Tuesday, December 25, 2012



Zombie Smasher HD creates an unprecedented world of massacre.
A world, where has no crowd!
A world, where has no feebleness and fear!
A world, where has only one rule-massacre!
A world, where has only one king!

In Zombie Smasher HD, we creatively adopt Gravity Sensor applying to the control of your Smasher. In addition, the fresh system of gesture will help you kill more zombies within the limited time. This is a challenge of surviving!

By collecting more coins to upgrade your Smasher and buy various items, you may experience extreme fun and excitement. Write your forever legend within this death zone! 

1. Fine 2D art performance and flashy animation display a perfect Retina effect.
2. Awesome music and sound effect.
3. Simple control and highly polished gameplay.
4. You can share your highest score with your friends in High Scores.
5. Infinite challenge mode and four mini levels.
6. Various skills and items for the Smasher are waiting for your exploration.
7. There are 8 different kinds of zombies. More are coming soon.

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