Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Guess who's back at a comic store near you

Thanks to a myriad of realities smashed into one place, Battleworld promises to be one of the most dangerous places ever. But even it has a section of town that all the others look at a little sideways.

In this case, that’s the domain between Ultron’s territory and an area overrun with the hungry dead showcased in James Robinson and Steven Pugh’s AGE OF ULTRON VS. MARVEL ZOMBIES beginning this June.

Robinson shared plenty of information about this danger zone—too much in fact! Some details had to be redacted FBI-style to protect the identity of future projects…

“The idea for [AGE OF ULTRON VS. MARVEL ZOMBIES] came out of one of the Marvel creative retreats,” he shares. “I had the idea of an area on the border between the worlds of Ultron and the Zombies, where humanity was holding out withstanding these two opposing types of inhumanity. From there it became the idea of a war between Ultron’s robots and the zombie horde with this bastion of humanity as the prize. Then I had the idea of incorporating the Hank Pym of Gerry Duggan’s book REDACTED which takes place in the CONFIDENTIAL domain called CENSORED; we now had a man from an earlier time—Hank Pym, not Gerry—involved, along with Jim Hammond, The Vision, and Wonder Man, all of whom have links to Ultron in some way.”  

The writer compares the secretive nature of his intrigue-filled story to that of a popular television series.

“If anything it’s like the TV series ‘Lost’—if the robots and zombies were trying to defeat/eat the survivors,” he teases.

In addition to the heroes, the book comes packed with shambling corpses wearing some very familiar faces.

“Zombie versions of as many Marvel villains as I can think of,” Robinson says of the sprawling cast. “And many other characters fighting for their lives—some of whom will live and some won't.”

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