Monday, December 31, 2012


Post from Silent Studios:

So to clarify we are filming near birmingham 26th and 27th of Jan.  
2 zombies required for the 26th  
10 zombies required on the 27th 
The job is unpaid so really want people close to the location as we don't want people to travel miles and be out of pocket. 

To make it easier comment on here the following:
Zombie experience-
Filming experience-
Dates you can do-

If more than one of you in a group add their details as well. THANK YOU!

Will be having more work coming and will be creating a zombie/horror database also a crew/acting/skilled artist database with all you lovely people in so we can make things a lot easier for us and yourselves.

Many Thanks for you patience and understanding.

David Sellicks aka Dead Rotten

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