Thursday, April 2, 2015

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From the Press Release:

Although officially designated as a horror film, Let There Be Zombies has grabbed the attention of audiences craving all tastes. With its tongue-in-cheek humor and witty dialogue between characters, this lovable low-budget independent feature film has appeal for zombie fanatics and movie lovers of all genres. Touting it as a horror adventure comedy, writer/director Andrew Patterson has already accomplished what most independent film producers cannot… getting the film picked up by a major distribution company.
“It’s certainly super exciting to see the film available in over 135 million households. For the cast and crew, we always believed in the message and potential of this project, and now is the time when we get to celebrate the success,” said Patterson. “My favorite thing is just seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter when audiences watch the film, and I’m very grateful that people seem to really enjoy it.”
Patterson continued to say that Let There Be Zombies was an enormous undertaking for a low-budget crew. With multiple challenges to overcome such as orchestrating the makeup for over one hundred zombies at a time, just like a horde of undead that never stop attacking, there were numerous situations where the hurdles to jump outnumbered the resources.
“The story of the characters in the film actually echoes the story of the cast and crew that made the film,” Patterson explained. “We knew it was an overwhelming task and we were up against insurmountable odds, but we never ever gave up, and look where we are now.”
Distributed by Gravitas Ventures, Let There Be Zombies is currently playing on demand through multiple Video On Demand (VOD) platforms such as Verizon, Dish, Vudu, Amazon, iTunes, Xbox Video, PlayStation, and Google Play.
Drew is a nerdy teacher who can’t control the students in her classroom. When threatened by the classroom bully, Drew does what she knows best… back down. Not even words of wisdom from the principal can muster a show of strength from a wimp who seems destined for a second-rate life. And this is before the zombie apocalypse. With populations being overrun by the rapidly spreading plague of zombies, Drew flees to the sanctuary of the country, where she is quickly overcome by a lack of survival skills, the relentless Texas heat, and of course, zombies. But Drew must learn that running from her problems is much like running from zombies. They find you. They always find you. Along her odyssey Drew encounters a cast of characters that both help and hamper her path to finding the strength within herself that will make or break her ability to survive these terrible new times of unending death… and her annoying new companions.

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