Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Ford Brothers' Zombie Sequel 'The Dead 2' Will Be Set In India, Not Africa

The Fords appeared at the Frightfest Halloween All Nighter to premiere a trailer for their sequel, The Dead 2.

The idea this time is that they’ll film in India, instead of the first film’s Africa, and set the film there too. The brothers recently returned from a bit of Indian location scouting, and while they were at it, they shot a kind of trailer.

“Kind of” in the sense that none of the shots were intended for use in the finished film.

The footage was quite striking on two counts. Firstly that there were so many long shots of India with absolutely nobody around. Secondly that I’d never seen, as far as I can recall, Indian zombies before.

So, they’ve got the interesting milieu. Now they need the story, the script, the shots, the film itself…

At the end of the trailer, a title card pointed us to a website for the film. I expected to see the footage there, but no. Not yet anyway.

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