Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Will DJ Qualls, Kellita Smith & Craig Engler Discover Z Nation's "Endgame?"

With the first season now on DVD and Blu-RaySyfy has released teasing info about Season 2 of Z Nation. With the zombie apocalypse spreading everywhere, will survivors Citizen Z (DJ Qualls) and Roberta (Kellita Smith) discover what creator Craig Engler's "endgame" is? 
As we previously mentioned, three years have passed since a zombie virus has devastated the rest of the United States. A group of strangers have discovered an infected survivor, who is somehow immune to the zombie disease. With his body full of antibodies, the group has to travel from New York to California, where the only functioning lab is waiting for him. 
According to IGN's recap of the first season finale, a lot of cliff-hangers took place before the end credits. Several nuclear warheads were on a collision course with everyone, including Citizen Z (Qualls). Murphy (Keith Allan) has shed his skin, while Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) is dealing with his gunshot wound. With Dr. Kurian (Donald Corren) at large, Cassandra (Pisay Pao) found herself infected with the zombie virus.
In an interview with Dread Central, the creator of the zombie series and showrunner/co-creator Karl Schaefer have spoken about a specific timetable for the show. They do have plans for up to seasons 5 and 7. But Engler reveals, "if something went drastically wrong, we could probably wrap it up quicker."
Engler continues, "There's definitely an endgame in mind, but there's definitely a lot of ground to cover between now and when we get there. What's really exciting to me about that is I don't think anyone has any idea where the show is gonna go. I don't even think this season is gonna go where they think it's gonna go...in a good way."
The first season of Z Nation is now out in stores on DVD and Blu-Ray. No word yet on the second season premiere.


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