Wednesday, March 11, 2015

'The Walking Deceased' zombie spoof premieres March 20th

When it comes to influencing popular culture few graphic novels ever make the grade. Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead has done more than make the grade, it has graduated magna cum laude.

Kirkman’s graphic novel that sparked the hit TV series that has shattered numerous cable records, won legions of fans and created millions in merchandising has just recently announced details for it’s spin-off show.  All amazing feats.
What’s the real mark of making it though? Making me take up shooting crossbow and riding a motorcycle. No wait, being parodied.
ARC Entertainment – not to be confused with AMC, the network that airs the television series – has taken the hit zombie drama and turned it on it’s rotting ear in The Walking Deceased.  The spoof film apes a lot of the themes and characters from The Walking Dead, while also peppering in characters and scenes from other films in the genre (Zombieland and Warm Bodies) to name a few.
As for all parodies, if you are unfamiliar with the source material a majority of the humor and gags will be lost on you. However, if you are a fan prepare to laugh your head off.  Like the show, fans of the genre will want their trailer of The Walking Deceased best kept spoiler free.  That being said, here it is:

Forget being bitten or attacked from our own terrified fellow man, judging from the outrageous trailer for The Walking Deceased we all may very well die laughing.
The Walking Deceased  will be released in theatres and on VOD and iTunes March 20, 2015 by ARC Entertainment.

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