Friday, March 6, 2015

Have You Seen This Zombie Clown Mask? And Have YouStopped Shivering?

J. Anthony Kosar has been attending zombie con, Walker Stalker. It didn’t go well. He writes on Facebook,

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! Some asshole stole my Zombie Clown Art Mask from my booth at #WalkerStalker con today. I worked very hard on these art pieces, and it is very disheartening that this scum bag has no respect for art or what it takes to make something. If ANYONE knows ANYTHING, please do the RIGHT THING and let us know … If you are the Asshole that stole it, do theRIGHT THING and give it back. Please spread this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc and SUPPORT ART and the artists who create. Thank You! And thank you Walker Stalker for your support in this matter and accommodations this weekend! #stolen #bolo#beonthelookout#attention #stolen #art #pleasereturn #wscchicago#kosart #kosarteffects #FaceOff
If you know anything, please get in touch. 

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