Sunday, March 29, 2015

Kickstarter Project: Jack and the Pirate Attack

(While it's rare for me to blog about something non-zombie, I enjoyed Chris & Amy's last book, “Jack and the Zombie Attack,” so much, that I felt this one deserved a mention!)

Be captivated with Jack's newest adventure as he stands up against fearless pirates to save unworthy bullies. Will Jack succeed?

About this project

New Backer Rewards: The first 50 backers will receive a digital copy of "Jack and the Pirate Attack" as a limited release prior to the book release.  We aren't releasing the book digitally to the public, so be one of the first 50 backers!  We have also included new rewards on top of the tiered rewards for meeting our publishing goals.  All backers who paid for shipping (Reward #2 and up) will receive each of the additional rewards every time a goal is met.
We’ve lived and learned! After the successful release of our first book, “Jack and the Zombie Attack”, we’ve decided to self publish our second book in the series “Jack and the Pirate Attack”.  Once again we have chosen a moral to be faced and a lesson to be learned.  This is not just a book, it's an anti-bullying campaign!  What better way to learn about the effects of bullying, than from the most notorious bullies in history…pirates!
The illustrations are captured through Chris Hernandez's unique artistic style using traditional watercolor and ink.  The adventurous story is written by wife, Amy Hernandez, using rhyme to captivate the reader.
As a backer, you will be helping Chris and Amy to self publish 2000 quality hardback “Jack and the Pirate Attack” books with dust jackets.  Self-publishing can be a very expensive undertaking, and your support will make a big difference!  High-quality printing requires a significant amount of upfront costs.  Reaching the funding goal will allow us to create a higher quality book with a cloth cover and gold leaf stamp featuring Jack. Without your help this would not be possible.  Any additional funds raised will go towards merchandising and our book release party in July of 2015.
Through backing this project you are also supporting a campaign to speak out against bullying.  As Jack finds out in this adventurous story, bullies come in all shapes and sizes. "Jack and the Pirate Attack" follows Jack as he deals with school yard bullying in a creative and imaginative way. In the end he faces a hard choice on whether to forgive those who tormented him.
With your help “Jack and the Pirate Attack” will be released in July of 2015 at Comic Con International.  As an added reward, your backing will earn you some of the exclusives open to only those lucky enough to get tickets to attend the 2015 event.  “Jack and the Zombie Attack” and “Jack and the Pirate Attack” will be bringing the Children’s Book Genre to Comic Con.
Although we have set our goal for the small amount of $4,500 to cover partial production of the 2000 books, we have set a stretch goal for $13,000.  Reaching this stretch goal will allow us to pay for the full production of the book and throw another book release party that pushes pirate to the next level!  Our successful book release for "Jack and the Zombie Attack" had an attendance of over 1,000 people, full art show of all original artwork from the book, live zombies, food and more.  With your support we are hoping to take our goal to the next level!

Risks and challenges

We overcame many obstacles in 2013-2014. We self-financed and published 2000 copies of “Jack and the Zombie Attack”, we had a successful book release party with over 1000 people in attendance, we won over Barnes and Noble with our unique marketing strategies, and we overcame a 6-year Comic Con waiting list in a single attempt.
We learned a lot about making books, success, and family while opening Zombie Playground Publishing. As the Hernandez Family underwent a whirlwind of news articles, photo shoots, and book signings. Rather than weaken our family unit it only made us stronger.
We have controlled our chaotic crazy life by making many new friends to share it with. With these strong ties, very few obstacles are foreseen, the biggest obstacle being financing the production of the book. After a failed Kickstarter event in 2012, many believed "Jack and the Zombie Attack" couldn't be done. We refused to settle for defeat, and self-financed the book for $9,600. Of the $9,600 we spent last year to produce 2000 copies of “Jack and the Zombie Attack”, we have made our money back and that is it.
Now our obstacle is to produce 2000 copies of “Jack and the Pirate Attack” and if we can make extra money pay to throw another release party that is a swashbuckling affair. So yes, we have set our humble goal at $4,500, but we are pushing to reach a stretch goal of $9,200 to cover the cost of the production of 2,000 books. If you didn't back us before, you have the choice now to say....I believed in them from the beginning.

For more info or to make a pledge, click here!

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