Monday, December 31, 2012

Spotlight on...Swords of the Dead
Synopsis: A rogue fight club brawler and his band of misfit martial artists are hired by a beautiful mystery woman to destroy Ninja Zombies that have invaded her small town.

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"Swords of the Dead is an action-packed zombie story. I think fans of the genre will find the author’s take on the topic to be very unique. At the same time, frequent doses of humor give Swords of the Dead a distinctive mirth I’ve not often seen in this genre."

-- Scott Harper Author of: Winter’s Rite, Well Wishes, Gauntlet, Predators or Prey?, Necromancer, Vindicated

"Kaus brings a legendary twist to the Zombie genre.. ...a wild ride of quick-witted humor, fantastic weaponry and blood-spilling surprises from start to finish. A must read for any lover of Action-Horror!"

Gowrie Heather Hayden - Mixed Martial Artist, Stage Combat Weapons Specialist: Fantasy Women Battles, Warrior Showdown


"Swords of the Dead is a great ride. It has sword-wielding zombies, martial arts, humor, razor-sharp dialogue and beautiful mystery woman. It takes the Zombie genre to the cutting edge."

-- Amber Dawn Lee, Producer, Writer, Actress and star of the upcoming film Lot Lizards


"Author/screenwriter Danek S. Kaus has a way with words, a style that truly works for this comedy-zombie/horror genre. I was enticed from the beginning, as I am sure anybody who reads this novella will be."

-- Russ Emanuel, Award-Winning Producer, Director, of the upcoming feature film The Legends of Nethiah

"Swords of the Dead is an action packed, exciting, and quite humorous zombie tale. What is more deadly then zombies? The answer Kaus provides is Ninja Zombies!"

-- Daniel Simmonds, The Rotting Zombie blog


"What can I say that hasn't already been said? This is one of those rare books that is a must read and once you start, you won't be able to turn the pages fast enough! And the fact that it's soon to be a major motion picture? Be still my undead heart!

--Zombob, Zombob's Zombie News and Reviews blog

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