zombies as well outdoor fire building and finding shelter.
One of the students, Nathan Smith, 24, described what it was like to take part in the zombie survival course.
He said:”The first day was incredibly practical — we learned a lot of useful skills.
“The second day had more fun and games. The way we were taught the sword fight was incredible and very smart.
Zombie training camp opens in US
Bloody ... actors are hired to attack tourists

“We had an excellent makeup artist for the zombies and they did a very good job not being human.
“If a zombie apocalypse did happen, I would be able to take care of myself a lot better now.”
Trackers Earth instructor Jamie Espinosa explained how people would be impacted by a zombie plague — if one erupted in real life.
Zombie training camp opens in US
Arghhhhhh ... actors are convincing

He said:”It’s difficult for people to talk about what will happen to their loved ones during a real disaster.
“People tend to get very emotional about their kids or the elderly.”


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