Friday, August 31, 2012

'Dead Island Riptide' is not a sequel says developer, slated for 2013 launch

It's hard to find a zombie game that's worth playing these days. Over the last few years, game developers have been putting zombies into every possible game format you can think of. First person shooters, check, third person shooters, check, twin stick shooters, done. Seems like a game can't come out without a zombie mode attached to it.
Then there are games that are built from the ground up with zombies in mind, and even though they aren't tacked on game modes, you'll find that there's plenty of zombie games and few of them are worth playing. We can tell you that "Dead Island" is one of the few worth your time.
In "Dead Island" you and three other people, if you choose to play co-op, are trapped on a resort island infested with zombies. There's not much gun play, the majority of the game you have to melee the undead, putting the pressure on to strike first and strike hard. There's plenty to loot, there's plenty to do, and you'll spend days going over everything on the island.
We've been waiting to hear if "Dead Island" would get a sequel. There was a rumor about a "Dead World" game being made but Techland, the guys behind "Dead Island", denied they were working on a sequel. Instead, we're getting a lateral move with "Dead Island Riptide".
The game is set to be a spin off, a companion piece to "Dead Island". The close melee combat returns, along with a new weather system and some upgrades to the engine used in the first game. The weather can now cause floods and do damage to strongholds that you'll have to keep fixing up.
Those of you who sunk hours of work into "Dead Island"will be happy to hear that you can import your character and their stats into the game. Also, the game is not taking place on the same island, just in the same world.
There's plenty of screen shots to see at the top of the page, and we'll be honest, the news and shots have gotten us excited. If it's half as good as the first game we'll at least have another zombie game worth playing.
"Dead Island Riptide" is set to launch in 2013, but there's no concrete release date yet. As expected, it will launch on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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