Sunday, October 28, 2012


In the unlikely event of an emergency... hope for an unlikely hero.

Author: Joshua Wright
Synopsis: Bartholomew Barton hadn't a clue why the two couples he sat sandwiched between had to be so damned amorous. Bart had never acted that way when he had been married--not with any of his three ex-wives. Maybe the couples were mistaking the particularly nasty turbulence for their last moments together. If so, how right they would soon be.
   Thousands of miles away, on the other side of the country, an unlikely pairing sit in a nondescript office building monitoring flight 1583, bound for Honolulu from Seattle. The woman bickers with the man as the plane transforms into a test for a nefarious plot of mysterious motive. A test that is designed to fail.
   The contagious endemic starts in the first class cabin of the 747 with a cantankerous Mr. Patterson Zorn. An acrimonious husband, Patterson berates his wife as his cough deteriorates into a deathly sickness, whereupon the infected is reduced to his most basic necessity: hunger. Patterson yearns for protein and soon learns to enjoy his wife in an entirely new way.
   In this disturbing new novel, author Joshua Wright pens a tightly wound, unapologetic, zombie-inspired horror story. Lurid descriptions of carnage aboard the chaos of a doomed 747 mix with memories from complex characters as they face their penultimate moments. The Unlikely Event is the first novel of a planned pentalogy telling the story of a condemned planet, and the heroes who will try in vain to save her.

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