Friday, April 24, 2015

Tonight on Zombiepalooza Radio! 4/24/15

Zombiepalooza Radio LIVE 4-24-15

8:15-9:00 Author of Survivors of the Apocalypse K.R. Chin

This man is the reason there is a Zombiepalooza Radio LIVE check out his vision of the apocalypse tonight on ZRP LIVE!

9:15-10:00 Writer, Director, Producer and Festival Organizer Mr. Rick Danford

10:15-11:00 Screen Writer, Producer, Director, Actor, Author &
Creator of the ZOMBIE movie "Frost Bite" Joe Davison

11:15-12:am EST Author David Lund

Zombiepalooza Radio Live 4-24-15
12:10-12:50 am EST Author Jeff Littorno

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