Thursday, December 27, 2012

Resident Evil 6 'Zombie Mayhem' Event

From December 28th to January 7th, Capcom will be running an event called 'Zombie Mayhem' in which players across the world will be tasked with killing as many zombies as possible in Resident Evil 6. If the total number of zombies 're-deaded' hits 15 million, each participant in the event will receive RE reward points and be able to unlock a new costume. These reward points can be used on to unlock a variety of content.

Here is a breakdown of the reward points available:

Participation Prizes

* The basic reward is 10,000 RE Points, awarded to all players.
* 1,000 bonus RE Points are awarded for each block of 5m zombie kills above the target(15m).
* An additional bonus is awarded to all players depending on how much they contributed to the killcount.
* If the 15m target is not met, the base and contribution rewards are halved.

Individual Prizes

* S: 1st - 100th: 40,000Points
* A: 101st - 1,000th: 20,000Points
* B: 1,001st - 2,000th: 15,000Points
* C: 2,001st - 3,000th: 10,000Points
* D: 3,001st - 4,000th: 8,000Points
* E: 4,001st - 5,000th: 5,000Points
* F: 5,001st and below: 3,000Points

If the target is met, all participants will receive a new costume for use in the game. These costumes reskin the characters in a retro, blocky style and put series regulars Leon, Chris, Ada and Sherry in their original outfits. The other costumes will be unlockable across subsequent events, so keep checking the website as they're announced.

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