Friday, March 6, 2015

10 Collectibles ‘Walking Dead’ Fans Have to Buy

Right now, the zombie fad is still in high demand. That’s mostly due in part to the incredible fame AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show is experiencing.
Rick Grimes and the memorable crew of survivors that follow him have been through hell and high water during each season of the popular cable drama. Image Comics’ Walking Dead series is still going on strong and garnering even more fans due to the TV show’s popularity and word of mouth from comic book readers.
We’re going to make sure newfound and hardcore fans get to show their love for the show by checking out these top 10 pieces of Walking Dead merchandise.

1. The Walking Dead: Compendium One

The Walking Dead Compendium
The exact reason why AMC put on The Walking Dead on their network in the 1st place is due in part to the popular comic book series. Robert Kirkman birthed this deeply engrossing comic book look into the zombie apocalypse and it’s still continuing to this very day. This massive graphic novel compendium packs in the 1st eight volumes of the series, which should get newcomers up to speed on the starting portions of The Walking Dead. Check out all 48 collected issues within this book, then feel free to check the proceeding line of compendiums.

2. The Walking Dead – Seasons 1 Through 4 DVD Set

The Walking Dead Seasons 1 - 4
For anyone who hasn’t watched The Walking Dead show from the very beginning, this packaged DVD collection is definitely the way to go. This awesome deal puts seasons one through four together and allows you to watch Rick and company make their way through the undead hordes that outnumber them. This recommended list is being put up during the 5th season airing of the show, so now’s the perfect time to cop this DVD package of the seasons before it.

3. Monopoly: The Walking Dead (Survival Edition)

The Walking Dead Monopoly
Every popular brand of entertainment has to have a Monopoly-themed game dedicated to it. That case most definitely applies to The Walking Dead. The timeless game rules of this long-running board game matches up quite perfectly with the characters/environments seen in the comic. You’ll get to play with several players as you struggle to fortify your real estate, stay alive and utilize six collectible Walking Dead-themed tokens.

4. The Walking Dead Collection: Rise of the Governor, The Road to Woodbury, The Fall of the Governor – Part I, The Fall of the Governor – Part II, Just Another Day at the Office: A Walking Dead Short

The Walking Dead Books
Besides the long line of graphic novels offered for The Walking Dead, there’s a good amount of quality books devoted to one aspect of the series – The Governor. This e-book combo deal brings together each novel volume that delves into the rise and fall of one of the most popular villains within the comic book series/TV show. Readers will get to experience the extended backstory behind The Governor with Rise of the GovernorThe Road to WoodburyFall of the Governor (Parts 1 and 2) and Just Another Day at the Office. For those who want the physical versions of each book, that option is offered too.

5. McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV 10″ Rick Grimes Deluxe Figure

The Walking Dead Toys
McFarlane Toys has crafted a fine line of collectible toys, action figures and models for several popular brands. They’ve done an awesome job with The Walking Dead franchise, which is clearly evident by this TV show figure for Rick Grimes. This super detailed 10-inch figurine adopts the same likeness of the actor who play Rick. This slick figurine comes with a pistol, alternate arm and a rifle. There’s a ton of toys/action figures to find based on the show, but make sure this one based on Rick is one of the 1st pieces you buy.

6. The Walking Dead Trivia Game

The Walking Dead Trivia Game
You’ll truly get to weed out those bandwagon fans of the show from the really dedicated ones with this official trivia game. This fun trivia board game package comes with 20 character cards, a deck full of trivia cards, hundreds of trivia questions and a thorough instruction card that breaks down this game rules to perfection. Test your knowledge of the show the best way possible by checking out this trivia game.

7. The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season (Video Game)

The Walking Dead Game
Telltale Games’ popularity shot through the roof once they developed the excellent adventure game series based on The Walking Dead. The 1st season of this narrative focused, episodic game focuses on the growing relationship between Lee Everett and Clementine. Your decisions matter and change up the future outcomes of every important event that goes down. You’ll get emotionally tied to some characters and hurt even more once they die. The five chapters that make up this game are all excellent and worth experiencing. Make sure you head on to season two of this memorable adventure game series.

8. Walking Dead Daryl Claimed Laser Cut Juniors Black T-Shirt

The Walking Dead Shirts
The ladies love ‘em some Daryl, which is why this awesome shirt has been stitched together. The best way to show your love and appreciation for the badass survivor with the crossbow is by rocking this T-shirt. This one has been officially licensed, so you know this product is a legit item for legit fans. This shirt is perfectly set to fit perfectly on teenagers and young ladies.

9. Funko POP Television: Walking Dead-Daryl

The Walking Dead Funko
Funko is super popular among geeks and toy collectors due to their insane offering of vinyl figurines. They’ve launched a long line of cute yet super cool models based on The Walking Dead TV show. One of the cooler toy models we found was this one based on Daryl. Doesn’t he look so cute (yet super dangerous) with his mini crossbow. Chances are you’ll not only pick this figure up, but also collect the numerous line of models available in the Funko POP television line.

10. The Walking Dead Walker To Do List Adult Black T-shirt

The Walking Dead Shirts
Here’s another cool looking Walking Dead T-Shirt you’ll want to have in your closet. And here’s the coolest part about this selection – it’s perfectly fitted for adults. For would-be Walkers (zombies, for those uncool uninformed folks out there), this shirt gives them a daily to-do list. Being a proper Walker takes true dedication, which is perfectly explained by this great piece of clothing.

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